Green promises: Macron’s proposals to save Europe’s melting glaciers

By | February 14, 2020

Green promises: Macron’s proposals to save Europe’s melting glaciers
Green promises: Macron’s proposals to save Europe’s melting glaciers
It’S 508 estep’s atop the roof of Europe, a Stairway To Hell. If Humanity Act Fast, France’s president Emmanuel macron starting his day up the mountain at the famed Sea of Ice that gives on to the confidence highest peak mobile long as he contemplated the glacier. That’S receded and thickness 120 m in just one century. He use this photo op 1 month before me, this. To press new measures to go green will review. It was announced at a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday and go back down to sea level or winter storm.

Ciara this week has served as a reminder that accelerating global warming exposes to increased extreme weather 17 million French people live either on the coast or in high-risk flood time to give up and move to Higher Ground with all that implies, or is there still time for Humanity to change its ways. Uk all giant BP – now says it’s not too late. It’S brand new CEO promises shareholders to make the company completely net carbon neutral by the year 2050. Does that mean no more drilling for hydrocarbons? Are cleaner sources of energy, wonderful and cost-effective enough to meet the demand? The planet who makes the rules in this race against the clock today we’re looking at the green Promises of politicians and CEOs and former French environment minister share of the business and climate Summit, which is the annual conference on climate change.

Thank you for being list. Thank you for inviting me as well. Most you block him painter at 350. , Org you’re, an activist group with a special focus on fossil fuels, power efficiency furnace. Thank you for being with Nicholas Schultz, informally of the intermed governmental, Global, green growth Institute and now, director of global policy at the international Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for letting me I should say Swiss, National as well, indeed, alright, we’ll be talkin about not too far from where you are, which is where the French president was this Thursday, the France 24 debate on Facebook and Twitter hashtag f24 date.

I didn’t imagine it has melted so fast said Emmanuel macron at or where he announced measures to extend Mountain Wildlife preserves or local officials with VA two and I to next month Municipal elections, climate for a class turn on air pollution in the valley below Community Rec. Has more I’m at change in the visits on Thursday, French president Emmanuel macron blamed, the current climate crisis on frebis and action involves to turn the tide of our capacity to invent it’s 11 to sustainably internationally, you know it’s.

The creation of new national parks. 50000. Has a florist fronts to embrace the suck your economy. Please demonstrate his to create a joint social and climate emergency protesting over the impact of local pollution on the president. Find pensions are foam someone the glaciers already planted Beauty as it shrinks Rocky debris. Muddy, the1st, nice V is what they used to look like. It’S lost to. Kilometers 50in continues to receive every year of things to come up over the last 10 years, each temperature high.

It’S hotter than the one before heat waves are becoming hotter and longer to save. The Glaceon is what an ambitious carbon reduction plan to take out old pictures such as this one that was posted on the Twitter, an old postcard that dating back to 1909. And you can see what that what it, what it look like back, then please, your reaction to the WWF saying that the French president’s announcements are insufficient. I was listening to proceed on bike home of an American citizen. Then she was quite surprised.

She said these French people are never happy with their President Trump. What is never enough, as I thought you was much better on biodiversity in nature, protection that he looks very convinced, I’m committed not on the energy transition. Turn off keyboard been better than Donald Trump. Doesn’T make it doesn’t, make you a convincing president and especially when you knew that each fraction of a degree is a matter of me life-or-death of ecosystems in humans, and so I would go even further than WWF. I would say that it’s pretty ridiculous.

So, for instance, single-use katori, for by 2040 of, for instance, to the the climate Justice movement for decades has been asking for real measure is articulating clearly what it means to decline Champion Fitness doing whatever you can now to keep the pussy from the ground and instead Of that, it’s just no cosmetic measures that we’ve heard again today, we’ll talk about the broader measures in terms of on a broader scale, but specifically to the Alps. I mean it’s it’s one of the biologists who company said that 60 % of species of hidden in that end in those in the dairies in the nature preserves up at the top of the Alps, and it is heartbreaking when you look at those at those pictures Of Nicholas shelter was very convincing on this Tuesday to biodiversity.

I think there’s, no, it’s not a coincidence. He made his announcement after being Adam because he’s really climate change most visible. So that’s something everybody can see it’s different with tornadoes. You can always say. Well, it’s linked to other things, but certainly when you look at the glaciers in the Alps, in the undies and elsewhere, the old receding and compared to old pictures. You just say it’s happening. It’S real and I think it’s important that President macron made that announcement from there, because it’s important that actually citizens see what is happening and I fully agree and there’s no escape from it and setting from a business perspective from well-represented.

We need to leave for the long-term and make climate change everyone’s business. What’S the local level, the biggest gripe, the two we heard this Thursday official pressing the government to crack down on air pollution with there are suggesting tax incentives to move away from wood-burning stoves and, in particular, restrictions on trucks transiting on their way to Italy and Switzerland. In an interview that with local newspaper to do, if you need to behave Macon stating he can’t ban trucks from passing, calling instead for a europe-wide renewal of the transport Fleet, so as not to solely penalized truckers, is there more that can be done to reduce the The traffic of those freight trucks at in The Valleys of the it again that that pollution gets trapped in those Mountain areas.

What type of Mobility, Healthcare, different, color, Molly to say, Transportation as transfer example sleeping? And it’s not the only way to have transportation by truck. We need to see more globally what is empathic in this Society to have this type of phone policy can do for the for the people that live in this area – and this is one of the things that we need to think about more in in a new Way that energy transformation of CO2, we need to think now that the behavior, what is the behavior of the people? We can complete that in the new economy, suggesting systems whereby, for instance, a car’s be carpooling even in The Valleys of the option, more bus service? And you have a car and you drive in Switzerland, you have to pay tax when you get into the highways.

This money goes to improving the regular system. Germany have been fighting against the trucks and they has been in Hollywood accident. Should we try to improve our system transport system? Obviously we should and we can have clean, cleaner tracks. We can reduce the number of trucks, but you can’t just snap your fingers and I’ve trained service Racine with the Paris turn real Lincoln Tunnel, that’s being built. It’S been going on for decades and there’s a lot of opposition. Environmentalists are divided over whether it’s a good idea or not sure, but I mean, and I tried to to protect and opposition at the time you can protect them of law is a great achievement.

I just want to underline something has been elected: recent decrease of princes Night Train, which is an excellent alternative to around Europe. Old trains have been the it’s. The situation is not as good as there’s talk of bringing back my transmission because we know now who are the leaders you? You were saying that I’ve heard here. That’S people needs to realize. We’Ve prayed that the Emmanuel macron was at the top of this mountain, but for me it’s it looks like a burial beaches, climate changes. One of the first concern that, for French people is one of the main priorities for their votes.

So they don’t need him and then back home to show that the snow has disappeared, to know that the situation urgent and dramatic what we need for you from him. It’S not to make it the fight of the century, but the fight of the year. The fight of the decayed, what we’ve seen this year is thousand millions of people in jail, it’s too hot for it to ask for Urgent climate action instead of that emitted in my court again is just making Communications specifically on the issue of environmentalists are divided on The issue of more rails, a building, more real ones and do in the mountains that a good idea or bad one about the situation, the mountains there.

But I knew that, for instance, what about the airport extensions? There are lots and multiples of airport in extensions that are happening in France, against which people are fighting so so, of course, train is a good, is a good thing on the traffic of Lawry’s across the Alps and elsewhere, and the real issue here is it’s too Cheap to ask use Lawry’s to transport your goods, and it would be much less tempting to actually use Road Transportation if you’re actually had the carbon price. That would give a clear signal that actually it’s much cheaper use rail.

Another alternative transportation means then actually relying on the road once you have that, and it doesn’t happen from one day to another. Once you have that signal, you actually stopped shifting art add a hint of that to make it more expensive from the French president. In his remarks, at a time when the new European commission is promising a green New Deal in a harmonization of carbon pricing across the car, the battle is not also a European matter. It is 254 a high CO2 price, a real flow price.

The carbon inclusion mechanism FL borders to have a real European transition strategy, which allows us to go Basta because each time I ask industrialists and it’s fair to go faster than the neighbors they reply to me. If you do that, you will destroy our industrial fabric, destabilize I’ll territory. You just have to do a few kilometers through is not the same. It is not possible and there for European policy in this area is essential. To you heard came out your boss, saying we have to go much faster when you talk about coming to a common agreement among 27 Nations for up a the price of carbon.

How fast can it go, but I mean the real issue here is to make sure you have policy coherence. In fact, one of the problems you’ve had in Europe is actually you have too many different pricing signals. European commission trading scheme, which is today’s at 23 Euros to 10th, Which is far below what it ought to be to actually give the right signal to shift things away from the current trajectory. At the same time, you have two countries like Sweden, which is a member of the European Union that has one of the highest carbon text – carbon price in the world, and you have other countries that do not have any contacts soak album price.

So it is very different, difficult to bring incoherence in to them and unless you actually work on that are clear, cabins pricing signal through the emission trading scheme through the price of using the using quotation that is highly emitting. If you have that signal, then things will shift alright, the. When will they ship we’ll talk? We’Ll ask our panel when we come back stay with us here watching the France 24 debate, welcome back or welcome if you’re just joining us, it’s the France 24 debate and we’re looking at Green promises, both here in France and a further a field.

What with him and Ewan maccoll who made announcements after chairing a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday from the ounce, the roof of Europe, if you will across from muldraugh where the Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, were talking about with former French and Varna mr-blue-sky-download chairs, The business and climate Summit, which is the annual CEOs conference on climate change, welcome back as well to energy consultant, lowest colasanti, wear with Clay most you block painter at 3:50. , Org why 350 that has been deemed as safe and just we just passed 410 and since I am even bored, we are over 350 Institute and now director of global policy at the international, a chamber of commerce just before the break the carbon price.

My follow-up question to you is all right: we have this new Commission in MBA in Brussels and the other talking up a green new deal, but can you get consensus on making it more expensive and harmonizing that price of carbon? What that’s going to be the real challenge for the he’s fully aware of, I think the policy Koreans I touched upon, which has to take place both domestically and when we say domestically, that’s the European Union and that’s and globally, and these few off trade and climate. The coherence tear off – and we heard within the commission discussions about Boulder tax adjustments.

The other means it is certainly important that we bear these in mind because it’s coming from the business world, we need to have policy coherence. We need to have short-term and long-term signals, and I think that is really the real Challenge and I’m not sure the European commission will be able to very quickly come through such a yes, you agree with that preacher on that we won’t get a harmonization of the Of the price of carbon among the 27, so that’s that’s the bottom. Some countries are going nuclear sunburn appointment was not because she was not pushing gas enough things like that, if you want, which make it difficult after 2 to be very consistent than to be to have confidence, I would say in the policy pick up the 100 % In European policy we have some senior CO2 senior, so they have increase.

The CO2 prices have increased from 2016 until today have double in time of crisis. Philtrum birthday, please between CO2 taxes and a CO2 tank Sephora sample macro. I wish I knew what happened that we stopped to speak about CO2 taxes for the French people and we have a generation, Regency resolution and just yesterday the adopted list, which is called the project of common interests related to energy infrastructure. To you would imagine that it’s only rely on Renewables, for instance common interests, but inside this list there are 55 projects that are gas.

One and two the Civil Society has been fighting against it, and I’ve been very loud about it. Did you transition that? Do we? Don’T yet have the renewable gases, it’s against our climate commitments, and so was today at the moon or just yesterday, he’s group has a party just voted for this list. Victory on which way are where economically GDP growth is aligned with emissions gross. We need a coupling, so what do we need is we need to have signals that will tell us okay. Well, in 10 years time, flights will be at that level in 15.

At that level it gradually increases. We have that to certain extent, within the European emissions trading system we’re from next year onwards. We will have a reduction of cap by 2 %, but it’s not so. We need to have a clear trajectory inside in Switzerland. That’S what you have you have in the new climate policy. You know exactly what will be the carbon price in which year so you’re prepared for that and that’s managing the transition. I’M sorry, you knew that staying at 1.5 degrees, which is the ambition, means Nunu for different infrastructure and extra deep, losing some existing ones to it’s, not about the timing.

It’S there wasn’t important to just now, and the year volume missed it. So it’s the mess is clear in terms of pussy feels before that. It is important that the CO2 have a price senior, because it’s the only way that can be done. Investment have a policy today. Integrated that the economy Finance at the society. This is the right time. I don’t think that is today ultimate time. We can do better this time, and this is what is important of the European police. If you have these signals, in fact, you will see that Pension funds will no longer invest into infrastructure.

That may result as a sunk infrastructure, because you don’t want to have your pension invested in a in the was nothing in 20 or 30 years. . I’M saying that, because the signals that you shouldn’t invest into those plans have come from the Civil Society in the climate, Justice movement, which has led the divestment movement and now. over a thousand institutions that have committed to divest from fossil fuels representing trillions and now even Goldman Sachs report said that divestment is a key reason why cool companies are struggling to 5 to finance our expansion to the signal that we’re looking for is always coming from the society that is leading the way from Civil Society in the private sector, not from governments.

Does it matter where it comes from industrial societies, constraining the private sector and the government, because the program now is that governments are working hand-in-hand with the first different industry instead of breaking the ties Channel last week, the new head of VP got quite the welcoming reception. Greenpeace activists installing solar panels outside the London offices of Bernard Looney, and that you might say putting on a bit of pressure outside your new messages to deliver you. The opportunity on your birthday to pee pee into a hundred percent renewable 10 years with Looney, did recognize.

The world carbon budget is finite, as he putted and quote running out fast, as he pledged to cut the oil Majors carbon emissions to a net of Zero by the year 2050. Does that mean we’ll be producing and refining hydrocarbons in 2050? Yes, very likely. Does that mean we’ll be producing and refining less of them in 2050? Yes, homo, certainly in our aim is that any residual hydrocarbons will be decarbonized. Your reaction to that announcement, how do you say the vp’s changing now we are calls Beyond petroleum and after another, CEO came and it was deep Horizon and let’s go.

Let me ask you about this because one of the problems – and it’s not just beepy byway Repsol – is also made of the same hotel, close to NetZero remote control, moving to something else. Even order of scale, then, on this Louis colasante, British Petroleum spends 500 to 700 million dollars in wind farms. In other Renewables, they spend each year 14 billion on oil and gas. That’S not going to change what we have this type of speech at the beginning or the 17, with the first gold price crisis arrive II end yesterday today, in the 1970s, the beginning of the 1977, about how we can change, how we can make it: energy conservation, Energy transition was how to add different type of technology in the in the password to do better.

But now we have something you that this company want to be seen by his customer as a green, at least suspicious, that we have and the opportunity that they take. Also as a customer-centric, they want to have client and customer that, like them, okay, so there’s two there’s two schools of thought on this Nicholas shelter is, on the one hand, yes, there is divest when we heard the Norwegian central bank today saying that right now people Are investing Less in oil companies because of the bad publicity that they have, on the other hand, shareholders they like the divident they like getting that money every year and in the case of BP, I want analyst described it as an 8.5 billion dollar dividend.

But if you, if you cut that dividend, the stock will go through the floor, but I got an analyst you look at the long-term fuel company will yield. So in that particular instance. Again you, if you investor in one of the oil majors and by the way the oil majors, are transitioning towards becoming energy Majors. So it’s now a mixture of energy solutions to bring into the market so moving away from merely extracting oil and setting it. So that’s! That’S already 1.4. The other issue is really that it’s a purely economic history, because if you are investing in one of the oil majors – and you know in 20 or 30 years time, you investment is worthless, I’m in is it already the case for cold already.

Many count from one day to another, tell the South Africans stuff extracting cold and, at the same time, make sure that the poorest get access to energy. So again it’s how you manage that transition, which is important, I think I’m crazy. , Michael and all others. They believe the strength of the economy is going to make the difference. They believe in the new energy environmental friendly policy you’re going to earn more money than if you stay in the air. If you don’t really, I would say, take political measures which would help the economy to go on that side.

How do I just not going to happen is going to take too long Extinction is that it’s going to die, made sure the economic markets around the world? The climates actions men’s is here around the world’s not Justin. the countries in South Africa, where extra $ 2 a huge project it’s been filed by by by the society as well, because this is amazing, there life out there just everything they need to survive, so that Lends their water is just a bit Amazed by this kind of project to it’s not about from one day to another? It’S about fighting for.

, open use who have 5 more 5 times more reserves of oil and gas that we can burn to stop from now on. Otherwise, everything rely on to have what we call an economy is going to collapse. So that’s a simple GP just to say they invest 2 % of their expenditure now in Renewables and so 98 % in oil and gas to ended their country credible when it comes to climate play, Juju band do band really. Is that what you would do, if you were the men that has been clearly articulated by the climate movement overcup 21 even before, because we know what it means those permits and it means making them pay for the transition and dismantling this industry.

And so, if our governments are serious about that, we need to tackle this question. How can we dismantle this industry without having an entire collapse of our economy, because now, they’re sure, is our Su euge? In a way, I could have made that divestment is one option, but what do we do from here to avoid the burst of the carbon bubble, that food is sheets again, the most vulnerable people? I think we talked about about the supply side of things. In the end more efficient and one uses energy in the bedroom, I mean we talk a lot.

Circular economy. We talked a lot about Energy Efficiency. I mean natural, have a huge effect on the demand side. So I think when, when the new CEO of BP stock King Neptune, it’s also because he sees they will be less Damone for these products in the future. So he needs to change the emissions control and wondering how we reach the peak of the emissions of the pollution. Is it going to go down now? Why do well? Because of? Is it just a blip when you suppose that’s the answer of the international agency was because of the proposal now coming into the market and they are producing quite a lot of energy.

That’S that’s what they say is a mix between the growth of the economy and they require off all day energy, and I think this piece that all company had met is no sodium as the moment that you remember Exxon Valdez, announce the difference is that we need To make an energy transition with behavior to the point that came out, you were always mention the pressure from ordinary citizens and among them that were announced that that special cabinet meeting that took place Wednesday, French civil servants starting next year, we’ll have to take the train For trips shorter than 4 hours 6 hours, if it’s a round-trip, they’re all so bad, a single-use plastics for a civil servants, you have to bring your cup to the office and 200 euro incentive.

If you ride your bike to the office. This is just for French civil service lifestyle changes. Can they help? Does it work? Are you fourth, multiple studies that shows that it’s not enough. So, of course, it’s common sense that you won’t take the plane for 4 hours trip by train, I mean 20/20. We need to go get further than that, so this is why I think it’s really important to focus actually on the supply side rather than the Consumer side, because the question of climate has been depleted site for DK, a different size 4, where each was all about The citizens, but we won’t energy, we want to come swim, and why is that? It’S because for Decatur’s weld industry as been pouring millions and millions into lobbying to make it as if, first of all, the programs you just heard.

Please don’t say that it’s he says it’s down to the fact that they’re having lifestyle changes that there are more people using that there is more Renewables, that that’s why people are turning list of carbon already. So, of course, Lifestyles changed. But we must not forget that most of the carbon emissions are emitted by rich people, and the rich people doesn’t account for the majority of the society. It’S actually the rich people who pollute more and then again. This is really a pricing. Is a trip to London from Paris? Is a pricing issue? That’S for sure, and by the way in Switzerland, it’s any trip by a civil servants below 6 hours.

It has to be taken by a Bye by the train service. Of course, government Give an example: they need to be exemplary and their behavioral. I think that’s an important signal, but anyway that’s trivial compared to the size of the problem. It’S too used to. I have more and more tier 3 mission years by Year’s end to this is because the industry’s also blocking this energy transition next day is going to go down this going to be a turning point, I want to thank you want to thank okay, most Nicholas shelter.

Louis colasante stay with us video watches. Next, I’m you say hello to James creedon. I can do quickly about it, but this has the highest recorded temperature ever in Antarctica so another. I see a part of the world, at least for now, and that indeed is highest temperature recorded since at 1982 and the first time over 20° Celsius has been recorded. We see other reporting hear from the guardian going back at a couple of weeks at this is in the opposite, of course, you’re not count has been visiting chamonix and really at the blinking of picture for April industry.

For a moment for the skiing industry cuz, the snow is definitely receding on one of the lines of those pieces for the alkyne Alpine Ski industry, business, a potentially extinction level event, because what we’re looking at is at an increased 100 years, the number of hours of Sunshine that is hitting the much of each year has increased by 20 %, is a very peculiar situation in the Alps. Apparently we’re for reason. Scientists don’t fully understand still going Beyond prompt climate climate change, their warming global average intercourse.

That’S why we have seen a lot of images such as he’s going up on friendship, news websites at before and after pictures on. This is the glass that you can see, in course, overtime at the extent to which, at the Isis Twisted receding at a pretty dramatically before and after pictures so she’s not showing that there is a dramatic and accelerated at change on demand. My account was attention to it on to the truth, it measures that are at to be taken, and indeed he, even if you like, a shared those before and after images as well with this message.

This is what we are fighting far. I guess what we’re fighting and it is a against, I suppose, really in any case, there was cynicism about that. You remember, make our planet great again, which was a slogan that says that I didn’t take him up within 2017 to counter Donald Trump America great again. In other words, we need to care about the environment. I’M just a little bit in this tweet are responding to a manual Nicole’s juxtaposition MN election 2020 – no action, so I think the sense that sat roly-poly, roly, poly Oly, you could say AR greenwashing at to use.

Another term has been around since the 1980s face in French. What’S going on and of course that’s something but he’s been hearing. This is an article come back to 28, s2018 and indeed Niccolo. This was a Dolce Bella they’re taking this. Is It soul greenwashing, when the very environmentally friendly Nicolo was broken as the original ecology, Minister, New Mexico and the 14th step down spectacular year later? Hearthstone? Fundamentally, I want to look at the financing, all possible projects, projects, gas projects and basically free the free-trade model.

Generally, this is not what we need in terms of tackling I’m so bloated message to a big debate over whether or not it’s greenwashing and also it seems like a little bit of the debate over the president’s fashion taste. Well, at least, if it’s just a point, I thought he know he’s been criticized from every angle: greenwashing bearing and it’s a sort of ski out, first, the cost of thousand Euros at what it is made in France, where it made in France over that’s nice. You were also discussing the BP and roll their dramatic enhancements, wondering, if is actually necessary at the point of this piece being that investor Behavior will shift when their persuaded the whole industry is Breaking the Habit to another words.

Yes, so you could have a cynical interpretation between washing should we not see it at the first step in altering the normative landscape.
It is 580 steps atop the roof of Europe, a stairway to hell if humanity does not act fast. French President Emmanuel Macron starting his day up the mountain at the famed Sea of Ice that gives onto the continent’s highest peak Mont-Blanc. As he contemplated the glacier that has receded in thickness by 120 meters in just one century, he used the photo op – one month before municipal elections – to press new measures to go green. We review what was announced at a special cabinet meeting Wednesday.

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