How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC
How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC
Are there some Democrats out there feeling a bit demoralize these days with the Democratic presidential race, still extremely unsettled and the president going after his enemies after Senate Republicans? Let him and they’re worried understand, despite the overwhelming evidence that he does not belong to. Think Trump is much weaker than he wants you to think of his approval rating, which, as you can see, is underwater as it always is, or the fact that a majority of the country literally wanted to send it to convict Trump and remove him from the White House 51 % lamenting the way things are, I believe, in doing what it takes in the ground every day to change the course of this country’s history, and I wanted to talk to three people who are doing just that.

You, like me now from Madison Wisconsin Ben wikler, Wisconsin Democratic party from Washington DC Texas, to give you know who’s in Texas, organizing folders, with way to win Progressive donor Network. It’S great to have you guys all here. . Tipping Point State where they look in the Electoral College and they look at the shrub likelihood of different candidate to win it. A lot of people think that Wisconsin Tipping Point State, which is to say the person wins Wisconsin, will win the election most likely, and I wonder you agree with that and what it looks like there on the ground in terms of what the kind of current state Is of your state so every analysis that I’ve seen and apparently every analysis that the Trump campaign the scene suggest that whoever when’s Wisconsin will be our next president in a secretly recorded Trump campaign briefing, as senior counsel said, if we win Wisconsin, we win the election.

If we lose Wisconsin, we lose the election, so it really does feel like it comes down to what happens here and what that means for us, even as we watched their doesn’t of trump staffers on the ground in Wisconsin right now what it means for us. As Democrats is that we can cut through the noise the propaganda, the attacks on Democracy, all this stuff with our most powerful weapon, which is organizing this last weekend, was 18 degrees outside in in Madison. It was colder in northern Wisconsin, and yet we had more than a hundred different communities where neighborhood team is launched, Jordan or canvases, and talk to voters listen to voters in every corner in every community of the state.

That was the kind of thing we saw. Maybe in September October of 2016, we’ve never been this mobilized before in the history of the state. As far as we can tell, and there are people going there, with them. Org volunteer from they’re ready to retire early and move to the continent taking a year off. In the middle of college and come help us you’re in Texas, I have to say I didn’t see no text. I’Ve always been fascinated by taxes in Texas politics. I love the state of Texas. I know a lot of people down there.

Some kind of blew my mind: Bernie Sanders losing to Trump by two points: Warren losing by three points by losing by Four Points, the rest of the field, moving the most by Five Points in the state of Texas. What what is going on in that state? Right now, thanks for having me, I am so happy that I’m actually on with colleagues on Wisconsin, because all the data points to the fact that if we win Texas regeneration project that basically everything about American politics changes. If and when Texas goes blue, like the entire lights turn project that started many years ago and Harris County we’ve been organizing a voter’s new voters to come out and vote and we’ve been tipping the state forward and really it’s that model that I’ve used to pull Into way to win, we have a plan for 20/20 that is tracking 293 races across Battleground States, from Arizona to Texas to Florida to Virginia to Pennsylvania.

It’S these local elections with local or Toys, R Us we’re going to mobilize new voters and we’re going to win. . You just mentioned – I know you got, you guys, have done a lot of funding of organizing both know what that look. The map looks like funny: Obama and Romney Ty Harris County by 49 % by 2016; Clinton wins by 12 % in Harris County and work beats Cruise 58 to 41 by 17 points. So incredible, Houston, Texas, politics Rana in DC. I know that you guys have MoveOn. Has members all over the country – and I guess my first question – is for people that are sending you emails are part of your group.

We’Re getting emails are going to meetings who right now feel a lot of angst. Frustration sometimes even despair, because Democrats are short inclined towards that like what is your message to them? Is I, first of all I won’t lie to you. I understand how you can feel that way, especially when we have a man in the White House who is clearly not our friend he’s been taking. A wrecking ball to our Constitution are rule of law or government for 3 years now, and move on members have had enough. They’Ve watched they’ve not just watched President Trump attempt to, and it sometimes be successful in destroying our democracy, but they’ve stood up time and time again since his first day in office to push back and defend the communities under attack to defend our democracy.

And it is that energy that we are ready to galvanized and take from resistant into action and move forward in 2020 to defeat Trump to protect the house and take the Senate. Do you have to feel like do you feel like the energy has carried through? I think there’s a lot of liking. You have objected metrics, obviously, internally more than most people have, like you got to control panel, that looking at the open rate on your email, you got to control child is telling you how many calls people are making and how many people responding to you.

When you look at that, when you’re sitting there in your control room on your computer, are you seeing flagging, diminishing enthusiasm or you seeing it straight or you singing tents by we’re, seeing it first thing, you’ll see high points of energy to resist. You know whether it’s the Republicans attempts in 2017 to repeal the Affordable Care Act very high energies of action rates throughout the ton, hundreds of thousands of people day after day in their local congressional district, taking action and then a 2018 that energy changed and it focused On taking the house and and winning the election and now in 2019, I think you’re seeing people continue restoring last year was 2019 and we saw people continue to take action day in and day out.

We move move forward with impeachment proceedings and now we’re seeing our members 20/20 really wanting to move forward and UniFi and get behind the Democratic nominee and eat Trump in November. That was fantastic. Thank you, all. , Thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube.
The way to beat Trump isn’t by lamenting the way things are. It’s by doing the hard work to change how they are. Chris Hayes talks to three organizers who are doing just that. Aired on 02/14/20.
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How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC

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