‘I’m wondering if this quarantine is actually working’: Quarantined passenger

By | February 16, 2020

‘I’m wondering if this quarantine is actually working’: Quarantined passenger
‘I’m wondering if this quarantine is actually working’: Quarantined passenger
67 new people of tested positive for the coronavirus on the Diamond Princess. Now that raises the total number of cases on the cruise ship to 285. The ship has been in quarantine at a port south of Tokyo for almost 2 weeks now, the United States is sending two aircraft to get its citizens off the ship, possibly as soon as tomorrow. There are 3700 people from around the world on the diamond princess, including / 250 Canadians, while 29 year olds. Fehrenbacher is an American with permanent residency in Canada and he’s on board the princess, the Diamond Princess and joins us now thanks so much for joining us again.

Sir, let’s talk about what life is there under quarantine, in particular the news now the United States was be bringing more than 300 of its citizens from a board the ship – and you may be part of that – tell us about that. No, I from the US Embassy in Tokyo explaining that they would be sending planes to evacuate American citizens and permanent residents, and, after speaking with my family, I decided the best way to get back home home being Vancouver is to be evacuated back to the states. Spend 14 days quarantine in a military base there and then hopefully get the all-clear to fly back to Vancouver, as you say.

. She is that you’ll have to spend a further time in quarantine and that would bring you up to what almost 21 days and total. But you’re, okay with that, okay is a good word. I like okay, it’s something that, at the end of the day, I’ve learned throughout this entire process. There’S nothing, but I can really do except sit and wait and try to be optimistic, but to be completely honest, John. This is something that being the did. You just say that there is 67 cases that what I heard, that’s that’s. What we’re reporting on TBC this morning, mr.

even been made aware of that 285. That’S the number that I was not familiar with I’ve spent all day today and yesterday thinking that there were no new cases, so all of a sudden – it’s it’s! It’S hitting me just now that, while I’ve been hopeful, those 218 that I thought represented the total we’re potentially already infected when the quarantine just thinking out loud right. Now, I’m wondering if this quarantine is actually working on the ship. So if it’s not, I feel like we have an obligation to be quarantined yet again before coming home to present.

Certainly there are those in the Japanese media that are suggesting there could be a reinfection or a secondary infection processing process happening on on board the vessel. So, yes, I take it you’re all the more Keen to get off absolutely. In the last 60 seconds I learned that 67 people are are infected and that that’s these numbers continue to grow and I want to remain off Mystic. However, if the numbers are not dwindling at some point, then obviously the quarantine is not working so the opportunity to get back to America, even if it means another 14 day quarantine.

As long as I can be home, safe, sometime, someday I’ll be I’ll, be a happy camper. You are a resident here in Canada, you of course well it is there a table to determine the Canadian government’s efforts and and weather people are satisfied with that. To be completely honest, John, I met a handful of Canadians, but ever since the quarantine began really difficult to communicate with other passengers from what I’ve read, however, there does seem to be some frustration and I was just asked a little earlier. Would how do I feel about the whole thing being both an American citizen, an egg permanent resident and if, if the options were presented to me that look tomorrow, I can fly back to Canada and do a 14-day quarantine in Canada or America and do a 14-day Quarantine there I would most likely News Canada, so I feel fortunate that I am able to leave the ship because of the American government’s efforts, and I empathize with my fellow Canadians that they don’t have that same opportunity right now.

So it look like now you’re into this extended quarantine. Assuming you’re on that plane, which it looks like you will be going back to the United States and then back to Canada. Can I ask what your life back here at how it’s been impacted by the fact that you haven’t been, I won’t be around for a little while longer it sits. Is I’m in a little bit of a kind of in-between stages. Right now, to be honest, because I have my plan, I was actually expected to be *. My fourth and final semester of a master’s program in northern China about 5 days ago or semester was supposed to begin.

I’M pursuing a master’s international business in northern China, and so I packed for a six-month trip back to China. So now it’s it’s! It’S it’s a little confusing, because school is postponed Without Really any kind of information on when it will begin – and I am I’m just and forth from one country to another waiting for the next quarantine to begin well. Spencer, safe travels! Thank you again for your time, and I hope you don’t mind if we continue to check in with you and see how you’re doing is your long journey becomes a little bit longer.

Thank you again. Thank you very much. John Spencer.
Spencer Fehrenbacher has learned he will be able to leave the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan tomorrow. Fehrenbacher has been under quarantine for 11 days amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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