General Election 2019: One week to go – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

General Election 2019: One week to go – BBC News
General Election 2019: One week to go – BBC News
Good evening, in a week’s time, next Thursday night, the poles will have closed the ballot boxes will be on their way to the counting centres on the first indications will image of the likely outcome of this election campaign. No surprise, then, that the parties have stepped up campaigning today or does Johnson was promising to pause his brexit deal until the budget within a hundred days. If elected to raise money, he said for schools in the NHS those plans are. Fantasy according to the lib Dems. Why labor from history 20000 extra teachers to make up for what it calls a decade of Tory failure? Hey these protesters were lying and wait for Boris Johnson in Derbyshire inside. He was driving to take us out of the EU by the end of next month to cut taxes on your pay and to relax the years-long he’s on public spending. To you, that’s what I should be said. We are seven days, Seven Days, Seven Days 7 days to get out of this three-and-a-half-year Pitstop that we’ve eaten and the pictures the world believe me tattoo. The promises are easy to make him come pains harder to keep your lucky enough to. When you have a budget in February that would cut taxes for people over. All your Manifesto would raise tax when you say everytime get brexit done. You could do it by the end of January, just open up take months, if not years, more negotiations. What time we actually believe from you or what cutting taxes on business rates for cutting National Insurance contributions for everybody in the country as far as filthy bust? It means we are no longer part of the legal and part of the EU. Several brexit party MVPs quit their own press conference. Today I only stood in May to fight for brexit, so they’re back people ready to be joined. The Coalition that I put together. They clearly with disaffected with Mrs may as leader and deposit, try to hang on to it. But you then pees in Scotland come together next week to vote in a way that locks the Toadies out of government that allows Scotland to escape the mess or brexit. Although there’s not much cheer for the lib Dems, the search Joe Swenson hope for isn’t much in evidence. The message stays the same when they walk into the police station and they get the pencil put their cruel and they can choose to put that cross next to the liberal Democrat logo on to vote, to stop Braxton to vote for brighter future winning the country. But time is running out for all sides in this campaign. The big picture suggest the Tories are on course to be the biggest party, but home and dry. By can governments don’t be so sure? Jeremy corbyn, speak. Hope, of course, is to move into number 10 himself to spend a lot more taxpayers cash on schools and public services, with a much bigger role for the state, a country where all children get a real chance. Victoria’S you carry on with the Stars, so you carry on with increasing gaps between the richest and the poorest, we’re very clear, and it will give will hope and opportunity to everyone in this country snooze option so whether it’s the conservatives in that promise of a attacks Cutting budget Olivas pledge to reduce clothes sizes and recruit thousands of extra teachers. The question is ever is whether the plans makes sense in terms of food originally said it’s at Faisal. Islam has been looking at the detail and he was not aware of the dates in terms of conservative plans, meaning extra taxes, but what’s the small print on claims of attack budget, there is a smallest tax cuts for workers, national insurance payments, which, after inflation, is with 85 lb sources of Revenue, tax revenue raised that goes up over six billion pounds after the cancellation of a tax cut the businesses. That’S already in low put a rule, you can call that a text cutting budget, the conservatives disappointed evidence of a tight ship on the public finances and levels should remain contained, only really used for investment purposes, but the chancellor was also pressed on brexit and what happens If the UK don’t leave in January, but with no trade deal in a year’s time, the chance that could happen. If the Prime Minister said he would not extend trade deal, negotiations independent columnist think the hits from that sort of exit is measurable. I’M going to leave tomorrow in game shop. Please up and take foreign levels to the same bull Park is labor plans. It’S trade negotiation and a similar scenario for labor economic strategy would see the redline considerably higher labor spending offer today was on education bearing to deliver 20,000. You teachers and cut class sizes 230 peoples England. Supposed to be significant increase in per-pupil spending. It would leave it at six and a half thousand pounds well above where it was at the start of the spending squeeze and funded by tax Rises, labor only on the top 5 % Savannah’s on business, but countries that raises much tax from their economies as labor Plans usually text average workers much more than Britain labor says it can book this trend, dozens of current and former staff of the Labour party of giving sworn statements in relation to allegations of anti-Semitism in the potty. The statements collected by the Jewish labor will form part of its submission to the equality and Human Rights Commission, which is investigating play the party because we believed in his true values that his auntie racism and social justice. We witnessed violation of those values, for the very people meant to be leaving all movements Stickman earlier today in the Labour leader, Jeremy, corbyn assistant processes in the body to deal with allegations of anti-Semitism have, in his words, improved a great the BBC’s Andrew Neil has challenged. Boris Johnson, to take part in an interview with him before next week’s election unlock Jeremy, corbyn and Jo Swinson, Nigel farage Nicola sturgeon, the Johnson has not faced the half-hour Primetime BBC One interview with misdemeanor no broadcast. I can compel a politician to be interviewed, but Lisa’s interviews ability part of the BBC’s Primetime election coverage for decades. We do them on your behalf to scrutinise those that is democracy. We’Ve always preceded in good faith that the leaders would participate in every election. They have all of them until this one was on speaking earlier Downing Street says that the prime minister has been interviewed by the BBC several times throughout the campaign and will be appearing in a debate with Jeremy Colvin tomorrow night on BBC One
In the last week of election campaigning the UK’s party leaders have been pressing home their key political pledges. The Conservatives say a majority for them will mean Brexit and a budget that will cut national insurance for workers, within the first hundred days. Labour has pledged to recruit twenty thousand more teachers – part of its overall bid to end what it calls “years of Tory failure”.

But whatever the pledges, the question is whether the plans add up, and make sense in terms of government finances. The BBC’s economics editor Faisal Islam investigates the details.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s coverage of the 2019 UK General Election. Presented by Huw Edwards with contributions from BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg and economics editor Faisal Islam.

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