Gun control: Why some US sheriffs are vowing to disobey ‘red flag’ laws

By | February 17, 2020

Gun control: Why some US sheriffs are vowing to disobey ‘red flag’ laws
Gun control: Why some US sheriffs are vowing to disobey ‘red flag’ laws
A badge a Glock, Austin hatch Sheriff Shannon by really represents the Law, but this time he’s going to disobey it. Custer County, Colorado, galatian 5000, here in Westcliffe, Sheriff Byerly knows every resident. Most of them are armed. I want any citizen who wants everyone to carry one anytime. They want to put a new law in the state of Colorado. Is that, at certain conditions to the right to bear arms, the law allows family members or law enforcement to ask a judge temporarily remove guns from the possession of someone demon, extreme risk to themselves or others Sheriff by early says he will not take an individual’s guns As a precaution, the reason that I don’t believe in the Erp red flag law – and I don’t believe that is falafel – is because of the very clear violations of the constitution in the United States.

Sheriff’S are elected in the residence of Westcliffe support, their Sheriff 100 %. I worked hard to get this guy, and that is true to some extent the law only targets, those quote deems to be an extreme risk. This red flag law was written so vague that you could call in a report to somebody dog and that sheriff would have to investigate it. Others say the law is a blatant violation of their constitutional right to bear arms. I wanted to protect the country from having that from our government.

This is so. We have the right to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government if our government should get out of line, and I really believe we don’t blame pencils for misspelled words, we don’t blame ya. Forks because we’re too fat, it’s people in their behaviors in their attitude, refuse to enforce various red flag laws on shooting in 2012 was 27 years old, says the sheriff’s reactions, don’t scare him, it isn’t a minority and it’s a very loud minority, but we are converting More and more people more and more people understand in Westcliffe residence of the small town as well as the sheriff say, the law is not only unconstitutional, it’s all so useless.

Prpo bill, that’s been in place would have zero effect on mass shootings in the United States. Are in Colorado because those people obtained guns outside of lawful means – and there were no there were – there – was never any sign, but statistics are a little more nuanced. 75 % of mass Shooters in the United States got their legally and more than half of them showed warning signs before committing a shooting. The goal of the red flag laws to encourage citizens to report warning signs.

But these residents say it’s not worth giving up their freedoms. I don’t think worth our Liberty to save it sounds hard to say, but I don’t think one individual is worth more than everybody Liberty. Every time the law has been in effect for 6 weeks and Sheriff by early has not yet had to enforce it. He says he will refuse to do so and is willing to face the legal consequences.
As the death toll from mass shootings in the United States continues to rise, several US states have recently passed gun control laws. These “red flag” laws allow police or family members to petition a judge to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. Colorado is the latest state to have passed a “red flag” law, which came into effect last month. But several sheriffs say the law is unconstitutional and vow they won’t obey it. Our France 2 colleagues Agnès Vahramian and Fabien Fougère report. 

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