‘Griveaux is ridiculous, he looks like a idiot’

By | February 16, 2020

‘Griveaux is ridiculous, he looks like a idiot’
‘Griveaux is ridiculous, he looks like a idiot’
This goes back a long way. This is not a problem of puritanism. This is a problem of Lady cute. He looks ridiculous, he looks like an idiot and you have to say that he was never the most popular person on the political scene. He was all singing. Is an arrogant? What would the word be? He was always seen this incredibly arrogant, difficult guy to deal with macarons baby, always protected stupidly, appointed to be the mayoral candidate, doing play against two women, the incumbent mayor and Russia.

T, and then it shows up this video shows up that was made in 2018 by The way when he was a spokesman for the government, you know showing himself and jerking off. I mean it’s just unbelievable. I agree with. I agree with Chris that if indeed this was him, he would have missed a great opportunity to do something sensible, I mean yeah.
The Daily Beast’s Christopher Dickey claims the Griveaux’s scandal has nothing to do with American puritanism and stresses Griveaux’s bad image: being arrogant and Macron’s baby from the beginning. Politico’s Paul Taylor adds that ‘he destroyed himself’ and ‘missed a great opportunity to do something sensible’.

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