How the coronavirus outbreak happened

By | February 16, 2020

How the coronavirus outbreak happened
How the coronavirus outbreak happened
It’S not easy to pinpoint the person who triggered an outbreak while it’s spreading around the world. China is being accused of Miss handling and suppressing information, but some scientists argue it is acted quickly. Stop the spread of this virus right from the beginning. Here is Trevor. Bedford is a genetic detective he’s figured out when the first patient was likely infected. Most likely scenario is that there was some initial phase at which there animals in this market that are infected by a novel, coronavirus and there’s exposures that are happening at that point.

And people are getting sick but then around us November, 15th November, to 15 time frame. One of those events, kind of catches has genetic code person to person. The data is so detailed, became sick and then starts this kind of epidemic fire in which one person texting another person, adding that hasn’t sent to grow into the this large epidemic that we see today sing about two to three others at time. This outbreak was doubling in size every six days that large epidemic is happening in Hubei China. The capital of Wuhan is a bustling city of 11 million people.

The first Publix sign that something was wrong. Came on December 30th. Local Physicians, including dr. Lee, warned people in group chats about a sars-like virus in the city. The next day, Wuhan Health commission told the uh-oh. It had 27 pneumonia cases from an unknown cause. Then New Year’s Day Authority shutdown, the Wuhan seafood market, believing it could be. The source of the mysterious virus a week later, China they’re dealing with a new strain of coronavirus and 41 people are sick. Within days, Chinese scientist unravel the viruses genetic code, allowing country to develop test and track it later.

The world. Following ghost reports, a journalist Sean Lee travel to Wuhan to find out what was happening on the ground that serious even a lot of information. So much information as well in the beginning and help workers were sick to contain the spread authorities place in unprecedented quarantine. On the people who hunt followed by the rest of Hubei Province and under reaction, followed by a massive reaction, countless headlines in social media posts have been arguing, China was covering up. Cases in the outbreak could have been stopped sooner.

I think it’s dreaming in Technicolor II we could have detected this earlier outbreak in Toronto in 2002. China was widely criticized, then, for not telling the world about the virus for months, but migeer, another birthday, they’re extracting information from the virus itself and credit China with finding and identifying it’s so quickly. We’Re talkin a maximum of a week between when those positions were raising the alarm bells and when China. , clear the outbreaks, the World Health Organization, that’s still really short, it’s not enough time to have made a difference in in the evolution of the outbreak on January 25th.

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations were cancelled, 1300 confirmed cases 41 depth and 23 people outside China were infected in 9 countries, including Canada. In just over three weeks, China had gone from identifying a virus. No one had ever heard of to the unprecedented quarantine of 50 million people in order to stop the spread. People have done amazingly good job at trying to contain this, and if we have failed globally 2, you can’t look at China and say: oh, you could have done better. Of course, they could have done better at this point in the outbreak, many scientists, you seem to agree on one point given Global Travel, this virus won’t likely be in the world is at the beginning of a mild pandemic.

The last time a mild virus made its way around the world was in 2009, H1 N1 ended up claiming about as many lies, has the annual flu virus. Scientists Colvin 19, maybe a little more severe, but China’s lockdowns could change this equation. The lockdowns do appear to have slowed the spread of covid 19 cases around the world. However, doctors in this country are being told the virus may be too late to take hold in this flu season, but they should be actively looking for it when cold and flu season starts again. In November Christy mirack CBC News Toronto.

The vast majority of coronavirus cases remain in China’s Hubei province, where the illness has taken a growing toll on Chinese health workers on the front line of the fight to stop the outbreak, a top official said Friday.

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