How super PACs and Citizens United are affecting big money and presidential election | Just The FAQs

By | February 14, 2020

How super PACs and Citizens United are affecting big money and presidential election | Just The FAQs
How super PACs and Citizens United are affecting big money and presidential election | Just The FAQs
Can you guess the one thing all of these ads have in common? You have some concerns about Bernie Sanders. Health gets Cory, Booker and they’re all supported by super Pacs, super Pacs or super political action. Committees are some of the biggest players in American politics. They emerged in 2010 after the controversial Supreme Court ruling Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission, which gave corporations the same Free Speech rights as people unlike individuals, donating to a candidate’s campaign. You are under stringent monetary limit. Super PAC can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money and Adolescent or defeating candidates, but they can coordinate directly with the candidates, important freedom for corporations, unions, associations and individuals to financially support their political views.

Opponents argue super Pacs, Britain, the fundamentals of democracy, allowing the small number of people with a lot of money to have what size sway over election in 2016 and 2018 super Pacs raised almost 2 billion dollars in each election cycle. More than three-fourths of Americans say that there should be limits on the amount of money individuals and groups can spend on campaign. Homemakers in Congress have been working on bills and at evening the playing field. They proposed measures that would help fund individuals running for office. To those candidates wouldn’t have to rely on big donors, most of the bills face long odds, even if they do pass.

Money will probably continue to play a big role in US elections. Hey thanks for watching you like this video check out these other videos from USA.
The Supreme Court case Citizens United arguably changed American political campaigns for good. So, how is it affecting this presidential election?

WASHINGTON – Previewing his re-election strategy, President Donald Trump stresses the economy in a television ad to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl – an ad that is the first of its kind for a presidential re-election campaign.

The spot – texted to Trump supporters by the campaign on Thursday – features a narrator and news reports discussing wage growth, job increases, and record low levels of unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics.

The commercial ends with Trump at one of his political rallies proclaiming: “And ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come.”

The Trump campaign released one of the two 30-second ads it plans to air during Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Thirty-second spots are selling for between $5 million and $5.6 million.
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