Full Biden: I Would Be ‘Most Progressive’ President In History | Meet The Press | NBC News

By | February 17, 2020

Full Biden: I Would Be ‘Most Progressive’ President In History | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Biden: I Would Be ‘Most Progressive’ President In History | Meet The Press | NBC News
Is Vice President welcome back to Meet the Press? I should be back. You know, you’re still the all-time leader among Democrats. I know I haven’t been on lately, but I spent a lot of time on make it the first of quite a few for the the yacht. The hits on your family, the attacks from the president for members of Congress, the fact that that’s what we spent three months publicly having to deal with this well, you know, but I realize that whoever was likely to beat whoever he most feared was going to be.

The victim of some of his affection, no matter who it is, and secondly, what I determine was a president can’t just fight the president has to be able to forgive, and so the dilemmas band. You know how much do I let my frustrations show and how much do I focus on, because Altima is not about me Chuck it’s about the folks. Listen I mean for real about it, as I can only imagine. The angry must have him individually. The cruelty that he’s trying to do to a father and son like this, I don’t know how you haven’t, lost your touch.

Well, I looked my son’s a brilliant honorable guy. He thinks that. , No one’s ever said he didn’t Iran’s all about appearance, but that matter we didn’t count on, as he said, he’s done as he didn’t count on Giuliani and surrounding it. The kind of things he did but look. It is what it is and my dad used to having never explain, never complain. I had it not been exceedingly word, he knows. If I get the nomination, I’m going to beat him, I got to ask even ask about Lindsey, Graham before what kind of violation of your friendship has been.

You know, Lindsey. I went out of my way from Lindsay and Lindsay recorded things that were so. You know about what a wonderful guy am when I watched how Lindsay responded Under Pressure to John McCain, mutual friend John and I went at each other hammer and Tong, but no deathbed. He asked me to do his eulogy. We were friends, he was honorable. He was decent and it just stunned me that he did not respond to to the attacks on John that were made by this President, so viciously he and the way he hurt the family, and so I am not surprised, I’m disappointed.

He was friends with Jill. As friends with bow, what was the franden out of the blue just so rapidly change, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m not going to waste time. We become prison United States, so you’ll take that phone call to fill ever. If it’ll ever give me that phone, you know, remember and we’re walking. If you had me read the manuscript were walking over to the senate for a vote. He was in the know he gave it to Dole everybody to read and walking over and the guy who pulled the trigger saying I had done something bad was on the other side of the street Tops on Wave Mission.

Richard Ben Cramer is password reset. Are you sure, you’re Irish? Have you thought about the fact that the president’s campaign against you and your son might have been affected, the main that it might have cost uiowa? I can’t I can’t focus on that check. I got to focus on the future. I got to focus on how do we? How do we end this. ? How do we literally, I wrote about restore the soul? I mean it’s just being eaten out. It’S been eating away the cruelty, the viciousness the way he’s pissed people again, because because one of his family members making fun of the fact I stuttered just like out of the blue – and he shows up and campaigns here for meeting Los Angeles and it’s about it.

Just the go heat, and so he calls it. It goes beyond being negative about it. American people are watching President Trump in the last couple of weeks. What lessons do you think he is learned from impeachment? In fact, he’s been released, any shackles were on them called the Constitution. I’Ve never seen anyone a chairman of the Judiciary Committee for years and years, no one, no one, including Richard Nixon. I was there at the end of his term. No-One is weaponized, I mean weaponized. The Department of Justice, no one Hobart, is worried that he’s now pushing back a little bit.

No, I don’t. I don’t because look look. What he’s doing to hand over any any self-respecting Republican or Democratic top-flight lawyer would have just resigned by now. In my view, it’s just the things that are being done so beyond the pale claims, he has a constitutional right to get involved. Any attorney general is not his private lawyer, not his private lawyer and that’s historically with the Constitution was designed to make sure didn’t happen and that’s what he’s made and I have Rudy Giuliani report.

His lawyer reporting the Attorney General of going to I mean this is beyond the pale me talk about the campaign, something you wrote in your book before you launch the campaign. You were talking about the 2016 campaign. You might’ve run 16. You weren’t going to do a cautious trim around the edge of campaign. You thought that was pointless. Joe Biden for president was going to be big. Anything less just wasn’t worth it. You look at this campaign now. Can you say this is not a cookie camp and you feel, like you, are running something different running something bigger.

Some of your supporters feel like there’s nothing urgency that they want out of you, credit components, you’re attacking me, I mean I got involved. I was viewed as a front-runner i, the target of my back. I’Ve been put through the test and I thrown a lot of that. A lot at me and said, misrepresentation, and – and so I have to ask myself whether or not it is it, is Ben Wise to be a sort of polite and not negative. Chuck are big and bull. I mean this idea that I’m not the progressive in the race, my Lord, if, if I get elected president position on the middle class, those Progressive administration’s in American history, but what we’re up against these things that are almost like, you know, Medicare for all three leaving Bernie’S now how much it cost for who knows we’ll find out.

I think that’s crazy. We we don’t know, I mean big. Have you ever been able to put together Coalition at bring along Republicans and all the Democrats to get things done and the idea that mean it’s almost and prose and India Nuna have to legislate? People are looking for more than anything else is authenticity you going to get me out of this. Are you going to figure a way through here? Health Care in at Bernie’s never got nothing done about Healthcare Medicare for all universal healthcare for 35 years nothing’s happened.

I help moving forward. I got the votes, I’m in a position where I take something that I promise you I’ll get done. We take Obamacare. We allow people like out here in Nevada. What’S going on, berni requires and Elizabeth requires you to give up all private insurance. These folks, a broken or next to color Union numbers to get the most comprehensive Healthcare. That’S out there and they’ve, given up wages for it now, they’re being told you got to give it up, 30 trillion dollars are more and I can’t tell who’s going to pay for it.

This is so tired of the lack of straightforwardness out there. I really believe that you have to lay out why you’re doing what you’re doing is how you’re going to get it done. You are trying to do something that historically, the Democratic party has never done, which is you’re, trying to win the presidency after running. For the presidency before, as you know, three successful candidates for president take Carter or are Clinton or Brock overwhelming support from the African-American Community. I have overwhelming support.

You can’t win, you can’t take it. For last time you wanted was basically taken for granted. I’M the only one who has the record and has the background and has the support they know me. They know who I am. Are you concerned that 300 million dollars support America generation record? There’S a lot to talk about Michael Bloomberg: you’re, not you all are going to start focusing on him like you have on me, which I’m not complaining like you have on me, the last 6 months you’re going to focus on in his position on issues related fish To the way he talked about Obama, to I mean what kind of issues like guns he was real loud, but if you notice he wouldn’t even door sprocket 2008.

He did he win endorsement. You know he endorsed. Bush endorse the Republican before that would not endorsing it. Take a look at the stop-and-frisk proposal. Just take a look at his house. Ideas on redlining is talking about. You. Take a look at what he’s done relative to the African American community, Michael on issues related to know what we’re going to face and super not until Tuesday and the other was a Republican. No, don’t surprise me say about the state of today you’re awful hard to go out of the windows.

The base supported the Democratic party, the African Americans, Latinos and working class white folks and put that Coalition together. That’S how you win election. You put that coalition to go. I was stunned. You didn’t do as well in the Manchester in Dubuque, you’re middle class jail in both places. I think Bernie spent 25 billion dollars. I haven’t spent the time and starting to happen now. I haven’t spent the time going out doing the fundraisers and moving the way I have a 1200 now online were raised in about four hundred thousand bucks a day and we have a fundraisers that are online and we got a lot of units support now.

So, but I think you’re right that my being outspent has had an impact. How confident are you in this caucus process? Well, I’m here we’re going to try. You saw what does the debacle in Iowa and now you have here there going to be a early voting. How do you tabulate those paper ballots? How did I could camp what’s and I’m just hoping they have planned my job, how to run the caucus, but the run in the caucus, and so when I’m going to do is talk about what I’m going to try to change. What my proposals, how we’re going to make the country better while I’m so optimistic about our prospects and and hope they get it right Carolina line? Is it when you have to win that? I think you have to do really well in the actor that, within on March, 4th we end up with going into all the states with the polling.

Data is now showing me doing incredibly well, weather is North Carolina or Georgia or Texas, or any of those other places. So this is an apt comparison. Bill Clinton want lost his first eight 10, 12 primaries and caucuses before anyone want. I don’t plan on taking that long, but we’re just getting to the meat of getting to that. The number delegates you need to able to win this election and I’m confident we’re going to be in good shape. The rules are such that they put in at some sort of contested convention almost inevitable, given how this process has been designed and how quick all these nuts get awarded.

Most of these delegates are going to have already been allocated by the end of March. Well, that’s true, I don’t think that’s why I think it’s so important that I do well on super Tuesday that I do well in the states that I’m looking awfully good in now. Is your goal to be the presumptive front runner at the end of March parties in for some trouble is in first, I think then we get into. I worry about a bidding war here and butt. Look what the three four hundred million dollars so far: they’re talkin about combined spending, a billion and a half dollars.

You know it’s really can turn some heads Amanda. But look. I don’t have time to worry about that now. I just got to make my Kevin, and I said to you heard me say before everybody knows why I think I can change this country want to watch mr. by the possibilities, if your job as you get this nomination or you’re the leading Galaga guy, going into That conventions going to be whose job is it to you night around the nominee, the nominees job get the party with them or just the party in both those that have been vanquished? Is it their job to get behind the mountain? Much more self-evident was last time, because now everybody knows what the alternative is everybody.

How do you avoid the Sanders? Clinton split? Well because I think no one really that didn’t think that Trump was going to be any, but they didn’t have any idea how pernicious and then what I want to prevent, how much you miss representation, how dirty plays in politics and all that Kearney show goes through Town once and there’s no pain or any of the three shells set timer goes through. People have a different view. Bernie Sanders is a guy who says he’s going to support the nominee and he’s all in you confident his supporters will do that.

Are you worried that some of his supporters than you think if his supporters are attacking Culinary Union members look, he may not be responsible for it, but he has some accountability. I’M going to not put your put you in a spot, you know. Did you know I want to know if any of my supporters did, that I disown them flat, disown them the stuff that was set online? The way they threaten these two women who are leaders in that color unit? It is outrageous. Just just go online. Invite anybody to go and take a look, the things they said, the vicious, malicious misogynistic things.

They said the threats they put out find out, see what’s going on. , I’m hoping he’s looking, but I tell you what so far I don’t think it’s sufficient just to say. I disassociate myself thanks. Thank you. Thank you for said hello from Washington on Chuck Todd and thanks for checking out the Meet the Press Channel on YouTube, click on the button down subscribe and click over here to watch.
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Full Biden: I Would Be ‘Most Progressive’ President In History | Meet The Press | NBC News

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