Google and EU battle in court over €2.4 billion anti-trust fine

By | February 16, 2020

Google and EU battle in court over €2.4 billion anti-trust fine
Google and EU battle in court over €2.4 billion anti-trust fine
Yeah I mean this is the case that being closely watched, not just here in the European commission been around the world and particularly in Silicon Valley in the United States, because the outcome here will really affect how commission goes forward when it’s thinking about how to regulate The tech industry now Margaret Vesicare, you saw in that package she’s been competition, Commissioner of her six years now, and she has a record of going after two companies and she’s shown that she hasn’t tight to take on more.

But the commission has been waiting to see how that use topcor feels about their strategy. This is going to be the first indication of how those judges view the commission’s legal strategy here on the soundness of the arguments. Now this is a case. That’S almost 10 years old and it’s our concerns. The advertising on a Google search result when people were looking for a product that Google would allegedly send them to their own shopping service, which used to be called Frugal than Google shopping at Google says that if that happened, it was an accidental result of their algorithm.

The commission says it was on purpose: that’s going to be the heart of the arguments over the next couple of days and what we’ll see when the court eventually comes out with his ruling. I will not be for some time, but they will indicate whether or not they think this is a sound legal strategy from the commission. If they do, it’s going to really bolster the commission and the people in the technological Department of the competition Department here at the European Commission, Boulder to go effing go after the US tech Giant’s more.

If the judges smack it down, then they’re going to have to adjust Ratatouille, either back off or perhaps pursue of legislative strategy rather than a strategy through the courts should so light in the United States. These days, it’s All Eyez on Europe to a test the waters on this and many parking back to win the EU arranging Microsoft in the 9th 90s yeah exactly. This has been the commission’s argument, which they’ll tell you kind of behind-the-scenes. I don’t like to say this too much publicly, but they see themselves as filling a regulatory vacuum, hear that the United states allowing a really laissez-faire approach with the type companies allowing them to do whatever they want to eat.

You saying not so fast but of course that hinges around an actual tangible results, because if the commission just keeps final all of these companies, don’t because the US isn’t. Is that really delivering a value for consumers and in the arguments today, Google’s lawyers were saying: no. Actually, this almost would have had to make us shutdown these types of services and, in fact, they’ve they’ve, pointed to other online marketplaces, most notably Amazon, which are doing just fine these days and so they’re arguing look.

The commission is cherry-picked some online marketplaces that lost business after they using the search results having a 2008 but really they’re, just picking a few that did badly what about all these that did well. So the central argument here is going to be over whether this really benefits the consumer, which of course is the whole point of competition, and that would be a for the judges to decide.
Google and the EU battled in court Wednesday as the search engine giant tried to persuade judges that it was unfairly accused of ill-treating rivals of its Shopping service.

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