Green MEP Keller sees ‘strong case’ for Johnson to allow Scottish independence referendum

By | February 17, 2020

Green MEP Keller sees ‘strong case’ for Johnson to allow Scottish independence referendum
Green MEP Keller sees ‘strong case’ for Johnson to allow Scottish independence referendum
Hello in quechua Nicholson you watching till Kangaroo on fronts: 24in ratio, a meeting the president of the European grains here at the European Eminem EP who’s leading a group. That’S a real footage of increase support from faces at last year’s European elections. But it is a group which is Alyssa just shrunk in size after the British green MEP is left at the end of Jan great, with brexit. Nevertheless, screen issues have never been so big in Europe, particularly with the rest of underlying promising a man on the moon Moments by had green New Deal.

So the green thanks for having me that starts off with the situation of the greens in Europe right now. As I said, you know that the screen deal from OC to phone The Lion and the European Union has the end of last year, green commissioner, the European Commission. Your group has shrunk thanks to the departure of the UK MVPs. That was seven British greens that have green is the future of Europe. Looking right now, I think very gray, and I’m in charge of the story of why I lost with breakfast so big cuz.

The support for of the grains in Great Britain was amazing. We had more MVPs from the grains in Britain than ever before, so, of course that makes no big loss. We also got some of the brexit teeth, but we see that supported still searching. We just had the since an island where we doubled the seats from our most successful previous results. So we can see that the green Topix of very much at the heart of the political agenda in the country is producing at the heart of the awareness. All the wishes of people, because people want a decisive climate action and we’re the only credible person that is a couple of weeks.

She hopes it will be for Europe are rich in carbon neutrality by 2050. Extremely ambitious goes, but at the time of recording app, Ireland haven’t lined up to fully implementing those goals. We also have several member states who have not yet given climate action plans to the European Commission in the European commission has them at this point as a bad sign that isn’t being taken seriously. I think it’s a good sign that the wants to act on climate and environment protection that hasn’t always been the case.

I remember the previous condition where environmental topics we’re just not on the agenda, so it’s very positive to see that this has changed, but it has Changed lyrics only switch on the one that is not surprising because the initiatives and that’s a promise – I’m going to come Now – and we would have to see how serious the commission is on all these proposals, because it’s not enough to just have had lines, they will make everything from plastic yourself to really make it fantastic depends on the details and the member states a certain.

Your big problem, and that’s because why many have signed up on targets for laser on the question of how much are they doing right now, is not so ambitious right now, Expedia problem, so I hope the commission would we insist and also make sure that the member States deliver the French government signed into law last year at Target if I can pick up a mutual by 2050, so kind of jumping the European commission a little. This isn’t limited Paris agreement commitments at to get that expanded the role that nuclear energy can play, that electricity currently comes from nuclear power station.

It’S actually a missile, Miss no coughing until New greenhouse gases, but there are other significant environmental problems at all that new. Where is forcible contribution to climate goals? Norwood it’s in any case, be a good solution. It’S extremely dangerous we’ve seen a nuclear accidents happen, we were told they would happen once a thousand years, and now we had two in a pretty short time. So this is a big problem. Also, very importantly, no one knows what to do with the waste. This is an unsolved problem and if we don’t even know where to put the waste of such an Enterprise – and it’s not a good thing to or had whispered also it’s raining outside.

You have to extract the uranium from the ground. It’S a hugely emission, intense business to extract uranium Avenue gases from very dubious countries with very dubious human rights record. You have to build huge factories, energy plants without that takes it out of commission. So it’s not climate-friendly. I just that the network status is a Cheesy mention about building the plants in that kind of think, that’s not really an issue. And that’s how to make an energy transition open nice. Of course it’s not easy to make an energy transition overnight and it tastes.

I’M definitely, but that’s exactly why not every effort has to be put into having renewable energy, and also we should forget about that energy reduction. But it’s wrong thing to now say we will continue on the nuclear pass. A lot of the power plants are pretty old and urethane eat face out and no new ones should be built because that’s taking a totally wrong turn recently from the EU foreign policy chief. Is it Pharrell? Hate upsets a little people recently. I would tease comments that he made in Brussels.

He said young people are seriously committed to fighting climate change. We could go to the greatest in dream. Allow me to tell that he questioned whether young climate activists in Berlin is this an example with me for pets. In love with a standard of living to compensate coat polish minors, he would lose their jobs through the energy transition. Now you greet the greens issued a swift response to an acceptable asking for full explanation. Have you had an explanation? He satisfied with what you’ve heard back.

What he’s sort of apologize for that, and just today, I was indeed putting some questions to him with that regard, I’m still not really happy how he dealt with the whole situation because he expresses there and underestimation so to say off of young people’s commitment, and I Think this is really showing that he doesn’t care about young people. He doesn’t care about your concerns and you just said: okay we’ll go away, we should listen to Young people and I don’t think this is the right way for any policymaker.

Everything will be real costs to the way of life, for particular regions of Europe. Can a people in Europe. This isn’t the real have a. 22 when he says that perhaps people don’t necessarily understand fully the kind of changes that these ambitious goals will entail, and that could be a problem for the future. I think I actually quite aware of what causes climate change and are many Moto, but many of them a very much willing to tackle those. I myself from a coal mining area where we can see firsthand also bought.

It means yes face out of cold. That’S in any case, very important, very necessary, but you also need to make sure that the coal mining areas have a future to look forward to it, because I already know the cold areas are the poorest and their member states are the poorest in Europe. Andorra fanfic send, and that should be the case. That’S why I’m totally supporting the idea of having a destination fun was. It also needs to really make sure that there is a transition and to make sure that the regions are being supported in effort that exists also local.

It make sure that there’s transition towards a bright future, because it’s not so much about a reduction of Lifestyle. This is also part of our life policy to have air that is not polluted, that we don’t live under constant heat waves works on Bledsoe, so very much important for everyone. What area is it said? Everyone thinks about all the time in relation to climate change? Is the foods that we eat the food on our plates? No just a few days ago that we have presentations here at the European Parliament about one proposal and producing a specific kind of emissions at the confirmation for the burps and let’s a emitted by animals that are raised for humans to eat.

At we’ve got to report that accept some of the key ideas: price of meat to fight the climate change. It’S an idea from several Dutch organizations. The customers at this pushes on sure it would be the same. Absolute priority associations have submitted propositions to the EU Parliament to increase the price of a kilo of meat. Today, the average European too much for some environmentalists, then we can realize this agreement Anton Europe recruits reduce 3 % of greenhouse gas emissions by $ 0.10 per 100g by 2022, then by 47 % by 2030 100 grams of beef.

Does he sixth sense with pool and Seventeen cents for chicken that these bushes feel they’re being punished real environment? Okay, I’m not against that. Hitting Artisan butchers like us just have to say that I don’t find it. Some would be given to Farmers to finance a conversion to organic method to develop animal well-being, but this livestock Fama is unconvinced Facebook, which could prove unpopular with consumers. Neptune, French Montana stake out very easily onofre, often anyway, steaks rest, and would you support to try and get the money out of the shop they were buying? This meat switch does contribute to greenhouse gases.

Think we have a big problem with the meat production industry and and maybe actually Frances one of the Lesser problems that regards and because they’re really, I think quality in general produces very important, see when you look at other countries like the Netherlands. We were mentioned, but also in Germany, it’s incredible the sort of low price that you would pay for. A meat switch after all comes from a living being, which is usually raised under warranty circumstances, and we need to do something about his right now.

The public taxpayer, like detectorists our funding meat production in subsidies for users of very low quality meat in Thundurus, and I think that’s changed a lot of people they. They say that you know that the cheat needs is that they can afford. You know that robbed in Germany, for example: that’s why she could have a high percentage of the population. That is what can pull and people are struggling to make ends meat that isn’t a problem which I think we should really tackled by Hyatt having higher wages.

For example, by having extreme low quality of food that is being produced and in really bad circumstance, I think every person has the right to a good, nutritious food and Zack needs to be a possible needs to be provided. But we shouldn’t lower the standards when it comes to the welfare when it comes to environmental Acosta me to the end. Also, with this very low-cost me production, we haven’t. Many countries does having a real effect on the climate ozone by diversity, even on our water supplies.

With all the pollution goes into our Water Resources, so we have to be really careful in making good decisions that we have care policies in place, and everyone knows what the rules are and can follow them just to it. Should the pop symbol, conditionality on the the money? That’S headed out to Farmers, absolutely amazed public money that way it’s pending and that we’re handing out to Farmers – and I think, Farmers extremely important for society’s. But we should be giving public money to public.

But I being done and a lot of farmers are doing a lot of that, for example, when it comes to to landscape grazing, for examples about importance or it to protect him by diversity. We should really support and subsidized those men, and not just those people, have a lot of Haxorus as it currently is the case briefly about the opinions and parked outside of this week on a new free trade agreement between the EU and Viet Nam Nao, the he Uses it off is valuable when you try to obtain CCR paying companies that gets rid of my soul customs duties and includes finding rules on climate change has on human rights to this deal, actually The Binding of rules.

When you look at 8 at our meeting, also binding when it comes to sustainable development, there’s always a specific chapter where the party say they would work for something for labor rights, but in Vietnam the situation, especially not only but also offer rights activists, is terrible. Now the Vietnamese government has been making some small steps in the right direction, but certainly not enough. An order for some people to have a freedom of expression for labor union is but that’s the key example of an international degrade Treaty of the Isle of the international labor organization is a Free Trade Agreement.

That’S a bit far of a trade agreement. Another country is to promote internationally a grade standards. I mean it’s also, not something that we would tell other countries arbitrarily to do is an international organization where everyone has a tier two countries that we did. We do trade deals with make sure that the goose that they want you to exports to the European Union are not produced under a circumstances where human rights are, for example, not adhere to all the question of time lemon. You commission says they want to focus on time action very good, but on the other hand, we make trade deals that are really undermining any climate article.

One last word about brexit UK gone from the EU vat Sesame not forgotten just a few days ago. The Scottish first Minister Nicola sturgeon Scotland’s to bleed the UK and rejoin the EU as an independent nation. Now you’ve expressed support for that’s in the past. However, on the current UK laws, it is the Westminster government, the central government, that has to say yes to a referendum being held on Scottish independence horse Johnson is not giving that yes at this point, would you slide with Nicola sturgeon if she went ahead with the Votes, I mean, of course, it’s up for the Scots to decide for everyone, Scotland, to decide which future they want to have what I, what I want to say is that if they, where she decides to go independent, then everyone in your in the European Union should Do everything they can in order to allow a smooth transition back to the Europe Union? I do think there’s a strong case to say that Boris Johnson should really allow this referendum, and it has happened before situation has very much changed.

We shouldn’t forget the large majority of Scotland vote to remain in the Europe Union, but again it’s up for the everyone living in Scotland to decide what the future should be all right.
As activist Greta Thunberg focuses minds on climate and environmental concerns, FRANCE 24 interviews top Green MEP Ska Keller. The president of the Group of the Greens bloc at the European Parliament tells us why she believes that member states’ national governments are the biggest obstacle to climate action. She also explains why she thinks Boris Johnson should rethink his opposition to a Scottish independence referendum, and why it’s a “no” to nuclear as the continent signs up to ambitious goals on fighting climate change.

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