Here’s what Kenney had to say on his meeting with Trudeau

By | December 11, 2019

Here’s what Kenney had to say on his meeting with Trudeau
Here’s what Kenney had to say on his meeting with Trudeau
The end of the day albertans will assess this is federal government and its commitment to prosperity and unity by how it acts. And so I made that pretty clear. The Prime Minister, whether it is on Pisco stabilisation, account of Equalization rebate, to Alberta or on the completion of Transmountain, on avoiding job-killing duplicate regulations or any number of issues we need to see. Action and number of dishes are quite urgent off work, sample, detect Frontier mind deadline for approval is February 28th that would create 10,000 jobs, a 70 billion dollars in revenue for governments to pay for healthcare and education, and it’s been waiting now for 8 years at 4. Proovl, so so the next few weeks will be critical in determining the seriousness of this federal government to respond to the deep and legitimate concern. Ie mushroom candidates are yours, but at least we have a fire department. That is the prime minister was willing to listen to our case and indicate an openness on a number of issues, for example on one physical stabilisation, where bar position endorsed by all 13 provinces and territories. The Prime Minister said that Finance Minister Morneau will is is open to changes that would reflect a deal for Alberta and Catherine’s Village Newfoundland on on bill c-69, which we think has been. That will be a very serious problem for major job training projects, not just into other gas, while the prime minister stock quote move to repeal that the bill as we would prefer, he didn’t. He did agree to work with us on its application on the regulations and on the project list and so on. A number of issues he’s indicated in openness, and we appreciate that. But we will be continuing to push our Vital the economic interest with Vigor, because Alberta’s interests are Canada’s interest. We contributed it over 600 billion dollars to the rest of the country since 1960. Even during this long recession, we’ve gone through a we’ve, been contributing 20 billion net to the rest of the Federation. Every year a we need a strong Albert economy to prosper nationally, and the Prime Minister said he understands that.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa today. Here’s what he had to say after the meeting.


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