Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 5

By | February 16, 2020

Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 5
Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 5
Is a company Retreat coming up in Cancun, Mexico all-expenses-paid Travis is going with Mimi Travis is friends have gone ahead few days before Travis was supposed to fly out once they get to Cancun. They keep calling Travis, but it’s very strange. They can’t reach Travis his phone. Just kept going to voicemail, so we kept trying to call again again and I’ll just send a voicemail was full at the same time. Mimi is getting concerned because they’re supposed to leave to Mexico the next day by June 9th.

It is been 5 days since any of Travis’s friends of heard from him a few of Travis’s friends, including me to go to Travis’s house they not but nobody’s answering the door. They call another friend and get the garage code Travis’s rented out bedrooms in the house. So he’s got two roommates may hear music on in Zach’s room, who is one of Travis’s roommates and they asked him. Have you seen or heard from crafts, and no he’s Mexico and Mimi said he’s not in Mexico? I’M supposed to go with him to Mexico tomorrow.

So that roommate gets the key to Travis’s bedroom when I first cast open the doors from the master bedroom. There’S the smell this horrendous, foul odor, something that appears to be rotting disconnect here for the worst. I open the door and immediately soon, as I opened, that there was a puddle of blood on the carpet and so as soon as I saw that I walked in walked past it. I look down the hallway to his bathroom and saw can see the blood all over the ground all over the walls as he turns the corner.

He spots, Travis curled up in the shower and he’s clearly dead and has been dead for several days. The friends, friends exit the bedroom and call nine-one-one, I can give you the phone to someone who went in there van Flores arrived on the scene. The first thing that I was the amount of blood all over all over floors sinks. The wall even saw some on the seal on the Windows. There was everywhere. First thing I thought was there was a major struggle in here. He struggled with somebody. I thought, maybe even two people at that point.

My personification was that it was deeply personal at that point. Somebody if somebody wanted him that it wasn’t as though it was a burglary. It was somebody wanted to make sure that he was dead. He was slaughtered. Are the police had ever sane? Travis was stabbed multiple times. We begin to count as many as we could at that point and we had to stop. There was just too many deep I mean his throat was cut from ear-to-ear. It was hard to deal with it when you know your roll him over several wounds on his back in a tight cluster.

I knew this guy was almost motionless at that point and just stabbing him in the back he’ll ever murdered. This man was standing inches away from him when it happened and as he crawled or staggered and tried to scape, they followed him. This was personal, it was three or four in the morning the phone rings. It was a colleague and he said, T Dogg’s dad and I remember just saying almost like howling and I like no, no, no, no, no, my gosh. . How did this happen? Viking feel anything. I was sitting in the room by myself and it hit me to Travis was gone.

Detective spent a total of three days at that house. Processing the crime scene, it they’re looking for fibers fingerprint footprint hairs, they’re looking for anything they can find, can help them reconstruct the crime. What happened wasn’t all couple: everybody was there because we had a whodunit gun. It wasn’t until the first morning that I happened to look down and on the blood-stained tile and – and I realized it was a shiny – little object there and it was a small bullet casing that was interesting to us, because body really couldn’t tell because of the mummification.

Whether or not a person has been shot, he had been murdered at least three times over 27 stab wounds, his neck sliced top it off he was is ahead. This was Overkill to the extreme investigators find on the wall leading to the bathroom a bloody palm print straight long brown hairs are found on the bathroom floor and some stuck to the wall. The sheets had been removed from the mattress quite bizarre, Travis Alexander’s killer, decided to wash the sheets cops, make their way to the washing machine through the laundry room was on the washing machine and it was a slight little red stain just happened to lift the lid Of the washing machine and lo and behold there so camera inside the washing machine was extremely unusual.

Computer forensic investigator and called me up and said: you’re, not gon na believe what I just found case. Hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel. If you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage put on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts.
Travis Alexander’s friends recall finding out he had been killed: Part 5

Police said Alexander was stabbed multiple times and shot in the head. They also found a camera in a washing machine that led them to their chief suspect.


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