How this woman turned gaming into a full-time job

By | February 16, 2020

How this woman turned gaming into a full-time job
How this woman turned gaming into a full-time job
Also, we are so far from the circles I’m going to start running in and Robin Lee. My twitch name is Hive Queen yeah I was actually a teacher teaching full-time and being in a different country. It can be kind of difficult, so my husband suggested. Will you play a lot of games anyway? Why don’t you try streaming? You might be able to make some friends that way. We wasn’t looking at the direction that I was going. I thought it was just going to be like a hobby. You know something that I would do occasionally and I just loved it so much, and I found myself screaming more and more hours.

The way that I knew that I could do this as a full time thing is because I was able to match what I was making at my current job as a teacher financially in my string breath of the wild while ago. My name is Christian McPherson and I go by cab Mac, the rocket launcher they’re having a build battle. Where am I going? I’M almost level 19? It’S a video game charity, basically a marathon for 24 hours in every November for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals like they need a new m time machine for the kids at Shields and they’re going to get it if they need to start new programs with the Child Life Program, you know our donor dollars are going to do that.

Thank you all. So much for being here, I’m joined today by the wonderful Ashe. Ask you guys a few questions today afternoon. It’S a middle of a day, but you’re here will what brought you here got me out of a really depressive episode and she’s one who got me into streaming and is just an overall amazing and wholesome kind. Human being and mama says it’s funny in here, and I see Ghost says Robin streams are so positive: the community, the giggles. So many things. What is an incentive to pay somebody that you’re watching you explain why you would pay Robin the support we like what she does in the environment she creates.

Also, sometimes you can scare her yeah. You can do different, like alert animations for different donations. Okay, they’re. Just doing good OKC, that’s what I was saying about this carolers. Do you have serious conversations? Is it right here? We always have important conversations streaming of the great opportunity for that and we have like invited people into our Discord channel. So we can all speak together on voice chat, and you know we will have a topic in people can come and talk to me and talk to each other about that and people create genuine friendships and relationships.

Here it’s a really great family and whenever people ask why you love coming to my strength, they always mention the community. So it’s not just me it’s bigger than me now, it’s all of us is it to watch a video of it later on yeah things are finally starting to forget what it is versus just playing games. My computer Dyson cool, wrap up I’m down. Thank you. So much Lee, thank you for just like hanging out with me and fight with. You is great to get to know you a little bit of fun.
Robin Lee is a professional streamer on the online gaming platform Twitch. With more than 18,000 followers from around the world, she makes as much money as she did teaching in South Korea.

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