How ‘Knives Out’ Handles a Mansionful of Stars | Anatomy of a Scene

By | December 10, 2019

How ‘Knives Out’ Handles a Mansionful of Stars | Anatomy of a Scene
How ‘Knives Out’ Handles a Mansionful of Stars | Anatomy of a Scene
My name is Ryan Johnson and I wrote and directed knives out. So this is a singing about 45 minutes into the movie where we first get to meet Chris Evans character, Hue, Ransom, Drysdale Niko’s by Ransom, and there is Chris Evans a rare moment of dogs not liking. Chris Evans, you can’t really tell her. This is a real mansion in the middle of Massachusetts that was shot and it was a gorgeous Murder, Mystery Mansion that we just found and we shot inside and out. This is lakeith Stanfield and Noah. Segan is the two local cops right here as Marta CSI KFC family, in this room, doing this wide panning overshot to establish a geography of it in the close of a Chris, you see Daniel coming back there we get Tony’s entrance for us I’ll, try and get Your injuries to cast a little bit, you start Toni Collette there who plays a lifestyle Guru is, is Michael, Shannon who plays Walt the youngest brother, Jamie Lee, Curtis and Don Johnson. It will be seen here in the moments who is Chloe plays her husband, there’s Don right. There look at all the great sweaters and then hanging back on that Katherine Langford and that’s Riki. Lindhome Jacob was in that the night of the party that’s Jaden Martell, who plays the younger son example of a shot right there, like this shot right here, figuring out how to just get everybody comfortably in frame in the way that feels natural. This scene was one of the most fun scenes in the whole movie to shoot just cuz. All of these actors were together in this room. We had a couple Big scenes like this were all of these amazing actors were together and they all got to play off of each other fat Skippy. Let’S go over here that I love this ridiculous little slap fight between the two of them. I mean it’s kind of silly, but that’s kind of the movie. It’S a murder mystery, but it kind of you can tell has like a sense of humor to it. You got to do this more often.
A big murder-mystery mansion needs big personalities. There are plenty of them to go around in “Knives Out,” Rian Johnson’s energetic and comedic look at how a family deals with the death of their wealthy patriarch.

The scene features Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis and several other stars, discussing (and bickering about) family matters while detectives investigate whether foul play was involved in the death of the house’s owner, Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer).

In his narration, Johnson discusses the challenges of shooting a scene with a large cast and keeping the framing of the characters visually interesting.

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