Full Klobuchar: Bloomberg ‘Just Can’t Hide Behind The Airwaves’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

By | February 17, 2020

Full Klobuchar: Bloomberg ‘Just Can’t Hide Behind The Airwaves’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Klobuchar: Bloomberg ‘Just Can’t Hide Behind The Airwaves’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
Welcome back if there was one constant about senator Amy Klobuchar campaign, it’s that she’s had very strong debate. Performances that didn’t translate into strong whole numbers all that change New Hampshire when her powerful Friday night debate generated big crowds that weekend and a surging third-place finish ahead of Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar joins me now from Las Vegas Senator Klobuchar. Welcome back to Meet the Press car then Las Vegas fun way to tease that, but everybody I think by our count.

You ended up doing more events in answer than any of the other major candidates that did that translated into something there. The end of that campaign, you now or suddenly going from one state campaign to this thing’s about to scale up in a hurry. Are you able to together a campaign in order to become one of the leading FrontRunner and we’re really bored? But what we’ve seen here in Nevada, I got the endorsement of the Las Vegas Sun, and a recent poll in the Review-Journal had me in double-digits.

So that’s a major change for us. What has happened since that debate in just a little over a week is that we raised over 12 million dollars online, mostly from just regular people, new people who go. That’S the first time in that campaign like this, that you’ve seen a surge from people just seeing a debate and deciding you know what I like this person and I think she’s going to have my back and I think she can lead this ticket to Victory, which Is the number one cancer have Democrats? So we are doing multiple events here we had over a thousand people in Reno just a day or two ago in Las Vegas now and we’re just taking this message all over the state.

A hundred million dollars from Michael Bloomberg is what you’re facing, and I say that, because you guys are fighting for the same part of the party here I made it is that has got to be daunting on one hand, you’ve got some money, you can start building A national champagne but you’re facing this Onslaught. Yes, because I do things like go on, your show, take tough questions and then, at the same time he is running more ads on whatever he wants. During that same time, that’s what life is, and I think what needs to happen here is that he needs to go and shows like this, which he hasn’t done.

He just can’t hide behind the Airways. He has to answer questions and, of course I think he should be on that debates date. Eventually, he will be because I can’t beat them on their way, but I can beat them on the debate stage and I think people of America deserve that to make a decision John Sanders wing of the party, whatever you want to call this, the pragmatist, the Centrist, Whatever it, whatever title you want to give to it, it is larger, then what Sanders had, but at the end of the day you guys aren’t pragmatic enough.

Let me show you political wrote. The pragmatic, compromising Democratic moderates apparently can’t pragmatically agree to compromise on a preferred presidential candidate. Instead in the first two contests is, he hasn’t touched 30 % of the vote in either. If you guys don’t coalesce around somebody, he could be the leading delegate guy after super Tuesday and there’s suddenly not enough delegates left to stop them I’ll check. This is a primary and we’re not going to go back in some back room three or four people and just say: okay, you got it, I don’t we’re competing and the voters of this country get to make that decision, and eventually people will drop out of the Race, but right now this is a competition and that’s how it should be.

I also think people understand that what unites us is bigger than what divides us. I was the one on that debate stage when asked: why should we have a socialist leading the ticket? I wasn’t feeling it raised my hand, even though I get along with Bernie, we came into the Senate. Together, we worked on pharmaceutical prices together. My argument is that, while I may not have the money of Michael Bloomberg, I will get the money from people as this goes on. As I emerged stronger candidate, we now we’re going to have teams in every single super Tuesday state I’m starting to travel to these dates and we’re going to be doing event in nearly all of them.

When you have to win some place, the cat just be in Minnesota. We know that’s going to be an opportunity for you where you going to win by super Tuesday, there’s so many states out there, I’m not going to list them all for you, but it’s everything you can just go around the country. I don’t know what Stadol win, but I’m going to do better than anyone imagined there States like Colorado and Utah other states like North Carolina on super Tuesday. There States like Virginia. I can go around the map with you, but now who knows who’s going to win because a lot of us are clustered together in the poll.

I don’t have the biggest Name ID or the biggest bank account, but I have this ability to bring people with me and that’s what you’re, seeing slowly but surely and every single and by the way when the mayor Mayor Bloomberg and the president were going at each Other on Twitter, when the president’s claim that the mayor was 5 foot 4 in the mayor said no he’s taller. I am the only one that has the claim to be 5 foot 4, the only one that President Trump, I guess about Michael Bloomberg. Can you envision supporting him as the Democratic nominee? Somebody who’s been a Democrat, I think only for a couple.

I have been very clear that I am going to support. Whoever comes out of that convention. Who is our Democratic nominee if he is the one that emerges from that convention? I would support him. I still do not think is the best candidate for our country. I don’t think the people look at the guy in the White House and say: Let’s get someone richer. I think my background or Donald Trump got 413 million dollars from his dad in the course of his career and my grandpa money in a coffee can in the basement to send my dad to a community college as he worked in the mines as whole life.

You can’t fit 413 million dollars in a coffee can in the basement. I would also add the Midwest is not fly over country to me live and the people that live there are not poker chips in a bankrupt Casino. Since I’m in Vegas of President Trump’s to me, they are my friends and Neighbours. That’S the area of the country that we need to win and that’s also a strong case. I’M going to have against Michael Bloomberg. If you’re, the Democratic nominee. Are you going to be comfortable accepting funding, help in different ways and in from Michael Bloomberg and there’s a lot of progressive Democratic groups that have received a lot of from him over the years? Is what what is the price of that money? In your mind, right now, I’m just focused on our own campaign and that is based and field so much by those small contributions.

Amy Klobuchar. Com. That’S allowed me to compete a modicum of money to be able to compete on the Airways with Mayor Bloomberg and others. That to me is where I am focused and I believe in the future that have horse when we get a nominee are there is going to be enough money because of the incredible interest of people in this country, not just fired up Democrat, but also Independence and Moderate Republican, like I brought in a New Hampshire like I’m, going to bring in in the they also want to see a change in the white house and they don’t agree with everything.

That’S said on that debate stage, but they agree with me when it comes to a decent paycheck and a patriotism check, even though they may not agree with everything. In that debate stage cited about the Coalition I can put together to beat the president, given some of the things that Michael Bloomberg is said, whether it’s about women in the workplace that he’s been accused of saying or about policing, African Americans redlining things like that, he’s The Democratic nominee does it make the job of going after President Trump’s character harder again, I don’t think he’s the best person to leave the ticket.

I think I am, but I think just like every other candidate like I have come on your multiple times and a number of other candidates have come on and answer tough questions he’s got to do the same thing. He isn’t gone on the Sunday show since he announced and said he’s just running at, and I don’t think you should be able to hide behind at. I think you should not only go on these shows. I also think that he should take the debate stage. That’S why I’ve actually been supportive of him on that debate.

States cuz. I know I can’t beat them on their ways, but I can beat him on the debates, criminal, justice issues, and so are you and I’m curious about this when it comes to your record, there’s been a lot of people have done more analysis of your record over The years as a prosecutor have you read these and these these look back and if you have have you have you sort of wins, do you look back at your career and think why there are some things that if I knew, if I knew then what I Know now, maybe I’d be a different prosecutor.

Maybe I wouldn’t have put so much trust, always in law enforcement and what they say in the witness stand versus what somebody else says. Do you at all acknowledged that maybe your record deserves a different look. Of course, we knew then – and I have always been an advocate for Criminal Justice Reform. That was a tough job. I supervised 10 to 15,000 cases every single year and we did a lot of good work and I was proud of our off how about. We know that there is systemic racism in the criminal justice system, and the answer is, of course something that I worked on when I have that job before being in the Senate is diversifying the office, it is doing things like videotaping interrogation, something I advocated for him.

We had in Minnesota, it is doing eyewitness ID in a different way that limits our racial misidentification. It is what we’re doing now in the Senate, where I’ve been a co-sponsor of the first step, act reduce non by turn sentences and, as president for good or bad. I think having someone that’s actually let on these issues will be a good thing, because I will be able to get that clemency board in place and move on to the second step. Back because I have been T-Pain standings of the goods in the bags of the criminal justice system.

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Full Klobuchar: Bloomberg ‘Just Can’t Hide Behind The Airwaves’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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