Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 3

By | February 16, 2020

Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 3
Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 3
I love him so greatly that my love is bigger than even I can grasp. It feels me and explode through me did Travis beyond belief. They were dating long-distance and Jody was going to a lot of work for this relationship. Jodi desperately wanted not just to be Travis’s girlfriend. She wanted me Travis’s, Beyonce and Travis’s wife, Travis’s friend, didn’t Embrace Jodi the same way. Travis did they saw her a little differently as they get to know her better. They get more and more creeped out by her behavior, I’m very very early on.

She was completely obsessed with him. I started seeing things that we’re just disturbing. You know her following him to the bathroom and standing outside the door without him knowing or eavesdropping on his conversations freaking out. If he was out of her sight, she went through a cell phone on multiple occasions. She went through his emails. She went through his Facebook. She went on his email and forward it every email message to or from a woman to herself where she said that she was getting these messages from some strange man who says that he watches her.

It was like Jodi you’re, so beautiful you’re, so amazing Travis doesn’t deserve you, Travis lives in Mesa and you live in California and he’s too far away. He can’t protect you and I know where you live and I’m laughing at this point. This is serious. She’S very scared, and I said Travis she wrote the email she wants you to ask her to move to Arizona. I said this is fake, like she made this up, we finally decide like Kristen are like okay. This is looks like there’s something wrong with her and saw her like hey, let’s chat so Sky Travis and myself were all sitting on my bed worried about with her, and I said, she’s scary there’s something wrong with her.

We started to tell him how we think she’s not only not good for him but she’s dangerous. He said you know why she’s so good, like you, don’t know so good she’s, so sweet. She doesn’t have anybody else like. I really like her and I said, Travis, I’m afraid we’re going to find you chopped up in her freezer and all the sudden. I got this cold feeling over man. I knew she was, but our door and I’m out to them and pointed the door. I said she’s out there. Travis was like no way and Travis and rips the door and she’s there in the look on her face was just it was evil.

There was a rage in her eyes, so sky are very frightened Point. She might burn down her house, you know what all of us in it, and I said I don’t want her at our house anymore and he said I agree. She and I went into the study and I said I’m not comfortable with you in my house. I said you’re obsessed with him Joe I’m telling her your behavior is out of control. There’S something wrong with you and no changing expression until she says to me, are you going to tell him not to date me, and I said I already did and she starts crying Travis and Jodi continue seeing each other for another couple months until finally, it’s over Travis, head begin to see things and Jody that he just wasn’t happy with the obsession and everything out he told her.

You know I don’t want to be together with you anymore. This isn’t going anywhere within weeks of them. Breaking up. Jodi does the unthinkable to any guy who’s, trying to break up with a woman super stuff and moved to Mesa Arizona to be closer to him. That’S pretty weird right! I don’t ever want to see you again and then she moves across the country and into your town the same things like you know. You have no reason to be in Mesa weather we’re not going to be together. Why can’t you leave me alone? I just remember thinking: that’s bananas, that’s crazy with her! So close, he couldn’t stay away from her Travis, told friends.

If Jody would show up unannounced at his house that she would sneak in through the garage door because she knew the code and at one point she even snuck in through the doggie door and sometimes Travis will be angry and other times he would jump into bed. Right with her and they would have sex, it was very much mutual thing. He was sending these little like code text. Messages like like these. . . , Which meant I’m getting sleepy coast, is clear. Companies left day of work is done come on over. Maybe I should have been more disciplined, but it took was a text message and I said alright I’ll be right there when I went didn’t, have a family at this point.

Travis has been dating a couple Mormon girls from the church, but he is comes most infatuated with a girl named Lisa and scare her off she made Lisa’s life horrible. She would knock on her door and run away. She would not have the windows. It’S believed that Jody / Travis’s not once but on two consecutive nights when Travis was at Lisa’s house. So this point Lisas scared, and so she asked Travis to stay. The night and Travis like on the couch and Lisa slept in her room and the next morning. Lisa woke up to an please.

Let me see if the note with heavy religious language, saying that, if you ever lay with this man again God will punish you. Your heavenly father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you committed with this Insidious. Man, when’s obviously knew this came from Jody, but it was Anonymous, so there was never any proof of it when he confronts her. She denies everything being in love anymore. For Jody, this is a complete Obsession. Travis has become Jody’s, sole Focus, definitely a Fatal Attraction here.

He makes me sick and he makes me happy. He makes me sad and miserable, and he makes me feel uplifted and beautiful the further she sunk in this relationship, the more pressure grew and actually had talked about taking her own life, and it’s honestly contemplating suicide. This afternoon I want nothing more than to end it all. Eight months, Travis convinces Jodie to move back to California, promesa she’s. Finally, just picked up and went back home to her parents and grandparents. It just became obvious a time that we needed to be a part of any.

Do they grow apart. I was excited and Travis was excited. He said I’m getting my life back like this is a whole new start. She’S gone. This was supposed to be a new beginning for both of them. She goes back to California, but it’s definitely George Stephanopoulos. Here, thanks for checking out the ABC News, YouTube channel, if you’d like to get more video, show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News after breaking news alerts.

Travis Alexander’s friends say Jodi Arias was ‘scary’ and ‘obsessed’ with him: Part 3

Alexander’s friends said Arias would go through his phone, social media and emails, and that after they broke up, she moved close to him and tried to scare off his new love interest.


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