God save the pub: Britons rally to rescue local watering holes | AFP

By | February 16, 2020

God save the pub: Britons rally to rescue local watering holes | AFP
God save the pub: Britons rally to rescue local watering holes | AFP
The traditional British pub may seem an unchanging part of the landscape, but after more than a century in business, yield cross. In writing. Northern England closed in 2018, rather than lose their Village institution, local residents, Club. save it and it working hard to improve it, be raised enough money to buy the building, but not much more than that. So we decided that we would try and do as much of the word ourselves as code, that putting in a new ball and lift it opens a bucket trying to the decision more than a quarter of Britain’s pubs.

Close since 2001. License regulars invested 250,000 pounds to become shareholders start receiving dividends, but it’s more about the social side. The money never had any free with young people drinking less than they used to eat the puppies, also Reinventing itself in other ways becoming a community hub for yoga book clubs missing and other activities can you straighten is a community pop, the village together in some ways, People somewhere to go, and not just use it as a place to drink films here, do yoga.

The Papas all together is increasingly popular with more than a hundred UK pubs Now using it so far, older than that man should stay in business with the traditional commercial model has failed.
Pubs have been closing their doors in large numbers across the UK in recent years, with property prices, taxes and a decline in drinking among the young all contributing to the trend. But some pubs like Ye Olde Cross in Yorkshire are reinventing themselves, becoming community-owned social hubs which offer new services. N°1OY20BN°1P009PN°1P02PJ

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