Giannis: Kobe’s mentorship, being a tired new dad & the NBA missing Steph Curry | 2020 NBA All-Star

By | February 16, 2020

Giannis: Kobe’s mentorship, being a tired new dad & the NBA missing Steph Curry | 2020 NBA All-Star
Giannis: Kobe’s mentorship, being a tired new dad & the NBA missing Steph Curry | 2020 NBA All-Star
For my major makes you play hard to make sure I want to compete against one another, it’s Curry of the golden to win and I mix it way more competitive 24in, the number to the Big Island – and you know I wouldn’t want it any different way. I represented Colby and Gigi in tomorrow’s night game. I just try to stay humble. Do whatever it takes to win, and I hope you know Miley 7th, Ave, Fort Lauderdale guys before me. You know Paul Hogan, show Valentino believe Tony Parker Toni kukoc, the guy that threw me in the last few years in the regular season and playoffs the guy that you know told me that whenever I need something I could just reach out to him and he was Always there for me, probably the whole generation age I own and no was one of those guys that did not get back to the game.

So much get back to the players, a lot of people when they’re so great. They don’t do that. You know – and it was your quote – that they said that Talent is worthless if you’re not willing to share right, and he was one of those guys that was said, he’s traveling with us and he’s yeah. I need to be alone season of exhaust game. You want to have fun, but at the end of the day you play against guys that you might meet in the playoffs. So you going to try to have fun. But I’m just going to say it.

If you know – and I’m just going to go out there and get a win, what’s a game win 303 so far, but I do know that guy just keep a smile on my face because we, the people, I’m blue season anyway, he can 589 Chicago. Who said that the owner said that a basketball video, obviously you want to meet as many games as possible, but do you know I’ve always to win the whole thing? So you know Ava sleep. . I said you want to win every game. We can focus. We cannot lose track of actually go. We just get better everyday, keep learning everyday and win the Jose so far.

I haven’t had enough time to enjoy this March. I just I came last night. I woke up early this morning right now. I think so far balls in the economy hit me that this will be my fourth year win the All-Star game. So you know it’s been, it’s been a long journey and hopefully we can keep going. So you know now that I have a baby or I kind of feel sleepy sleep. You know obviously you’re in a good place. You know when you have a baby’s, you know better than I can ever happen to. You is the biggest blessing, like you know, being a life into this world.

Usually, when I’m happy, I play well I’ll say that I’m a couch potato off the cord, that’s one of my skills and I just tried to I just got to chill and watch as much TV as I can. Probably one of my skills are no thank you. That’S that’s far away from now. I’M just I just got to be in the moment myocardial when that opportunity presents itself and Mabel to represent my country and with my brother and and I’m good, I’m healthy and the give me the opportunity ever said. My my car qualify to the Olympics.

What is the temperature in major Talent, amazing player? The game is different. Without him blame me not what they want him to be healthy, but you know you just make it to wait. Wait time for the rest of the league, but I’m happy that you called me back healthy and have been going to be able to win some games today. That’S amazing, Stewie know I’ve been telling them that we can play it to know glad that showcase to tell him. I said that you know, I know, I know it’s going to happen and you not be happy that was able to execute it with Nike MSI laptop, Troy keymod.

I hope that talk tomorrow of the Court, who I am of the Court, what I’ve done for the community, what I’ve done for my family – and I don’t care about you – know if you’re going to talk about Championship MVP to know that I just want people connected To this PC that kid that did not supposed to be here, he worked his butt off and he made it happen. So you know protection stream, protected ideas, and I just want you to the Next Generation. You know I was a hardworking, that’s it! Thank you.

What happened? What I will propose that I didn’t know I didn’t know yes, can I get like a like a separate? Actually real? Can you play so many games and right now play all know, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people in the league. Explain to me what that is because he last ate 9. It doesn’t make it rain. So I thought this guy’s is an unbelievable is that we were playing and he he was a New York, but he went to human to watch the Brooklyn game, Dodger game. I’M going to Brooklyn game and I was like, like your Kobe Bryant like you, don’t have to say nothing to me like you, don’t even have to talk to me like he knows why he was special, so that was my moment to remember.

So he he just asked me why I chose this team came out with so my whole life chasing Tina Bieber and make the playoffs in the NBA, like I’m always chasing so I’ll pick. The guys that did seem to like me, say you’re not going to be a good GM, but that he picked was a choice that you can go wrong with 24 24 best plays today in the world right now, but that’s what’s right me. I want to play with the best I want to beat the best. That’S what I do is so that’s why I told my team and my team to go be good.

We going to get it when tomorrow, probably the oldest truck, even like this. That’S that’s! What types of mine Lexia Core 5 Med X give them is that protect your dreams? Man protect your ideas. You know, there’s going to be people in there. That’S that’s! That’S silly toggle happen. You never be able to make that you know. I had that whatever you have in your mind, if you put the timing and you focusing everyday, you wake up, that’s what you’re all about make it happen and always protected, always protect your dream, always protect your ideas.

That’S why I go with 8 9mm magazine the game. That’S amazing! The game is growing. So much as the game is global. I think in the future to probably be going to be $ 12, maybe $ 14 American to show my salad, no outside the USA. You know guys say that you know lead the way for us and we were just trying to follow me know and I’ll be. Hopefully we can do that for the next generation for the next International place, to see that it’s capable to be started like Lucas is all I see is that came from Africa that everything’s capable, if you know believe in you know, if I’m still all star one Day that can happen and we could play war that gives the u.

s. not be nice, the game, the game and see if it’s so slow. Now you got the got to be really really really smart, like those guys in people hardest places that got to roll harder. They got a passable, but you know that it’s so hard music by Bon Jovi. , So we got Real Madrid.
Milwaukee Bucks leader and All-Star Captain Giannis Antetokounmpo field questions about Kobe Bryant’s mentorship, the new NBA All-Star Game format, Golden State Warriors PG Stephen Curry being sidelined with a hand injury, being a tired new dad to son Liam and more at All-Star Media Day 2020.
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