Giannis: Strategy was to get the ball to whoever Harden was guarding | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend

By | February 17, 2020

Giannis: Strategy was to get the ball to whoever Harden was guarding | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend
Giannis: Strategy was to get the ball to whoever Harden was guarding | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend
Composite going Christian, Winfield New York daily news just give him the road it took for you to get to this point in your career. What did it mean for you to go out there and have the game that you had tonight? We just wanted to be competitive. That’S always Pokemon know how to use but yeah. It’S always a blessing and honor to get here and I’ll come a long way in my career and it’s my fault all star. So I’m blessed talk us through the behind-the-back to MB to run with the windmill. Did you think that’s what that was what he was going to do out there park on the far right third row: Marc Spears, ESPN’s, undefeated Giannis, so about yesterday being on the same stage with a pleasant Obama? What did you get from that experience in and what was the biggest thing? You learned, obviously Barack Obama guys going to Stage Chris Paul was there with me and Kevin Love? Was there? You know we just there to like share our stories.

Community. I will be about to do today, Community for the community, and obviously Chris Paul’s been in the league for 1560 years. Kevin Love the same house yet to learn from them and what I’ve heard you know, because I’m a private guy on like shedding a lot of what I do, how I spend my time. But what I learned from is that you know in order for you to change people’s life and make it change and Hope we can change in him. You know photo that I passed, you got to be able to do more public. So that’s what he told me and they’ve had the conversation.

Give me a lot of advice about my my son, but it was, she was a great experience was great being next bra mama and I obviously came 11 now Chris Paul’s NBC Sports Boston, very different for both of you on this format. And would you like to see this type of format going for it when you left? It was great, that’s what anybody want to see. I want to see a competitive game and that’s what it was before. So hopefully you keep it gone. This has been the most All-Star he’s been a part of an ax and why he told me, because you guys was really competitive.

You guys were playing to win and you know I’m seeing Giannis play hard, especially in the fourth quarter. You know the difference got tired of guys with hating one another. Every position counts. It was kind of a little bit of players protest, the other. So I hope they can keep the same phone a lot of years and I think they will have to find me at the phone. So that’s what it’s all about, Michael here on the left side of the aisle you to have your brother’s Pascal siakam. In the only be on his team – and you know, picking them is at Heritage, and what was it like to share the floor with them or message? You think it sends to the world about.

The talent from the continent obviously meant a lot to me over City from Africa by my job. I also, but I don’t know if he claims he’s African side. You know he said he’s half African but no k. Obviously you know. Africans are really hard hard working people play the guitar jail in the past. I love playing with them. I know another bag Mark all over the facts. com I Reggae on the back. Just you and Jason had talked for two weeks about potentially matching up for possession during this. What was it like when that actually happened? And what did you say to him after you got to stop? I lock them up.

I got someone, but it was cool man. That’S my little brother, both of us switch on a lot of guys make out of place that way, but then offensive that you are going to block you. Take me through the last couple minutes on both sides. Oh yeah, they were, they were trying to like Magnolia the small gas station LeBron because they knew they were switching me know. Coach Nick nurse told me to Accenture the mill, so you cannot go to the screen. That’S what I tried to do it to you. No find whoever it was guarding, you know, that’s what who is that you don’t have to pretend just go around and obviously you cannot.

You cannot go wrong. You know came back out everybody’s good players, you know whoever has the boys going to make a play, for you know the guy next to him and I’ll be good, because you know we all have great players towards the back on the right side of the aisle. If you’re comfortable, sharing LeBron James have said that you can kind of feel Kobe’s presence here, throw the pregame and the ceremony as well. What did this day and games knee feel like for you, and especially with that type of compete that you would see and Kobe Bryant? I agree with him and I was definitely do we definitely felt his presence.

No growing up watching Kobe knows games. I feel like he was always competitive. He was kind of the one who got the game going and I think we we kept at going tonight. I think he he he definitely would have loved to watch the way we went out there and competed tonight. You know over the years the All-Star game has been a game where no, it just hasn’t been asking positive as know probably the fans would like, but tonight it definitely wasn’t got to keep that going. How proud are you of the way that Milwaukee was represented this weekend, knowing that, just a few years ago, you guys won 15 games with Pat bingo? I think we did a great job.

Just representing Milwaukee. North family is also a few years ago, be in 15 games and now everyone’s best teams in the lake. So we just got to keep going just got to put our heads down, stay humble and you know just keep going. You know obviously enjoy the journey, but we got a long way to go standing in the background Sports Illustrated a few years ago. Kobe challenge you to win an MVP. You went and did it now, you’re an all-star game, all-star game team captain how you continue to carry on his legacy, I’m just what are we doing today, one which is better be humble.

You know help my teammates be great brother day. I think the most boring things get better whenever I have a chance to go out there just play with the you know when you do that. Take care of yourself last two questions in the background on the right side: Leslie wasn’t entire 4th quarter. At the end, there is that something that you expected coming into a game like this and then what was it like being in that moment, I wasn’t expecting it all began, got to close in and I wanted to be out there I wanted to compete.

I knew down the stretch, they would get serious like that and I want to be a part of it, so it was cool the moment from complex. Yesterday. You said that the dunk contest last night was the best dunk contest you had ever seen. You had been in the dunk contest, Dunk Contest once before, I’m wondering if you would ever entertained the idea of returning to the dunk contest. No, no, there’s no way. I can compete with the guys that was in the doctor’s yesterday no way, but you know why. I said that I think because somebody was dropping over and every donkey was the first time we’ve seen a dog like that, like we can go through every dunk.

There’S. Never been a dunk in the dark tourist show yesterday the previous years and see what’s gone crazy because, like you know what I realize that even the pet jump over the Christian Yelich into the 45 years, if you jump over somebody, you know that’s what it was.
2020 ASG Highlights:
Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kemba Walker take questions from the media after the 2020 NBA All-Star Game. They both talk about the new format and Giannis reveals his team’s fourth-quarter strategy, (5:31) saying they were trying to find whoever James Harden was guarding.

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