Gerrit Cole makes the Yankees the best team in the MLB – Tim Kurkjian | Baseball Tonight

By | December 11, 2019

Gerrit Cole makes the Yankees the best team in the MLB – Tim Kurkjian | Baseball Tonight
Gerrit Cole makes the Yankees the best team in the MLB – Tim Kurkjian | Baseball Tonight
So he have it in the Yankees made him a Target store to the angels sort of the Dodgers and Aaron Boone, and this team has come close the last two years. Hundred-Plus wins: what does this do for them? I think this makes them the best team in the American League. I think it makes the best team in baseball rabbit, as we know, they have waited four years hung onto their money, hung onto their prospects waiting for that big free-agent to come along, and this was him. They gave him an enormous amount of money, but now they have a team that hit over 300 home runs last year. Eighteen With A Grateful Dead and now they put Gerrit Cole on the top of rotation that might have Masahiro Tanaka as therefore starter. Now, the rotation is pretty darn good all. So this was the Yankees from the beginning. This is the guy we have to have and they locked him up over to break contenders the angels and the Dodgers, and you have packs and Severino is every now – and you heard Brian Cashman earlier talking about Domingo hermine, who was A1A, there’s still some grey areas To win, he rejoins the team and if he rejoins a team at some point early in the season next season, he certainly did have choices. But it came down to New York and he’s going to wear the Pinstripes and try to get them their first World Series. Since 2009, when the pictures were good, when Paxton was, he was really good. Once everything was good, he was borderline. Great Ormond carried them for so long, but the number suggested we needed as Yankees to make a big deal and, if you’re not getting Strasberg. This is the guy right just get any guy. They got a 29 year old guy who throws as hard as just about anyone with a tremendous spinnrade. They have a guy who just about as well as anyone who keeps getting better, and this suggests he’s going to get bit from here. He just had a historic season, the greatest strikeout per 9 in rate of any starting pitcher every strike out of batter. In 73 consecutive Innings, back to 6261, we never seen anyone come close to he’s exactly what they needed and the Yankees had were not resting until we get him we’re pitching on the same team at the College World Series for UCLA the New York angle of this. For a guy like Erica who of course, was in Pittsburgh, and then it goes to where the spotlight is it as bright as it is in New York, they obviously vet that out. What do you think his ability to pitch on that stage will be? I don’t have any trouble at all, not when he throws 97 miles an hour with two nasty speed: pitches, unbelievable command again this season he had this year. Nobody hit him for the last two-and-a-half months of this season. The last two years has gone 35 and 10. He said to Historic, strikeout seasons back-to-back and when he goes to the Yankees, there’s no reason to think he won’t be that good again perhaps influence the other pictures on that stop. I guess what you do to is you take Charlie Morton, who went to Houston and became a great picture less Houston and finished third in the sauce erase this season? It’S not as if you leave Houston, you forget what you learned in Houston. No, he learned a lot in Houston and he acclimated to it he’ll go to a new spot. They wanted to try this he’s really smart too. Such a great combination have stuff like that and the ability to adapt and be flexible. That’S who he is. The Dodgers have Walker Buehler, they have an ace, shohei Connie and Ace Andrew Haney, and it feels like it’s. We learned earlier on her baseball tonight if they were promises made to Joe Maddon or Mike Trout. When you sign your deal, we’re going to surround you with great players who are the great players, great pictures that they can surround him with if it weren’t Strasburg or coldest I’m well. The next level is pretty good, but it’s not Strasbourg and Cole. It’S you know. Madison Bumgarner, but now the angels have to say what we have to go: Anthony Rendon cuz. If we’re not going to have a picture, we got to score. Some runs, no Dodgers have to say we have to do something dramatic, maybe they’ll go get rendone, but the next level of pictures is not the same level as Strasburg, and especially Gerrit Cole. Youtube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Tim Kurkjian reacts to the news that Gerrit Cole signed a 9-year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees. Kurkjian declares that this signing makes the Yankees the top team in the MLB.

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