Hilton on the establishment’s shameless assault on Trump’s populist revolution

By | February 17, 2020

Hilton on the establishment’s shameless assault on Trump’s populist revolution
Hilton on the establishment’s shameless assault on Trump’s populist revolution
Evening, everyone welcome to the next Revolution Steve Hilton, and this is a hundred positive populism, pro-worker pro-family Pro community and, of course, pro-america with me, live in Los Angeles for the hour Tommy Lauren, Steve, Moana, Payson, + Jenna Ellis is hidden. Cheese’s in DC that she is An ulcer tonight President Trump praising Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can find out what that’s about. In my exclusive conversation with the governator, but first Jeff Bezos post, they say democracy dies in darkness, but it’s too late.

You may have missed it, but I’m sorry to tell you that our democracy did in fact die this week, but thank God, msdn C’s, Rachel Maddow was on hand to Chronic sad demise about great Republic. The justice department has been thrown into crisis and Chaos. Institutions will not save you, institutions will not save you, but what do we do next? What do we do? What do we do about? How dangerous and bad this is alarms are ringing sound the alarm that way and all of the alarms have sounded as the president routes, these systems out by the root, something to save our country.

That must be stopped. Alarm sounded worldwake seriously. In fact, if Rachel Maddow truly believes in protecting our democracy, I don’t believe she’s sincere about that. She should be praising what happened this week. Here are the facts. This is the table, the judicial uses, the calculate sentence is: it is literally a points-based system lost November. Rodger Stone was convicted of 7 felony counts that together gave him Twenty One points on that table. You see that he’s in column 1, because if they first offense 21 points means sentencing guideline if 37 to 46 months Run 3 to 4 years now.

Prosecutors can add points the different circumstances. One of them is if a defendant threatened to witness with physical violence 8 points call the witness that he should quite prepared to Die. The prosecutor has increased and points total 29th, which means a sentence of 87/208 months around nine years, but this was a ridiculously literal interpretation of what was basically joke, the witness who was allegedly threatened told the court he didn’t take. It seriously add to that the fact that the prosecutors making the recommendation at Auntie Trump political backgrounds and the US attorney for DC Timothy Shea Dollar General Barre overruled the prophet proposed more lenient sentence.

This is a vital Factor left out of the whole establishment freaked out over this. The decision to reduce the sentencing recommendation was made last week by a g bar and before anyone knew about it or tweeted about it. So then what happened? Well, according to doj sources cited the full prosecuted didn’t like being over, so they threatened to resign in the face of that pres us attorney Timothy Shea reversed his decision and went with the original 9 year recommendation. It was only at that point.

The Attorney General intervene. Make the decision self, but simply to back the original Judgment of the US attorney now, in the light of those packs consider what politician said last week is assault on the rule of law by engaging in political interference in the sentence. Sentencing of his associate Rodger Stone, indicated obstruction in the investigation. Trump Russia ties and witness tampering AG bar has deeply damaged the rule of law so ridiculous. She can barely read the words out little bit of paper.

What actually happened here with the exact opposite of what she said? You had a politically-motivated investigation, Mueller initiated by Trump haters at the High levels of all law enforcement, bureaucracy and overturning election result. They disapproved off the investigation, failed to establish the central charge Trump. Russia collusion because it was fabricated to try and show something for the years of work, billions of dollars, they prosecuted a handful of process, crimes in Rochester. In case it wasn’t even a fair trial with a jury forewoman who is politically biased against him.

He was convicted and then the sentence recommended by politically motivated Jesus was way out of whack. If you want to see a vis of power, if you want to see the undermining of the rule of law, all you have to do is look at the last 3 years in which some of the most powerful institutions in our country, the FBI, the CIA justice Department, the Congress have been corrupted to pursue a political Vendetta, not by President Trump, but against him. Now. Finally, we have an attorney general, who is standing up for the rule of law and impartial Justice.

Free of political appearance on the president is fighting back against the resistance inside his administration. The Establishment went nuts about that to be fired, then men and Sandlin he also through investment brother vases. It was just awkward to keep them. That would prove to be a lie that got to wake of apparent impeachment revenge for President Trump know. One thing about the loss of your present is acting as if he is stop John Kelly joined insane vinman quote it exactly what we teach them to do from cradle-to-grave what a joke! How long do you think John Kelly would have tolerated a soldier in his regiment, who is actively trying to get him out Kelly, plotted and schemed to undermine President Trump’s agenda policies that were explicitly voted for in an election? He tried to stop him building a wall.

He’S a very definitely changed his attitude towards the doctor issue, then even the wall once we briefed him once we briefed him re-elected Joan Kelly the count amount in order from the voters arrogance. This brings us to the big takeaway from Olaf, the she is scale and shamelessness of the establishment, anti-democratic assault on Donald Trump populist Revolution. The president get the load of grief for his tweeting it okay, fine, we could probably have done without some of it this week, but think about why he needs direct communication.

Think what he’s up against, as we’ve noted many times, he’s not an ideal Auggie, the pragmatic problem-solving businessman in 2016. He made a bunch of promises very specific. He got elected. He thinks okay now to get it done, but I don’t know what these Jokers once he’s. In the white house he’s surrounded by people trying to stop him delivering his promises. Of course, internal disagreement is healthy, but in business that’s a saying. Disagree then commit with those around this President too often it was disagree then resist the Trump getting elected was the easy part.

The real battle is with the swamp once he got that they blocked him. They investigated him. They frustrated him Congress of the court to the federal bureau, who is Owen, White House staff. The critics say: why does he give jobs to Jared and Ivanka, because you can trust them to work for his agenda, not against it like the Swamp People and by the way they’re the ones actually getting things done, what USMC? Only Robert lighthiser, the Pro work, a profoundly results that Ivanka Trump is helping to deliver attorney general ball to a principled and courageous leader and long may.

He stay he’s exactly what we need at the justice department. The president needs only people like this. Only people committed to his agenda clear out the bureaucratic resistance, all of it. No more swamp Stooges like James Madison, HR, McMaster, no more arrogant, intitle novels. You think they have the right to block the policies. 63 million Americans voted for and put in that place. A failed, at least it’s globalist disaster that nobody supports, except they hang out with Washington dinner party, close down Department blow up the bureaucracy, decimating the Civil Service.

Literally, look it up. I mean literally decimate more power to the states and communities above all power to people. Choice, lower taxes, less regulation, it’s cooled self-government, that’s the next Revolution we need, and that is the lesson of this week.
In a second Trump term the president needs to surround himself only with people committed to his agenda to clear out the bureaucratic resistance. #FoxNews

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