Gerrit Cole’s $324M deal makes the Yankees World Series favorites – Mark Teixeira | Get Up

By | December 11, 2019

Gerrit Cole’s $324M deal makes the Yankees World Series favorites – Mark Teixeira | Get Up
Gerrit Cole’s $324M deal makes the Yankees World Series favorites – Mark Teixeira | Get Up
Coldwater cash and, if I must say so, myself mine was better, it should be, it should be cold in the stocking. So, let’s get inside from our former Yankee Mark Teixeira is with us live this morning and I will just say it so everyone else doesn’t have to wear wearing the same jacket text: 24 million dollars. What was the first thought you had when you saw the deal? The numbers and the team, when do the World Series for 10 years to not having that Banner flying over Yankee stadium for 10 years? And so when you look for a picture, you get a guy like Jericho, on the market. But 9 years tells me that that Yankees ownership lot of money in a lot of years. You played in that stadium in this city for 8 years. You won the World Series there 10 years ago. What advice do you have for cold, based on your experience at the Yankee block out all of the distractions, talented, the only thing that can trip him up as his mind right now. You know that the Yankees are going to have medial all around you from the day that you step into spring training, so you have to try as best as you can, to limit your own purse. Turn off your Twitter. Don’T listen to the radio. Talk shows around New York morning, like they were five different trending hashtags related to this, and one of them was Yankees World Series. Does Gerrit Cole in your mind, make the Yankees a prohibited favorite to win next year’s World Series. Yankee fans! Beware! When I looked last year at the Astros roster on paper on paper, he still have to play the games. 162. There’S injuries that can happen. You never know we listen to Yankees, have a very right-handed lineup in the playoffs. Things can happen, but if I’m a Yankee fan waking up this morning, I got a really good feeling. I’M going to win my division and I’ve got a chance to go win a World Series. Now, it’s great to see you a very happy holidays to you and your family, and that is one fantastic jacket Mark Teixeira with us. If you apply Gerrit Cole’s average annual value of this contract with his numbers from last season, it comes out to over $ 1000000. First start: it’s $ 170,000 per inning, it’s 44 thousand dollars for every batter. He faces it’s nice work if you can get it. Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium subscribe to ESPN +
Mark Teixeira joins Get Up to discuss Gerrit Cole’s 9-year, $324 million deal with the Yankees and whether the deal makes New York the World Series favorites.
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