Full Panel: Bloomberg Faces Criticism As Campaign Enters New Phase | Meet The Press | NBC News

By | February 17, 2020

Full Panel: Bloomberg Faces Criticism As Campaign Enters New Phase | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Panel: Bloomberg Faces Criticism As Campaign Enters New Phase | Meet The Press | NBC News
Welcome back pain was here watching those colonist Eugene Robinson Danielle, pletka senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, love you so Michael Bloomberg, Maria Theresa. This is alleged comment that Bloomberg News from The Washington Post look back on Bloomberg on women, and I am putting all this up here because it feels like pre Trump. This could have been disqualified quotes that have been attributed to him if women wanted to be appreciated. For their brains and go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s, referring to some lawsuits about discrimination, lawsuit said when Bloomberg stop certain women.

He said I’d expletive that in a another anecdote when Bloomberg learned on April 11th, 1995 at Garrison, somebody works on with pregnant. According to her suit, he allegedly said to her Skillet: he hasn’t denied that he said those words in a deposition. This is going to be damaging to him is he tries to become a mainstream Democrat? Bloomberg is the one that has invested heavily on electing women through similes list has invested heavily through Planned Parenthood, for women’s Choice have invested heavily on gun.

Reform has invested heavily when it comes to basically every single issue that technically will expand the base bring in a beer tent Mayor Bloomberg when he’s talked about what happened with with red lining, when it talks about stop-and-frisk has been incredibly damaging some of those policies, and So as he rolls out his his person in his Persona, he’s going to have able to answer directly of what is happening and who is going to show up, does it take character off the table in 2016, and Donald Trump did win it right after the exits? After everything, he won the election, and so I think, a lot of Democrats as they looked forward this election they’re saying it’s Trump is going to be a knife fight.

Maybe we should look at the guy with the biggest knife right and then 6260 billion dollar knife and bats Michael Bloomberg. I think that’s. Why he’s getting a look from from the Democratic party? And I think that’s that’s. Why definitely would have been disqualified in a few years ago may not in and of themselves be disqualified yet to see how we actually performs, but we seen a lot of ads and it’s gotten them some numbers in the pulse to any of those places. That’S for sure, I think she does because she recognizes that she’s going to come across as somehow genuine and together and he’s going to come across as a thin-skinned, rich guy who bought his way into the Democratic.

With this way. I let you know I don’t. I don’t he’s not a personal friend of mine, so I don’t know how he is going to debate, but one of the things that great wealth does to you. Is it insulates you from the people here? One of those things that Donald Trump has going for him is, you can say, a lot of bad things about Trump and we all have, but he is actually a man of a certain group of people, a lot of people don’t like those people, but he is A man of the people, I don’t think the Bloomberg is going to prove himself to be a man of the people.

I think he respects only one thing in life, I think. Well, I was going to say there was one thing to the present notices and that’s how much money you have fried the present likes to boast about all the money that he has. This guy has what’s 60 times more money than he has 60 billion dollars by some estimates here. So I think the one thing that resonates with the present we witnessed it this week or the president again attacked in referring to him as many Mike, but Democrats you’re not pretty, but at least they like the fact that this guy’s not going to back down from It will see if that matters I was in the Oval Office earlier this week say something about Bernie and himself, which is an outsider.

He’S anti-establishment he’s got a movement. Obviously I think you’d like to run against Bernie Sanders Bloomberg. I think he has concerns about. I think that the biggest challenge right now is with Bernie Sanders. I think the question is that he will grow, that Electro bass, that the Democrats desperately needs no, but they actually think you’d actually sign. She saw a constituency if that is where the new bases coming from The Challenge, so is that, is he going to turn off a lot of them? Republicans and independents that Bloomberg will actually be able to siphon? Not have a bass biting has a base? Warren has a base and Bernie has a base.

Those are the three and so when you start talking about it, isn’t even working it for a long long time and I have to say the Elizabeth Warren’s Camp she brought in all the from who and Castro the same people who made sure that Hillary one last Time, Nevada, what happens in Nevada will affect what happens in South Carolina, but that he has to do well. They are well got to win and in being, naturally buns African Americans in South Carolina Carolina firewall. If it’s, if Bloomberg actually makes inroads, they are, I mean Havoline North Carolina.

If you see Brighton go down, I’ll, be burning, comes up or whatever. I think that would be a disaster for buying and I think it would be good for Bloomberg going in the super Tuesday speed dating show, and you know for me the big question that we don’t talk about enough is: what is the Democratic party going to stand For is the Democratic party going to be the party of we have to beat Donald Trump at all cost or the Democratic party, which is what it has been for the last 2 years. What Bloomberg is essentially saying? Hey, that’s what I am let go of.

Ideas will vote for, whoever is on the ballot right now cuz. They are feeling nervous, but we also know that that’s going to get them over the top unless they grow that bass, and that has to be a party of ideas – and this is a lot of opportunity. They have to give the vision of the day after Donald Trump is. You know I visit him after right the day right after my inauguration and Donald Trump has done. This is what we’re going to do together. That’S how they have to synthesize it that works at NBC.

News will be hosting the next democratic debate, Wednesday from Las Vegas I’ll, be joined by my colleagues, Lester Holt and Hallie Jackson, Telemundo Vanessa and John Ralston of the Nevada independent as Wednesday at 9 p. m. Eastern Chuck Todd, and thanks for checking out the Meet the Press Channel on YouTube click on the button down here to subscribe and click over here to watch.
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Full Panel: Bloomberg Faces Criticism As Campaign Enters New Phase | Meet The Press | NBC News

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