Good Times with Salatiel, as Cameroonian Crooner Heads Out on European Tour

By | February 14, 2020

Good Times with Salatiel, as Cameroonian Crooner Heads Out on European Tour
Good Times with Salatiel, as Cameroonian Crooner Heads Out on European Tour
Welcome to across Africa our weekly Roundup of stories from across the continent and Georgia, Calvin Smith and coming up a French appeal court, fines, Theodore and obiang Equatorial Guinea. President 30 million euros. The plundering State conference to take the phones cause in mansions. Influence of the struggle is he that is where the first protest began in 2018, that led to the revolution that toppled longtime leader, Omar al-Bashir and musical all-rounder Selassie. I speak to me ahead of his first European tour, the cameroonian crooners longer to hit with fans that was catapulted onto the international stage.

Beyonce and Farrah lost yeah. We talked about his plans going forward, but first the sign of Equatorial Guinea president was given a 30 million. You refine the passcode on Monday for plundering from State conference to pay luxury lifestyle. Nick Lachey man tells us more opposition supporters. He came to the Paris Court. I’M like his car vice president, tell Doreen of young on Monday of John was handed a 30 million euro fine on top of a suspended jail time and the confiscation of his assets for embezzling public funds is Laura, did not respond to our calls.

Defense lawyer is called historic verdict if it’s a major signal to those who believe in impunity, and he want to organize and maintain a system to steal public in Africa and elsewhere. Off the population of his country below the poverty line was accused of having use public funds to buy. Among other things I mentioned in one of paris’s, most expensive districts. He has lost an appeal with the international court of justice, arguing the Mansion as a diplomatic building and should not be seized. It’S fate will be decided by the international Court, since the trial started will be on Whose name for his lavish lifestyle regularly posted pictures of himself on the outside in front of luxury cars at 10 months.

How to share the Sydney Opera has changed immensely. It was where the first read protons began in 2018. Is that the ball rolling for the revolution that erupted lost April 24th team in the ground tells us more. America was one of the first to take to the streets. It was here in the market that students protested after the price of bread tripled at their University cafeteria people with suffering from the economic crisis caused by the policies of the previous regime. This prevented us from having enough money to have a normal life and because the citizens of bed for a politically engaged, we were bailed and brought about the change that have made us so proud.

Today, the city has been visibly changed. The walls are covered by the murals of the Revolution, and young people no longer keep their political, I as to themselves numeric joints friends to celebrate the memory of the martyrs of the protest. They’Re still fighting to bring about their ultimate demand. Democracy changing and I have no other option than to continue the fight – should push the country to achieve the goals of the Opera is known for its power labor unions, including the Railway Union, which have been marginalized by al-Bashir.

He feared that the resistance would come from the city. This man overseas operas Health Services. Everything is different for him, since the dictator’s fall we’re not working together in harmony. There is a good coordination with cartoon in 20 years of service. I have never seen this. For example, for all the information we asked for, we get a response: Ciara has given Opera a taste of freedom, but the transition is far from over and for now the military still sits at the head of the Sovereign transitional Council consonant for a while.

Now, attracting a more widely International following has he collaborated with Pharrell and Beyonce on a track on queen bees Lion King album last year? Remember this yeah baby, oh baby, Eva Charlie, on his first European tour, which will take take him to Belgium, its Rihanna coolest hair. In France – and he has graciously popped in to see us ahead of that project becoming in, thank you for helping me so Festival. So much attention was kind of directed towards you from outside of Africa because of your collaboration with Beyonce in the 2019.

Well, like you said so much attention from outside of Cameroon. You know I’ve been doing a lot of work and Cameroon doing a lot of work, and I just in Cameroon, French, Africa and some other parts of Africa, but then Nam. It’S like I’m a Floodgate. You know like a dog broke up and then. , It’s been a good feeling. You know to be able to describe my music and across the world a production company called alphabet alphabet to balance the requirements of being a producer with in a performing yourself right now, I’m on the road, Newport or, and I’m doing my production mostly on the road.

You know having my mobile studio session and I was trained for this. You know it’s been years of doing this and it was all part of the plan. You not build up a system and dog make cameroonian music and other cameroonian artist. That looked up to me for working there for musical compositions and all of that. Dave get to stand that don’t need before I move out. You know, and a 2019 was that when I was like okay guys, I’ve been working. You know I’ve been in here. I’Ve been locked on my part, you know, and right now I’m continuing to do that part, but it’s not going to be a full time like I was doing a in the past.

I’Ve been releasing you always, but I’ve never been really out there talkin to Media meeting people doing shows and torian connecting with other people, and I think it’s the time for me to do it, I’m not doing it for myself. I’M doing this for myself and the rest of the people that look up to me Hue Bridge the the the needs before your Frankford audiences. I know anglophone audiences, both in terms of how you write and create I’m in terms of how you perform well, it’s it’s always for me. I see Ascend advantage and if you don’t handle it well, it could be a really.

You just did a disadvantage. I, like my my spirit, speaking of songs, sometimes and in French, some uncommon, English, but most of songs, which we do and when I say we I mean me and a lot of other artists that I work with some of the top artists in Cameroon. We do French and English without transition, and I mean you could be speaking fridge and you hear the song. You understand how you could be speaking English and you hear – and you still understand this song – Sometimes that are mostly French. Some songs, like I got your, which is almost completely English and I’m just a free spirit.

I believe music is the universal language to your current tour. It’S a fast one you’re either you started it relatively recently. Have you seen any difference in times of your reception from audiences in urine? No, I think it’s best to save. You know the English-speaking crowd in you Bible, the English. We can scratch Facebook in Crouch. If I would have friends, we can crowd India language. You know. That’S why I say that’s where it really becomes a real Advantage. You know you’re able to I’m able to collaborate with artist an appeal to French public at the same time and go to English-speaking public Indian languages and sometimes just play around.

You no go to Nigerian sing a song in French and the Android. It’S more an advantage and that’s it works for me. We know that if anyone is coming up in March or March backdate also, you are I’ve. Come inside of this European tour ahead of the release of a new album. I understand Africa Representatives, the album you know. I’ve been working on this album since 2013 and was just waiting for the right time, at least like I said, I’ve been in the studio working and Africa Representatives really going to be that album.

That is going to sell African music. I just afrobeats, because I am freaking music goes beyond the afrobeat. You know this African music, the different kinds of music, different tribes and different, I’m coming from a country that is really really diverse in terms of culture. I want to represent Africa and all the album is going to have a lot of huge collaborations from around Africa. You know from Nigeria from Ghana been to Nigeria, Ghana, working with some artists. What can we surmise it in South Africa working even with sauti Sol from Kenya? You know, Palacio.

Sounds really really exciting and you have one big single that from the album that you’re really going to be a lot during a drink lights off the brake lights, ESI. What good sign something different, something to nice De Pere we’re coming into fear! Thank you. So much for doing the town across Africa do so again, if you can add her to try and catch flat tail on March 14th, hair in Paris, if you can take it.
Musical allrounder Salatiel is in Paris on his first European tour. The Cameroonian crooner’s long been a hit with fans at home but was catapulted onto the international stage after he collaborated with Beyonce and Pharell last year.Also, a French appeal court fines Teodorin Obiang, Equatorial Guinea’s Vice-President 30 million euros for plundering state coffers to pay for fast cars and mansions in France. 

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