How Michael Bloomberg Is Going After Trump On Social Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC

By | February 14, 2020

How Michael Bloomberg Is Going After Trump On Social Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC
How Michael Bloomberg Is Going After Trump On Social Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC
I wanted to save lives and respond with urgency. The crisis that was plaguing our communities and while many of the ways we tried to reduce gun, violence and investment committees were right and we reduced Murder by 50 %. Is one aspect approach that I delete. The lips deeply regret the abuse of police practice called stop and frisk. I defended it looking back for too long, because I didn’t understand, then the unintended paint it was causing the young black and brown families in their kids. I should have acted sooner and faster to stop it.

I didn’t and for that I apologize policy that was at a campaign event in Houston yesterday, while announcing the mic for Black America, the Bloomberg campaign’s National effort to reach black voters reporter Jeremy Peters, who is traveling with the Bloomberg campaign and New York Times internet culture Reporter Taylor Lorenz, who is writing about the Bloomberg campaign strategy online plus Reverend William Barber, he’s event of repairs of the breach and co-chair of the national Poor People’s campaign? Great to have you all on board for this conversation, you’re hearing from student set, my Bloomberg is so big with the kids on social media, digital Revolution and yesterday’s class got turned over to a discussion of how memes meme factories and meme influencers people create memes on The internet have the new way of pushing ideas and discourse.

We all know about social influencers on Instagram or Twitter, but these are people create these and Michael Bloomberg. As was reported and we’ll hear more about. It is using that in the very smart way and in some ways, a humorous and so to self deflecting way of an old guy help me figure this out either we can do this together and they thought it was very, very good how it was done. So I was watching younger people who would normally been talkin about. . You know the Yang and others nail going to Bloomberg. Contra mean we did talk about the other controversy as well, and you’re, not at the class of students, vary between a racially mixed and other and socioeconomically mix and the question of things such as stop-and-frisk.

There was a sense that Michael Bloomberg had done something they found unusual, which is a step forward. Apologize explain exactly why you felt it was wrong and then come out with the Greenwood initiative, which is his way of saying when it’s not just social justice and economic Justice. That has to be done, and I think they were saying. It was good that he was looking forward now and how he’s going to address these issues and not known as prep the warmest politician in terms of geography tail? Where did the meme effort large? What he’s trying to do? Can it work with young voters and secondly, just an overall strategy? Is this something is going to get him a? He was bringing them into a circle, their posting on his behalf, and he claps back.

He is paying groups of numerous to Postino. These there’s self-referential, memes. All of these are people who post memes on Instagram very large following billion dollars a day on Facebook ads right. I believe it’s reported by MDC so he’s out there on Twitter, the post on his back he’s out there on Twitter, responding to Trump and all right. So then I go. I take that to we’re going to ping pong between young people and the Very much-needed African-American. I want to bring Reverend Barber into the conversation.

What are your personal feelings toward president? The presidential candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, his legacy and also his now run for president as a African American voters have to have an impact on our current support and by Francis on the stop-and-frisk. Thousands and thousands of people were hurt and disenfranchised buy a policy that was racist and also based on unsubstantiated number. So you know, I think, numbers way said something like 90 % with me, and 95 % of the murders of those numbers are not even write, but he is a people question.

The apology is great, but what was the cause? The formation of the pilot in the first place, and is that still his thinking on policy when it comes to aftermarket the phrase? What about voter suppression? What about 26 million people, 61 % of African Americans living in poverty in low? Well? What about segregation of public schools? What about voter suppression in and where I am in North Carolina? We fought for what was his position on those things. We have to do a deep down, I’m not just a one dive into the black community and the issues that impact black people, and I think that’s has to happen and has to happen soon.

But I do think just like Joe Biden with the crime Bill and 94. You knew where Joe Biden was in his heart and I think the more you dig and dive. I do think you’ll see a guy who’s, inclusive, Progressive guy and I want to go back to the Trump, has a digital machine in Monsters, machine and that’s what Bloomberg has, and I want to go back to the instead of villainizing him who was handed money and Bluitt built by himself from scratch to become my think, the 20th richest person, the country, if he has the resources and the wherewithal in this march, to beat Donald Trump God bless, I’m not going to hold that against.

Michael Bloomberg has contracted some of the biggest meme-makers on the internet to post sponsored content on Instagram promoting his presidential campaign, according to reporting. The panel discusses this effort and Bloomberg’s recent remarks on stop-and-frisk. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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How Michael Bloomberg Is Going After Trump On Social Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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