Gerrit Cole embodies everything the Yankees want to be – Jeff Passan | SC with SVP

By | December 11, 2019

Gerrit Cole embodies everything the Yankees want to be – Jeff Passan | SC with SVP
Gerrit Cole embodies everything the Yankees want to be – Jeff Passan | SC with SVP
You just broke this news moments ago and look at the numbers are outrageous. We knew they would be. How did the Yankees and Cole ultimately arrived on these terms and reach this agreement after yesterday, when Stephen Strasburg got seven years and 245 million dollars, you knew that Gerrit Cole was going to get more years than that. So you knew that Gerrit Cole is going to get a higher average term, then that Gerrit Cole ended up getting two more years. Gerrit Cole ends up getting $ 1000000 more per year and that ends up at nine years and 324 million dollars by far the highest contract ever or a picture, and nearly the biggest contract in baseball history for a free-agent. Only six million dollars behind what Bryce Harper got from the Phillies last year. It is a blockbuster deal and every sense of the word and the New York Yankees in favorites to win the 2020 World Series realize that you’ve just broken this news. But but what’s your sense of what the reaction will be to the amount Mickey’s worth every dollar? Is that your scent? Is that the sense within baseball? I have been calling Gerrit Cole the best free agent pitcher in baseball history and not doing so because I’m being a prisoner of the moment because of the performance he put on over the last 2 years, while with the Astros, he was like, you said, the best Pitcher in baseball all apologies to Jacob degrom and Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, the guy has present stuff. He has control, he has command. He wants to win, he’s really intelligent he’s a leader. He embodies everything that the New York Yankees want to be and because he has not been hurt to this point in his career at twenty-nine, the Yankees believe he is the sort of adorable guy who, like Verlander, is going to be able to pitch well into his Thirties and that’s why they were willing to give him a contract through his age 37 season Jeff. I have to believe the Yankees were not going to second here they were going to get this man, but if it, if there’s a team that you believed was was in the real discussions in the room, so to speak, that might have been closed is any sense Of who that might have been, I mean Scott boras was talking about mystery teams. It’S his job. whip up the entry he’s great at that who else was with maybe closer any idea of the Dodgers and the Angels were both absolutely in there and they knew the second Scott that the Strasbourg deal hit the cost of going to be over three Hundred million dollars Millionaire win Strasburg himself, got that all of a sudden. They realize that the price is going way up and when the price was going way up, they knew that the Yankees, with a mandate and directive from hell Steinbrenner to go, get me Gerrit Cole. We’Re not going to be denied Jeff excellent work thanks for helping out on short notice and enjoy the rest of your night. Thank you, sir. Fair enough., Brandon, 24 million will will make him a happy fellow you’d have to believe that you watching ESPN on YouTube. For more sports highlights and download the ESPN app ESPN +
Jeff Passan breaks down Gerrit Cole signing a nine-year, $324 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees and how this deal came about.
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