How the L Word rebooted for a new generation of queers

By | December 10, 2019

How the L Word rebooted for a new generation of queers
How the L Word rebooted for a new generation of queers
And when the original L word aired, I was in a relationship with a woman, but not out. I was nineteen years old. When the original show came out. We would watch the L word, but I was in a place where I couldn’t really appreciate it. My friend, who is also gay, they were for me as other woman in Blockbuster, would like to know. If I can curse, can I think, identify with anybody on the shelve wasn’t in that community that wasn’t those people, I’m writer, New York and everything? For me, a decade later, and the L word back on Showtime, so much has changed since the original show premiered in 2004. American married are running for president and the number of folks who identify as queer has shut up all this gay rights. Progress didn’t just happen. It was the result of a long, hard fight, one that include breaking barriers on TV show originally aired. It was something truly remarkable. It was a show buy and for lesbians, but the L word also out a lot, the pioneering gay TV characters that came before it. I’M gay shows, like Will & Grace, introduced audiences to gay people, with agency actually looks like they will welcome to the homes they laughed, they cried and they showed people that hey being gay is okay, and while these characters showed a window into a certain kind of Gay Culture, the rules pretty limited and then that works all can happen when lgbtq audiences flock to a show. For example, several other shows kind of more willing to follow in his footsteps. Special Steven Universe pose all these shows created by queer people begin to spring up. They reflected our community for everything we are, and people who identified with these roles, we’re actors playing queer characters actually began to get cashed and also not despite the progress be shows. Broad queer characters are still showing up as tropes gay, best friends, evil villains, sexual deviants and sissies, and they were buried and buried and buried. But it’s networks began for trying put in more positive ways. Gate audiences proved they would show up if a network is willing to like give a bunch of queers this much money to go, shoot a story about a bunch of queers. It sends a very clear message that, like you are worth it we are worth it are. Stories are worth you know, funding and being told, and that there’s a huge audience for them. In 2019, a study showed there were 433 queer characters across. All television shows a huge leap from the hundred The L Word ended, and I think that is parallel to kind of the story of the l-word and the reboot, because we know that the reboot is inclusive of a lot more identities when were in the original writers Room is extremely diverse, it reflects the cast, so we have first generation immigrants. Second generation Latin X. We have black how to pretty much in the room. My dog really is feel like set up, Noah’s Ark and then like sit back and just listen. There’S no one person that has to hold a mantel up for this one thing original L word represented a small portion of our community with generation. Q, Hicks and Ryan are hoping for something different. I’Ve talked to a lot of young people that are in in the community and your they’re hungry to see themselves on TV feel like it’s normal to be who they are and to fill valid into, feel like they can be, who they are with you and it Kind of a safe, safe space – and I think this show will give them that in 10 years, there’s going to be some 30 Tom Cruise sitting across from me and my desk being like you got it wrong. Let me try and I get to be like this, but you do it.
After a 10-year hiatus the groundbreaking series “The L Word” returns to Showtime with a new identity. As the queer community has expanded, showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan hopes “The L Word: Generation Q” has grown with it. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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