Gerrit Cole’s record-setting contract with Yankees | MLB Winter Meetings | Baseball Tonight

By | December 11, 2019

Gerrit Cole’s record-setting contract with Yankees | MLB Winter Meetings | Baseball Tonight
Gerrit Cole’s record-setting contract with Yankees | MLB Winter Meetings | Baseball Tonight
Around displays in a Flash on the screen, Gerrit Cole, goes to the New York Yankees, the eye-popping number for some people with 224 million dollars. Entire years was a big deal because it has decades we’re talkin. The Advent of free agency sent a picture got that many years on a deal, but Caracol deserves it sold and when Stephen Strasburg 1 years old got a seven-year deal, you knew that Gerrit Cole was going to be pushing for those nine years. It’S the combination of the term and the dollars that gets me. It’S one thing to have 90, it’s another thing to have 36 million dollars a year. It’S something special to have Bo, pretty unbelievable at Bucks versus Yankees, obviously felony LCS last year’s Kevin Gates to the Astros Los Angeles Dodgers, made an offer for 300 million dollars. They knew that was where they had to beat the Los Angeles Angels we’re right. Around 300 million dollars they were playing in a particular territory, but what it came down to a New York Yankee and I think the Yankees bumped up that offer toward the end in order to really make him feel like he’s some Who belongs in the pinstripe. It’S a lot of years, I presume in European this puts the Yankees back on top and some sort of World Series speculation. Where do you have them now? It says their lineup as long as the rotation after DD? How can they not be? How can I not remember we talked about this this show yesterday. Somebody screen grabbed it and put it up on Twitter me pointing to that camera saying. Gerrit Cole is going to be a Yankee, because there is a limited window in baseball these days for teams to go out and win. You cannot have a Five-Year Plan anymore. You know what A Five-Year Plan oops. Luis Severino long-term contract, Masahiro Tanaka free agent after next season, James Paxton after next season, Aaron judge reagent. In a few years, gleyber Torres they’ve got for a little while Gary Sanchez free agent a couple years. If you’re planning a half decade down the road to be winning championships with a cord that you’ve got right now, you’re not playing correctly – and I think it’s Brian Cashman showed yesterday – he is no fool, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he got the Mandate from Up top with how Steinbrenner saying to him go, get me Gerrit Cole and that’s exact, but they did Clinton. Yates Jeff passan Baseball Tonight live from the winter reading. Showing is now restaurant. Next to you, Michael Fishman, everybody was there conformation, absolutely after boss and one of the guys you know. I love the narrative that Gerrit Cole wanted to stay on the west coast because he’s right, I said this from he could win with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Matt culture has been there, but is there any culture in american professional sports wear winning is as Paramount As it is with the New York Yankees, people wanted to knock him for how that ended. Poorly I stay with the Astros win. It showed to me a competitor better. Can New York make him because Gerrit Cole is the kind of guy who got out of an environment like Pittsburgh, went to a place with the Houston Astros, where the expectation was not just to win but to go win World Series and run into the best version Of himself, obviously, he could do this year he’s not even close after stumbling stepping into Derek Jeter Shoes by the proverbial really soft, I’m replacing a guy. With that makeup they make up the Yankees. That was a guy workouts Brett Gardner will be back for Aaron Hicks. His Tommy, John, maybe Vuitton, says maybe not we’ll see it isn’t, but I mean that’s open that top for starting rotation, also about the Yankees I’ll, be honest: Didi Gregorius, a good player gleyber Torres better player to shortstop, DJ lemahieu, who is a gold glove I’d over To second base, they need a left-handed hitter somewhere in that line, if the worst thing about the New York Yankees that they’re not left-handed enough bad as the first world. This problem I have ever seen – and I’ve been writing about baseball for 15 years right now. Right now we talked to him yesterday on the program update, will just update what we talked about. You set up a couple different scenarios or what the Halo is needed to do. What are the chips fell, not in their favor? Where do you think I put the Angels right now for the NFL? There is no number one starting pitcher last night in free agency. I don’t see a number one starting pitcher materializing in the trade market I mean the closest thing you might get is Corey kluber and Corey. Kluber Corey kluber is coming off of pretty bad in the worst season of his career and it’s going to cost a lot to get him to go back to what I said yesterday have to take risk, and so maybe it means someone like Corey kluber. Maybe it means somebody like you Darvish, for you compare that with a willson Contreras, because they need catching help. Something like that. But I think the point is there: they have all this money to spend, stop money in their budget to give Gerrit Cole a pretty reasonable contract with relatively visible contract. Then they freed up at exit 13 million dollars by draining Zack Cozart. They have a bunch of money to spend. I just think, don’t think they’re obvious way to spend it and what happened when you get in that situation, where you think maybe you’re closer than you are, and you don’t know where to go with it. That’S when you start doing things are a little bit irresponsible. That’S when you start setting your franchise back even more than it was so it’s going to be really interesting to see what they I hear, they’re motivated to do stuff. I just don’t know what it is. Actually go check out his story break down some of the different permutations that could go through Hardy Marino has shown in the past that, if he’s willing to spend money, it’s usually more geared towards position, players and I’ll. Take you back to the winter meetings of 2012. There was a thought that they were going to go after Zack Greinke, that Greinke was going to be are guy and that obviously did not end up being the case. They signed Joe Blanton and I will never. I will never forget covering the angels and reporting that the Angels were signing Joe Blanton and just what I received on Twitter from the I was expecting Zack Greinke, and then you have like no Twitter followers that either so it was unbelievable, 10,000 going to be different, But nothing makes sense, they can add often, but then, at the end of the day like they need pitching market now is limited. Does Madison Bumgarner make them a playoff team? No, but it very least you knew that you were put that guy out there on opening day and he was going to give you seven Innings from three or four hit ball with. Maybe one run, can I say something to 50 cent pieces? Don’T equal a dollar and they try to do that, maybe to a lower extent, but they try to just sort of they had a bunch of holes and they have no prospects coming up any kind of patch multiple of those through free agency. That is diet. Any time a team does that, there’s the Dodgers what’s happening over there as far as to watch, I think they’re in on a lot. I think, there’s been a narrative fairly. I guess over the last few years and they’re not willing to sign, is 9 bigger contract. Recall there in on Gerrit Cole, until the very end they thought they had a really good chance of getting Caracol. They met with him in Newport Beach for about 4 hours and they thought the presentation went great. They thought they were going to get them right up until he signed with the Yankees. So I think that tells you something about their intent. This offseason, I think they’re motivated to add elite-level Talent, maybe more so than they have been in all season’s pass. But let me say this though question is a big one for the Dodgers and the more people. I talk with the more sense I get that there is not going to be a match there now listen. Maybe This is posturing. Maybe this is sandbagging. Maybe this is just play that negotiations happen, but at this point it would surprise me if Anthony rent-to-own ended up Los Angeles Dodger and you’re only fishing for that elite-level Talent, app. You are always going to have other teams that are more desperate for those players than you are and that’s where it gets really tough to sign these three agents, because I mean just throw a team out there fighting with on the Texas Rangers, they would be moving Into a brand new ballpark, they would maybe be more desperate than the Dodgers to get an Anthony brand UPS – probably convoluted right now. How often is it that you have for truly Elite Talent who are available? Three of them we’ve been hearing about for a while. Now Anthony rundown, we saw what he can do. Josh Donaldson, fantastic signing by the Atlanta Braves last year, he’s going to get paid this offseason. The only question is whether he’s going to get a fourth-year and go beyond that. Chris Brian Brian is not only available. He is going to be the Chicago Cub who gets dealt Dodgers. Logo Dodgers, do love him and he loves the Dodgers, and this is not to say that this is like the NBA. Where player can say. I want to go here and get traded their the politics of it are so are the Rockies. You know they commited 260 million dollars to him. Not even a year ago now, Coronado gets tell that being said, he is available and so you’ve got all these teams here that need a third baseman got. The Philadelphia Phillies in you’ve got the Washington Nationals in sort of on the periphery of God, Atlanta Braves, the Texas Rangers Los Angeles Dodgers. That could use a third baseman if you’re trying to trade for Nolan Arenado. The big question at this point is just how much do you have to get up, so we played last year at 26 million dollar, so he’s got seven years and 234 million remaining on his contract. Taking on 234 million dollars is not a small endeavor. There is an opportunity cost that comes with clogging your payroll at you know: 30 + million dollars a year over more than half the decade, so you’re going to be hesitant to give up big prospects in that deal. But if you’re, the Los Angeles Dodgers, you are going to have to pay an excessive price because they’re going to have to see Nolan Arenado in Colorado, 3 Series year, they’re going to have to see it all in arnaudo against the Rockies right here. But I’ll go back to Savannah Dave Roberts said yesterday, which I thought stuck out with stuck out to me. He said that Justin, Turner or green to be willing to move from 3rd Base to 1st base coat, set the tone for their office going to get a third baseman. But just thinking along those lines and look you maybe not trade for Nolan Arenado but signing. Maybe not but signing Anthony Rendon signing a Josh Donaldson what that frees up for them after that, whether it’s Remax Muncie available Gavin Lux Corey Seager, something like that they could do so many different things that they add to the position player roster. It is I’ll tell you what it’s tough to part with Corey Seager and Corey Seager, because the injuries last year’s in the lack of production have actually brought his cost in arbitration down to his contemporaries at shortstop. In that arbitration class, you have absurd class of shortstops. Could potentially be free agents, Carlos Correa Javier Baez Trevor story, Francisco Lindor and Corey Seager, and so, if you’re looking at him in a certain level getting paid over these next two seasons, 2 years of Corey seager’s, going to be about 80 % of one-year Francisco Lindor. So you’re getting value from Corey Seager right been in there. Looking for and look there’s no consistency in terms of what wins out in the postseason for one thing that they want to avoid moving forward. Is they don’t want to be the type of lineup that gets into October and just strikes out a bunch of times? They want to be better at the situational hitting component. A picture shows up more when you’re in the small sample sizes and facing elite-level pitching Corey Seager is not necessary. The type of guy that embodies that sort of hitting philosophy that they want to adopt throughout the organization. I think that’s part of the reason why he would be a he’s, a guy that will swing out a lot of first pitches, he’s a guy who looks pan his own, maybe a little bit more so than other guys in their lineup they’re. Looking for more guys that, when it’s crunch time when it’s the playoffs could move a guy over to hit the ball to the opposite field, the way that’s forming on the Nationals is so Bazaar. I just don’t understand how that how they’re going to manage that? We don’t because you can’t get value back for a player whose Dad could I just I just don’t think you can, and we talked about yesterday Louis Vuitton, you’re, probably not as good anyway, to suppress the market to be transmitting. I don’t know exactly what the Dodgers are going to do, but I think I feel fairly confident to making this prediction. I think their top seven players from last year will be on the ones that they will feel this coming season, they’re going to shake it up. Even though they don’t have to they want to shake it up a little bit, but let’s not forget what they added at the end of last season can be a top-end starter. Tony gonsolin is the most athletic man. I’Ve ever seen with the mustache like he has like it is just a disaster piece of a mustache, but the guy is a really good picture and could be part of the rotation that already includes Walker, Buehler and Clayton Kershaw, Ross, Stripling and Julio. As you said, that is their best asset right now. The question is: will they use it? Let’S get this. I want Clarity. I want to leave San Diego with Clarity hold on. We had a 245 million dollar contract, a really boring winter meetings.
Clinton Yates and Jeff Passan react to Gerrit Cole’s $324M deal with the New York Yankees, the biggest contract in the history of the MLB for a pitcher, and what it means for the rest of free agency. Baseball Tonight is live from the 2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, California.

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