Full steam ahead: Macron unveils pension reform, shrugs off strikes

By | December 11, 2019

Full steam ahead: Macron unveils pension reform, shrugs off strikes
Full steam ahead: Macron unveils pension reform, shrugs off strikes
Image of Mexico may have outlasted the yellow vest movement, all of them. The French government’s formal roll out of its pension reform plan sing a rolling over of strikes already in their seventh day and triggering calls from massive demonstrations next Tuesday to power in 2017 by French president who we can show you recently arguing the point with the whirlpool Factory workers and in Native city of Enya has prepare the country for the privatization of rail, loosened labor law hardened rules on benefits for the unemployed. Is he a reformer in a modernizar or taking the axe to Frances beloved welfare state pension reform which comes halfway through his five-year mandate? He’Ll acid test it would raise the age for full retirement benefits. 264, unite, Frances 42 different pension schemes under a single point plan. The needed remedy for a nation with an aging population and a cyst, but all agree, is currently unsustainable or the beginning of the end is France, as we know it today in the France 24 debate, looking at what seems like full-steam ahead for meckel’s reform in joining Us French Member of Parliament, thanks for joining us, we also want to welcome a member of the think tank. Think Tank towards a new social contract is an animal that would be towards a new social contract and with us as well as globalization, and teaches international relations at the American University of Paris, Twitter hashtag at 240v. A pressure from both sides in the front for the big announcement you had last week, an independent auditor which warrant of more reading fan first thought in France’s pension system and the unions raise sing that pressure with the strikes it started last Thursday. Now it’s here rolled out at midday by the Prime Minister, the plan has been unveiled Monty. Francis has more Prince, currently has 42 different pension regimes or plans based on profession. Those separate plans with all come under one universal plan, which promises to be the same for almost everyone. The government wants to end special plans which allow early retirement for profession, such as Metro drivers, who can retire at 55. The government’s plan would not affect those born before 1975 and will work on a points-based system calculating a person’s pension based on the hours they worked over the time. Their entire career women are promised 100 % compensation for maternity leave and there would be a minimum monthly pension payment of one thousand Euros. The legal retirement age would remain 62 with the so-called when the maximum benefits kick in. It would stay 64 go tell the Prime Minister indicated there would be some exceptions for people with physically demanding jobs such as nurses, police and firefighters, who could retire earlier check find the song. Is this an easy or hard sell to the French and it’s difficult? I was looking at the BBC last night condoms in Paris. Can you explain why French people at unions are demonstrating out on strike and the English in Paris, France, as the best pension system, that 40 % of the Year GDP only 7 % of the retiree or poop? It’S a tradition? You ask you out on strike first, and then you discuss afterwards just an example of 2 years ago. They report in July, and it was planned for September, be the Metro have code for strike on December 5th social network get to drop two, and sometimes I completed. I completely disagree with everything that has just been said: nou-nou so upset because I have methadone calculus and many people in this country would lose a lot from that Alexis reform. Last week saying this so-called measures in favor of the universe, which is completely artificial. That system does not need any reformed, it was good and some people would lose a lot and I know they will lose it just about now, honestly, you are not either listening or reading the pension would go down from 500 to totally shooting for teachers in the Private sector, your pension is calculated over the average of your salary over a quarter-century, that’s exactly best years in the private sector, which represents 70 % of the workers. Okay, you have two systems, one is the basic systems which is Bay treemasters, and then you have a complimentary pension which is based on points point at least 70 % of these people working in private-sector. This is not a big change. We already have points you aren’t in the last 6 months, yes of your career, nothing, you tell us the teachers will learn as much as they did before when they retire. This is exactly what the Prime Minister today, something which is absolutely new for all people. Working the people expect the other people in our conditions is not taken into account for public-sector Nazi confirmed that it would be taken into account, and those people will benefit from something like up to two years to first of all second point: if you are a woman And if you have children in the public sector, 169 will benefit from your pension, which exactly means something like 1.5 % percent, 5 % Right from the first child, 5 % for the second child 5 %. Getting from this, I want to get back to that point, but first, Philippine Dollar set the complimentary plan. That’S most of what you are enough for your pension. It’S very it’s a piddly somewhat you get from the government and that’s true in a lot of countries than it really works. What you find as if you take the United States as an example, that most retirement plans are based on capitalization programs, so invested in Pension funds pushed through funnel through the financial system and therefore subject to the very Nations. Variations open 2017 is a great amount in in in in in programs that base themselves on capitalization as a means by which to secure your retirement. There’S a great amount of uncertainty and danger for people involved. If you, if you live through. Of recession of the time, we should Flames by the way that’s in the United States was announced by the government doesn’t say we’re switching to the American system. A mixed system between the current system, which is based on intergenerational solidarity, to a system in which capitalization programs and Pension funds would be significant. You think of Black Rock and the president’s the Republic might as well as other people in French. Since that was raised by BBC, why do French people go and demonstrate well, there’s a very strong traditional political scientists and Specialists of retirement, not only public process but also of adherence to adherence to, and I think this is a specificity of the French political trip to The idea that people have rights in right to have rights that citizenship is linked to right and not or not, not not not to programs that are executive programs that are imposed on them, so they’re, demonstrating fear or fear right or wrong, possibly ride essential oils. What do you think of what you’ve seen I see? What I’m saying is that difficult to go through this reform, because I mean they’re trying three things at the same time: a reforming special regimes trying to implement the point system, which I think it makes sense, I’m in bed. But but it’s big big Revolution and also trying to adjust the parameters of the update system, which indeed is losing money amended spending in in in in in pensions about $ 320 billion euros, 60 of which come roughly from taxes from from social contributions to Emily. It’S it’s a it’s a. It has been losing money for the since the implementation of her cf391 bayoca. I mean the system is not balanced and financed through through the Texas mentioned about about trying to think about capitalization. I’M in most countries which a composition you spend less bless portion of the GDP in in in in in in two pensions, because they are there benefits of a of the capital markets. Actually, penchant Sophia off the Friendship company’s do do paid pensions for Canadian people are just people because through pensions outside – and this is it personally that that has a bunch of I don’t have any choice than than spending my my might get my pension Scizor. My contributions into a system, which is, is forcing me into a distance tied to inflation, rather than have the private sector and again, but demand the right to be able to take my next item on the right to be able to invest in in in in markets. Rather than you know, you know, you know, you know global system, and at least you have part of my of my contributions that can be allowed to two Abu Garcia from cfdt was was was cleaning for you know I want that they are benefits of the cac-40 Companies at you to benefit to pensioners. I agree with him through them. Let let us let us know, did you trade Union he’s often been the one who sits down and does deals with the government, but the that is one part of this bill that he doesn’t like the 60 four-year-olds threshold. That’S the age at which you can get a full pension. He said he had a red line. That red line was a reform, forcing people to work longer more over the age measures announced in this performer insufficient, especially for those in sectors with difficult working conditions. So there, yet there you have it, he doesn’t like that. 64 year old, I mean rebalancing. The old system is, is two people to work a bit longer and to align the edge of our time with with the rest of Europe.? It’S not completely crazy. It doesn’t make a bit of sense, for the moment at least adheres to supports the strike movement, even if, even if this causes a significant amount of disagreement for themself that have been introduced by this government over the past two years have clearly created a lot of Anxiety and people – and this is not not only on the pensions – it’s a whole series of issues and I think and they’re mobilizing around. But I think that there are a whole set of issues that anxiety-producing issues that are pushing people into the streets as it as. As also was the case 1995, so the entire package of social programs that has been proposed or imposed in most cases actually rather than propose right, because there weren’t really ghosts do that through your thick. Unfortunately, a quick break will be right back stay with us you’re watching the France 24 debate earning assets, the France 24, a debate. We’Ve had the six days of strikes here in France. In the build-up to this Wednesday, the Prime Minister unveiling the government pension form plan with acetic about it. French Member of Parliament, Jack Matthews, show Hales from Emmanuel macron’s, not a candy party. How do you translate that this is well Danny Lang who translated Forest earlier? The Economist is the name of your Collective towards a new social pack, Michael capitalism. The idea that the sharing age don’t be afraid of the future, effectively pretty much anyone becomes by using his own in a micro capital car, and I also worked as a contributor to think things. You’Re not responding American University of Paris. Welcome back the last week, there’s been a lot of talk during the protests over pension reform about solidarity. We saw a Tuesday during marches in the southern city of mass, say, they’re, talking about certain regimes that are privileged pension schemes like for real and Metro workers, but these are not the privileged ones. The privileged are the people who have millions they’re, not the ones. You were 57, this should be the normal retirement age. I believe in the system of solidarity between generations and clearly the name of this reform, like everything that has been happening since arrived, is to break the French social model to break the French social models. Aurora session anxiety before the debate, I explain them that their children they should declare children, otherwise they would not benefit from the 8th through Master hood fight, the death of do it again and if you don’t know how this works, you have plenty of people to believe That, maybe they won’t have pension in 40 years from now, because they don’t understand Hennessy and aging population. As of today, the working the working Generations are paying the pension for the retiring. What are we proposing and you have Susan’s of people in the street, shouting manipulating people explain., I’m sorry, you just have to look and read the report and read what the government the prime minister has announced today. We are distribution system of solidarity. If you can’t tell the opposite, give me an example: examples where the salaries of the teachers in Europe, a friendship, okay, what kind of a pension will she have under this new system? The relation is based on the last six months. Currently, you will have a pension that represents not 2,000 2600 by 70 %. I think of these 2600 to make it happen. Raising the level of the wages of the teachers, which means security system for the teachers in the new system, disease benefit would be * 4. By 4, I think you were driving. Is that wait and what you mentioned, that wages are very low compared to other European countries, profession, professions that are the most socially useful professions: nurses, educators, something that I think the France and other countries actually have to think about. But in this case we’ll talk about France, which is that those socially useful professions, the most the most feasible for them to live decent lives while they’re performing there Essentials of Social Services 2600 euros at the end. At the end of a teaching career intentions for the people, who are these professions in would require than the universe which we don’t have. It said so country where, if you look at the whole of the European Union, one of the second biggest economy of the Eurozone there’s lots of success stories here, France to Spain, despite the strikes and everything stop badly, but when it comes to pensions, we’re talking about A nation where there’s a sizable percentage of the population that either works for the public sector or a Hoosier depends on the public sector. We don’t have any wages will work with this work is changing the way people interact with society and economy is changing and will have more more people in employee, independently or working for platform. Science and platforms and Blues regeneration system was founded after the war before the war advance. But but let’s say about 70 years old, built around a concept of wages, singer professional 20 and leaving at 60-65 whatever, but staying in the same company or in the same trade. Ewingdale roll like this is completely gone on. This will be even more gone in the future, and what we have is that it take this into account. It doesn’t take it to the ambitious trying to to to take into account the fact that careers in your people are going to do different jobs, change, jobs at which is doing two jobs, Listen to Three Gems enzyme and the point system doesn’t answer and, and that That would be think. I think we need to go between actually what my pension drink for five years and then take those points and spend them on a sabbatical, for example, and then go back, go back to to work and maybe leave my mic stopped working at 65 or 70 or 60, whatever I need, but you know my own Albatross between, should I work longer and more at my retirement leave earlier. I think this. This should be much more flexibility and and the need for the new economy. The need for further the young people is is to have a more flexible system, which is more Scituate. We going to work tomorrow at the age of 18 or 20 and leave it when your 62 are over shoe. Is it in the air today we have lots of people go. To use of an employment and these kind of things and with the new system, when you rules, you would have one point and I don’t think that’s fair, because you are rich your insurance. The same. I’M sorry this is not true example of someone that is working part-time, for instance, learning less than 500 euro. The months in the children system not validating any trimester. The under certain limits. You need more than 500 euros per month to count one trimester today, the accounting, zero trimester in the new system in ordnung five hundred euros, the government, putting the emphasis that we heard the Prime Minister say this on women is of the universal system. Today, women’s pensions need to take what Cleve, notably to raise children. The universal system will allow us to fix this first lie. Women will receive 100 % of their salary while on maternity leave, women will be able to earn extra points for each child, beginning with 100 %. I know you have to ask her. You have the project plan that are contributing 120000 Euros each and every French citizen will contribute by giving a set amount per cent under 120k euros. On top of that, I must say that this is a limit where you have less than 1 % of the people who are earning more right for the remaining less than 1 % people benefit from any rights of points, but they will have to pay an additional Sum of acid is everything: okay, and this is exactly what was proposed by the famous Thomas Piketty, because Houston is inspired okay, so under 128, you are contributing to the system utensils. When your comment is fighting Matt over this limit, you are just paying your contribution about how much too polite. So what it’s not a country razia’s, is up to 121st and we are making a I’ll pay taxes, 3.7 billion euros a year and now you’re coming out. I want it, I want to ask you, together: reformers from the enter left and the center right. His his his credibility and legitimacy were seriously tested with visual illusion, the electorate, significant political side, the far-right, assuming. I suppose that during the next presidential election day quite problematic political situation where you, where the other political forces are not sufficiently present and don’t have enough nearly a year since last Thursday., I have some ideas, but there’s no coherent political agenda he’s so stifled off a Significant part of the right, what you have here, the Union’s the unions, taking a civil society actually that the political parties, the other political parties, is it? Is it a question of a take-it-or-leave-it from what was announced this Wednesday, or just like the unions, did an opening Gambit with the strike that started last Thursday? Is this all open for compromise and we’re just sit down at the bargaining table? We must we had negotiation and discussions with the unions. The vast majority are in favor of this move to the new system. You have to at least two unions, cgt and fo safety. Ccgc in favor of the new system is not February and we met. We moved you will enter in the system only if you are born after 75. Okay, please give you a quiet to spell invisibility 3708 of time to do. The challenge is when I was in some debates on French TV. I got to come at least socialist left for national. I was the only one them and when we just before, they announced that the value of the point will be able, according to the Cherry switches, play Minister, the country of what you are saying make it happen that the point will not. According to the prices choose which, in in France, is always better than inflation, this is exactly what was in the report. We used to have a right-wing, a moderate, right-wing and left-wing in which vehicle is we’re completely convinced by the neoliberal system, but the basis for electoral business was opposed to it. No was able to put together the elites of this party, the richest 20 % of the country, and this rule that they supported a triple team which could the block moves were in the terms of a Madeline and the people. The people at the bases – and you have no right in the streets in the demonstration now also you come on his wife – is that is why you don’t have any opposition as we used to have, because the business is the social basis of the right-wing and the Right and the social welfare system is it. Is it in dangerous the model about to be shaken to its core? It always has been very strong in France. I would side it would be much stronger with reforms, including capitalization and Pension funds, for me, because they either you 14 %, would be better employed by by being used in financial markets and get the benefits from a from a strictly over a long., Including the Central Market, but I’m in the recent historic Mansion Marcus has not been good at saying that that, if you know people in the treaty that would benefit from from it would be, it would be helpful for them anyway, anyway. Goodbye in France, France is very beautiful country inequalities, graphing inequalities pretty little compared to a number of countries, and I would say that there are some schemes which would be selling extremely beneficial a time. I’Ve been working recently on on on monetary policy and the way that monetary policy should be. I was sent to people, that’s that’s another story, but but that could certainly help a lost. The registration, Financial stability of the of the market NFL score for everyone. There is also start also some some some yellow debates about. You know who should benefit from eating her. How would you redistribute it honestly? The French system is one of the most for distributive in the world by all means. I won final question, feel God, because u.s. election, when they finish strong that impeachment will this be the big issue. Inequality about the war in Canada, CN Bernie Sanders is kind of see through the youth, the youth that are behind those two to see which came out of the Occupy Movement of the 1990s, pretty much everywhere else in Chile. Today, France is a fairer distribution of the material into a court issue for all of our society. Thank you for joining us here in the front.
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