‘I changed laptops for panties’: Interview with Diana Sierra, CEO of Be Girl

By | December 10, 2019

‘I changed laptops for panties’: Interview with Diana Sierra, CEO of Be Girl
‘I changed laptops for panties’: Interview with Diana Sierra, CEO of Be Girl
So my name is Diana theorem. I am an industrial designer and I am the steel figure videos of social Ventures that uses designed to create products that are beautiful and made to celebrate and own your menstration and the reason why we do. That is because a lot of the Girls memes of them women and girls around the world they actually stay behind because of the nature of their buddy stay behind, is as simple as the fact that you have your and you have absolutely nothing to futon so because You are afraid to have a stain of blood in your uniform. You don’t go to school. The most important that we have is the panty. This panties has been made with a very special man, Maywood Dri-Fit, so it’s really easy to wash and dry, and it has something really really really really important. Here is a really good cool design feature which is a pocket. So you have a mess here and talk and you have a little little material on the bottom, so you basically can use any type of absorbent as a pet when it goes like this, so you take it here in the pocket and go here once you reach The bottom you just and while I hear you have your sanitary fat girls, the opportunity to change and use what they have handy this, I understand the nature of her body understand how periods work it’s extremely problematic as problematic as not having the means to manage it. That’S why I designed it little clock, it’s basically, a combination of numbers and icons, so wispy the cycling which day of the cycle, cheese, I used to work in New York and worked there for over 16 years. But then I got the opportunity randomly to go to Africa to work in a project of flight solar home system, thanks to a masters that I was doing and that’s how I became aware of the issue that sanitary protection is something so basic, but nevertheless nobody was Going to nobody was talking about that industrial designer at the female. I felt the need to create something at solution, and is that sense of purpose? Is it that you have to do? What is right? So, that’s why I decided to change laptops or panties, and that’s what I do right now. One of the most difficult things is the fact that we work with a product that is extremely taboo. Where nobody wants to speak about the topic. It makes it really hard, but that’s. Why were you design to make sure that people see this as something more lighter, very light positive? We want to make sure that you object. We can carry this conversation away from more positive way.
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Diana Sierra left an industrial design job in New York to start her own company, Be Girl, which creates innovative period control products for women in developing countries. FRANCE 24 spoke with Sierra at the Emerging Valley tech conference in Aix-en-Provence to find out more.

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