Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box

By | February 16, 2020

Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box
Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box
Trump keeps scoring the Dam’s still boring. I wonder what did Trump learn from impeachment, that the Democrats are crooked letter crooked things going that they’re vicious that they shouldn’t have brought impeachment anything else. All numbers are 10 points higher because of fake news, like NBC the country the country kept driving during impeachment in America, starting to notice, you know help ulcers asked. Are you better off than you were three years ago? This year’s 61 % said yes, better off under Trump. A number way higher they went incumbents were up for real election Obama, didn’t get that high about 43 Port Clinton or Bush 41 by I get a nosebleed just reading it, and that’s going to be tough for any of the candidates to beat want to see.

You then going to worry about this. Guy makes Donald Trump is scared as a cat at the dog pound, but since I’m from New York, I put it this way during the living hell out of them and we’re just starting cuz right now, I’m dumping text and say that, and I don’t think Trump Is scared of that? It’S not that hard to get there. That hard to get there because North Carolina view does a swing state. Here North Carolina tends to lean red in presidential politics. Florida elections leans red in presidential politics. Arizona, let’s see its history.

Is it leans? Read just those three states get the president to 259 look at the map. He could get there easily just by winning Pennsylvania again. That would get him over the top. Let’S say that one goes blue president could get there by winning Michigan again get him over the top. He could do it with a combination of New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Tony look at the map now the president as a viable path, but you can’t hear it. I got to dance better, find something else to investigate, like maybe President Trump interfering in the Rodger Stone case with a tweet, but in case you haven’t noticed Trump tweets all the time, which means he interferes in everything amass up dead Energy.

New stock market record spend your money wisely great lineup on Fox tonight, with Jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine and Greg Gutfeld, that’s a real sweet, you name it he’s going to quit it, so they try to impeach Trump. For this thing to its all, they have, especially when the majority says they’re better off than 3 years ago, and now set of the country thinks my life is good and when the first impeachment didn’t put a single Denton Trump’s Armour, are they going to try it Again, I hope so because I really miss Adam Schiff.

If you were an apple, I would have took you to slide down a snowy mountain on my bare feet. Brutus in a court of law. I say I have the light. I recognize myself good night in general. What do you think General? I know president I’m having an out-of-body experience, I’m looking at the Gettysburg address and I turn around just hanging out with a Bloomberg talk because ladies pajamas found a comedian coach, I mean give me 250,000 Brown do to jokes for yet, but he was a cat. Will talk, can’t tell a story, it hurts so bad.

You can’t look at them. I guarantee you that by the time you got the dog pound he’s looking at you, when you don’t have Charisma or talent and your a billionaire. I think he is paying for it. But he’s getting lousy joke, I think so too feed you ice cream, giant, gingerbread man flipping around here I just did I hear that right there is one who killed Bin Laden Cyrus believe they found someone who tells a joke than that candidate in 2016, because I’m, I used to do Hillary went to be Sykes what is funny effectively hilarious and you’re not going to be able to be funnier than he is party.

Are you better off than you were three years ago? Most Americans think so. #FoxNews

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