FULL 2020 First Round NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl

By | February 14, 2020

FULL 2020 First Round NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl
FULL 2020 First Round NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl
This Mach 1.0. For me, I am using what traditionally has happened for these team trying to pick players that fit well. They traditionally going after based on what we know about the GM head coach and how they attempted the Builder. The Cincinnati Bengals picking won the Washington Redskins picking to where you got them taken, so we can make it easy. This is Nati Bengals take Joe burrow from LSU. They get their franchise quarterback. The guy who is, I mean, I become a HomeTown hero because he’s where you grew up to Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to upgrade the quarterback position. They want someone that can give them a little more spunk than Andy Dalton with yo bro. Is that got when you watch them play at LSU? You saw I had that magical season as he led them to the Nash Championship. When we talked about him quick decision maker more athletic than most people give him credit for big game, Moxie toughness, all the intangibles that you look for it just sounds like he is there right franchise quarterback for the Bengals, I’m with you at night, when you heard The Zac Taylor talking about what he wanted in his quarterback and he just said.

I just want to win her game last year. You know we talked about getting in the right system with the right pieces around him. He can be special, I don’t know necessarily just dropped Joe burrow anywhere and he and he’s going to elevate everybody else around. But I think we have some pieces in place. He can take the whole group up to a very high level and I think they have some nice pieces and play turn Cincinnati and I do feel like he’s the right fit there for that team. Now the Redskins Buck, there’s a quarterback last year, is Dwayne Haskins yep.

Is there any chance that they entertain doing what the Arizona Cardinals did win that water yeah? I don’t think so. I think maybe it’s an interesting conversation is to Taco bout it take if I lower it was healthy and ready to go. Maybe you have that conversation between do you take to over to Wayne, but I think this is a situation where you have a coach. You entire career playing on defense. I think Ron Rivera is going to take a pass rusher Chase Young from Ohio State. That is going to be as big, and I think the reason why it works is.

When you look at this Redskins defense players, they really try to invest in the front line, but it’s still missing kind of like what I would call that Crown Jewel on the defense of why what Chase young is a guy? When you look at his length his athleticism, I think Ron Rivera could easily Envision him being his of the Julius Peppers that he had at Carolina, and so you have to be able to knock down the passage we talked about. The Marquis positions in football quarterback left tackle, pass rusher in corner.

Well, they need another pass-rusher to go opposite run. Imma go chasing. I think he’s one of the best defensive lineman that we’ve seen coming to National Football League in a long time and he’s a generational Talent, yeah and, and somebody pushed back on me and police. So I think because they said we’ll look. They’Ve just had the most boys come out of Ohio State. I mean it’s as good as it gets in the National Football League. Right now I can say generational talent, I said well, there’s a difference between a generational player in a generational Talent.

The poster boys are phenomenal players Chase young that just bigger longer a little more range you little more athletic. So it’s that’s to me. What makes him a generational Talent not to Discount anything. Those guys have done, and not necessarily even saying, he’s a better football player than those guys. You just don’t see guys like this come around very often you don’t see gas come around like this very often, I think, here’s the distinction that I would make between Chase Young and the Bolsa boys.

I think there were times worth even last year. Whatever went both, it was healthy. I think you could go to tape it. . What’S your eyes are attracted to number two because he’s long he’s athletic, he’s disruptive and I know people will talk about Owen the biggest games. It seemed like you didn’t do anything we have any missed. Two games has 6 and 1/2 sacks you just don’t have that kind of production, you playing it a legit conversation you and I have talked about Zack production. Translating I think, when you look at Chase Young and the physical traits that he has two production, that he has the motor the intensity.

The intangibles there’s a lot to like about him and I think if I’m the bank on a pass-rusher popping at the next level, I will make off that guy that can check off number of boxes that you looking for here. You got the Lions going with Jeffrey okudah, the corner from Ohio State. My take on that real, quick Buck on that. I think it’s. You know what I do a trade, these mock drafts and got the trade spot. They can potentially slide back. If you coming up for quarterback there’s some talk, maybe they could be in the Justin Herbert business, but with a Cuda.

You mentioned herein a little ride up here. At you say Detroit: does it typically take Corners day, one, but his game match at the lion steam? It fills their biggest defensive need and I want an echo that by saying Jeffrey okudah to Me, comparison wise reminds me a lot of stuff Gilmore, and that is the Bill. Belichick Matt, Patricia that defensive scheme you see what they can do with those type of guys. I don’t know, there’s much difference between a Kudos game and what Stephon Gilmore has been at the NFL level is funny that you brought up another Patriot because in my mind I said he remind me a little bit of Darrelle Revis in terms of that toughness to Physicality and I’ll talk about the prime Darrelle Revis that was really involved in the running game and doing those things when I look at a cooler of food is exactly what I want in a corner.

Not only does he have the ability to play in the past game, Wiki, Happy Buddha, teas physically. , But his willingness to mix it up in the Run game makes him the total package. I believe he’s different than Denzel Ward Marshon Lattimore to me he’s the most complete of all of those got may not be the most. What the most complete when you look at is 207 all right. How about jedrick wills here number for the Giants is them that are blocker to protect that Young quarterback. If there’s some debate on which of these offensive tackle that you would select this number one, because it’s really a solid offensive tackle class because you have Angie Thomas, you got worse, you have you have all of these guys at bring different Talent.

I’M just saying that he’s going to go with a blue collar rough and rugged, I’m seated Wheels the one for you do not sleep on works from Iowa to Dave gettleman special there. He loves works, so yeah work’s, going a little bit later on here. In the top, ten will get to him in a minute, but just another name to keep an eye on it. I do I feel in my phone knowing how they operate. Traditionally, this is an offensive. Lineman help protect her Young quarterback did. The matter was going to be: yes, it does matter trying to figure out which one fits for them attention that you bring up the Iowa and worse conversation, because when you think about which schools typically reduce guys at play, it reminds me of Norman Redskins, still training, Shirt and everyone’s a man: how can they take someone like that so early, but a lot of it was because I was in a really good job of producing these technically sound players have to come out and plug-and-play right away.

Maybe a conversation that the good thing for us. We have many more generations of my draft to go to the Chargers 5 and 6 to quarterback Spotswood. You have nowhere to the Miami Dolphins and then I have Justin Herbert going La Chargers, and I’m a save. The Dolphins have always had the eye on 202 is kind of the guy kind of fits the profile. If you think all the way back to when Nick Saban was not able to get the quarterback that he wanted, when he was there, which is Drew Brees waneta, maybe Dolphins may get a gas, have some Drew Brees light traced.

We’Ve talked about quick-release, quick minded. Ball comes out. Does a great job of making things happen when he’s around it, with a support cast, have some special qualities when it comes to his leadership skills, I think it Miami or what you’re doing and what they’re building. I think you would be a great fit their and there for the Chargers, Justin Herbert and I’m a say in my mind I think Justin Herbert is maybe an unappreciated talk to your quarterback prospect, and I must say that part of it is play like he didn’t Play great as a junior and some of those big game and then as a senior for most of the years kind of nondescript kind of pedestrian.

For the last two games that we saw him play the Pac-12 championship game, the Rose Bowl. Look like a player that can manage the game at a high-level. More importantly, he brought the leadership qualities that we wanted to see. He’S never going to be the fiery leader that we grown accustomed to loving like a Tom Brady, but I do believe in his own way. He certainly can. the guys – and I think the tool set is everything that you look for in a position athletic Big Arm. Big-Time playmaker, usually they always say when you when you leave somebody you leave of kosher general manager, always trying to find the opposite of what you just got rid of it, Philip Rivers doves does Von.

It stands to reason that the mobility will factor into this whole thing get somewhere. They can move around a little bit, especially as it’s offensive line. I have some holes to fill their. I having a guy with some Mobility, would definitely help him & Herbert wood would fit that bill. All right. We get to us 7. Let’S go 7th 9-year Derrick Brown. You have going to the Carolina Panthers at 7 Andrew Thomas, The Tackle going to protect Kyler Murray to Arizona at 8 and then Isaiah Simmons, arguably the best athlete the entire draft going to jagz at 9, India, Arie Brown, and why this would work.

I think at some point we talked about building a teens and building your team on defense has got to be strong right down the middle. I don’t know if you can find a better player on the inside than Derek Brown. I just love what he brings to the table and turn to besides his length is, as you look at the rotation of the guys they were kind of playing with inside it just have to get better. It just have to find a way to kind of get more players more disruptive players last year to get Brian Burns Burns.

He gives him he can give them that set production off the edge, but at some point you have to have a disruptive inside Force. I think this is a guy that can help them for the Cardinals. It’S about protecting Kyler Murray Andrew Thomas for Georgia gives them an upgrade on the edges, and I know they try to do it. With. Humphreys, but I think at some point you may want better. Here’S a picture that Isaiah 7 for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t really know where he fits. I just know he’s a really really good player and I don’t think you can go wrong.

Adding good players to a diva. That already has several good young Dynamic players figure out how you want to deploy Isaiah Simmons, but somewhere on that Jacksonville defense. He would help this quad maybe get over the hump when it comes to their defense. I’M thinking about three things here when it comes to build your team in the AFC is a Jags trying to do here and I think of let’s forecast it out for the next decade right. We talked about trying to build your team to not only win your division, but y’all got to win your conference right.

You only get in the pool at everybody’s Golf and when I look at who are the teams you’re going to have to knock off, we have the Patriots were that team for 15 plus years that that is getting ready to sail that ships getting ready to sail. So you’re, looking at the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson and attracting they’ve built there looking at the Kansas City Chiefs in this year’s Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes Tyreek Hill, they built their. Then you go inside the division with the Houston Texans, with DeShaun Watson and Fuller and Hopkins, and they have a track team offensively there as well.

You better get athletic and you better get fast on defense. If you’re going to try and survive your way to the playoffs in the AFC, did she talk about it because, as you know, as we worked in buildings, the one thing that everyone does at the end of the regular season? Is you at the end of the postseason, the playoffs in the Super Bowl? You look at the final four teams and you try to figure out. Are there any common traits that exists that maybe we to match to give ourselves a chance to get back into title contention? You talked about Baltimore, Kansas City, where that was one number one and number two Seas respectively in the AFC.

Both of those teams are Dynamic. On the outside, you have to be able to deal with the speed that they have on the outside. You also need to have someone that can match the improvisational skills of their quarterback and somebody athleticism. So, yes, you need to compile a fast team that can handle all of those threats. Yeah, it’s changing the way that you have to build your team win. Those team may be lording over the AFC for the next 45 years. Are let’s go to the Cleveland Browns at 10, I was protecting Sam darnold has got to be the number one goal for this team in the offseason CD lamp big-time receiver, going to the Oakland Raiders, give them a weapon.

Jerry jeudy followed up those two guys right. Next to each other, he goes to the Fulton 13 town of defensive, tackle we saw at the the Senior Bowl he goes to the bucks at 14 and Auntie Higgins. Another wide receiver going to the Denver, Bronco so kind of offensive lineman wide receivers here in this industry, prefix pro. What’S your number 11 in from Louisville, because it hasn’t been a lot of conversation about it. Maybe in the media space about this guy that you and I have talked and how this guy is really catching a lot of attention and the thing that stands out about back then athleticism when you go when you got a dig into the twitterverse, you begin to Find these clips of him playing basketball, you see the light feat, you see the changes Direction.

You see the way that he is able to move to me he’s the prototypical left tackle that plays for 10-plus years in the league and has a lot did we go to wide receiver Alec and I think it’s going to be interesting. How to view the wide receiver position, we’ve talked about and they’re, like 2222 wide receivers that will be drafted in the first three rounds that look like they can absolutely play Soul. Did you take those guy, in the reason why these three to me make it into the first round ceedee lamb is kind of that catch-and-run specialist, with the physicality and toughness that you like reminds me a little bit of DeAndre Hopkins and turned it the way that He makes these 50/50 catch Jerry jeudy is the most polished and precise route-runner of the bunch and it tee Higgins.

It’S just kind of that. Big ball 50/50 winner on the perimeter. However, you stack these guys. I think it’s undeniable that these guys difference makers. They just do it in their own different way. It’S whatever flavor that you want, and you know, used to be back in the day. You would have just one receiver column and then it got to the point you have a receiver you’d have in it. When I go through in my list book, I’m really putting them into three different categories, which is you’ve, got your slot receivers.

You’Ve got your technicians, write your overall route Runners and then you’ve got your your speed guide your open, so it’s whatever whatever one of those guys that you’re looking forward to find and you’ve got to try and see. Okay, we’re good in this area. We want one of these guys because comparing the two like, if you’re, going to compare a t Higgins to a to a Henry rug, for example, Alabama Physicians, basically going to different things guys to each other. You talk about this, like guys to technicians without a few.

Is the rock Runners and then speak out? I think you almost have to add that that big body category insurance for it on the outside, because when you have tee Higgins, he falls into that category kind of like that dick X receiver, that most things look for. We have talked about building your wide receiver Corps. Much like a basketball team. You have a bunch of different guys with a diverse skill-set that compliment one another. I think that’s what we’re doing, because each of these words just that we just talked about lamb, Judy and Higgins, none of their games or figure something I don’t know.

Might want to take us to pick 16 through 20. Okay, so Calif on Jason Goes to Atlanta. Henry rugg’s goes to the Dallas Cowboys and 17 DJ Henderson cornerback from Florida goes to the Miami Dolphins, Kenneth, Murray, linebacker Oklahoma goes to the Raiders and 820 Trevon Diggs quarterback from Alabama goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars Caleb on chasing from LSU, and it’s hard for me To kind of really put up solid great on him, because I think I’ve been burned by LSU defenders in Edge players for so long that I just don’t know what to make of them.

Back-To-Back Avis, Bingo Arden key. I just don’t know how these guys kind of transition to the pros, and so when I look at chasing, I see the athleticism. I see the burst ice explosion, which is why it makes him a good fit Atlanta Falcons. I just don’t know how you hoes up when you stack him with the rest of the pass rushers that could be available. It’S interesting. You know you can kind of look at it and say: well, you you’ve got a big-time that came out of LA bingo. I thought there was some legitimate questions about his place: drink in college in that definitely carried over to the next level.

The challenge will be with the Atlanta Falcons, having missed on some Edge players, because I think when you look at Chase on and you and you look at epenesa from Iowa Vanessa is a safer pick. He’S got more production. Is you know exactly what you’re buying with him think he’s going to end up climbing up to the process as we go, but then you’ve got Chase on who it’s just an athletic special athlete, but hasn’t put it all together yet to you in a little bit On the future – and I just wonder if the Atlanta Falcons having some mrs.

on the edge rushers Buck, if they can save him to be more conservative in their approach like that, that is. That is really a very rational. Take on the situation because, as you and I know like you, have scars in this business, you have scars from your misses and, if you’re really kind of affect how you think about the next one. And so, when you think about the misses and we won’t Flatout mrs. , We will say Vic, Beasley & Tack, McKinley haven’t really given them to consider the fact that they wanted, and so both of those guys are very similar in terms of the way that they play Speed vs off the edge kit, turn speed power after Legion baby than this early.

Do it as Pro so now you talkin about chasing another guy that you’re trying to figure out can he evolve and develop. I think it really comes down to who is your d-line coach and how confident do you feel about him begin developing individual player, AJ epenesa is the guy that certainly is kind of like a safer pick in terms of you know what you’re getting higher floor, lower Ceiling, so what are you going to bank on if you fell Trevon Diggs, interesting player, 2, expanding ball skills at toughness awareness, the stopwatch will be big for him.

If he could run even in just a little 452 Buckeye think you, I think you nailed it. I think this is kind of the range of where he will go, but they’re really The Longstreet. The only question on his game. All right: let’s go, let’s go through 21. Through 25 hear you got laviska shenault, going to the Philadelphia Eagles receiver out of Colorado epenesa. We just mentioned going to the bills at 22, Xavier McKinney, the safety from Alabama outstanding player, going to the Patriots. 23 24 touch on this one, Jordan love the quarterback from Utah State goes to the Saints and then twenty-five.

The safety thing going here. Grant delpit goes to the Minnesota Vikings. You got a touchdown that part had lunch bill player a guy with enough password skills kind of make it to me. This is about fit and when you think about the Buffalo Bills, in the guys, if they’ve taken of late blue-collar, guys great workers kind of Nam, just he’s got to go about their business, he fits their profile. The big conversation that we have to have 20 for the New Orleans Saints and Jordan love. I just can’t imagine a guy like a Sean Payton.

I can imagine him looking at you or not. What about all the possibilities of what could be be able to look at the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday and see if Pat Mahomes and see Pat Mahomes do all this fantastic stuff, not saying that you would love is that guy? But I think if you squint hilarities in terms of the arm talent in the athleticism and the combination of such maybe just maybe a proven quarterback developer, like a Sean Payton. Who was the trigger right here to get the guy? That will eventually be The Heir Apparent to Drew Brees to see what the Saints do.

They done a lot of homework on quarterbacks over the last few years. I know they’ve had Teddy, who who was undefeated when he was out there for him, but I continue to just your case and he’ll, be there in a murder with what they could potentially do full-time with somebody like taysom see what Drew Brees decides if he wants To come back and play another year, but even if he does come back, obviously they have to be thinking about the future. Is that guy taysom Hill or could it be? Somebody, like Jordan, love that’ll, be able to see what direction they end up, going just a difference that you saw when you look at a Xavier McKinney in a grant delpit involved in the Run game.

He’S Tuffy’s physical, you think about positioning these guys. He is more of a strong safety. Grassy delpit is going to kind of make himself a free safety, the biggest thing that you have a great deal of the athleticism deranged and all that the tackling too many missed tackles on the perimeter we have. So many of these wide receivers are basically are running backs on the perimeter that can get away and one-on-one situations. Your safety has to be a surer tackle. You have to be able to secure guys and get him to the ground, and I just don’t know based on watching they’ll fit first half of the season in the second half I don’t know which one’s going to show up at a facility.

That’S why I got McKinney over him. I have McKinney over delpit. Is a player as well just had some injuries that definitely factored in this this year, but I do think you hit it for you. Look at McKinney. He can drop down actually had him help with some of the communication download with the injuries they had to linebacker position, very, very good in that area and then delpit. I think it plays him over the stock and play a kind of that high safety for you to really good players, but won’t you take us 26.

All the way to the Finish Line to your Miami Dolphins, D’Andre, Swift, running back from Georgia from Penn State Kristian. Fulton LSU, going to Baltimore Davison Edge player from Auburn, won Tennessee Jalen reagor wide receiver from TCU going to the Packers at 31. San Francisco 49ers AJ Terrell quarterback from Clemson and the Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl champions Edge player from Boise State. A couple of these guys here, first of all, D’Andre Swift – I like this. This thing, yeah, I’m with you on the Dolphins, may be trying to fix one side of the line, one side of the ball instead of just spread out the resource.

Actually I talked to Chris Grier about this at the Senior Bowl, the general manager. I brought up that same topic. I said when you look at this: offseason is there now you need a lot of things if there’s some thought process to, let’s just focus on one area and try and fix it or is it spread resources evenly across the board, didn’t look at the supply and Then we’re going to look at you know where we think we can get Value Inn. If this is a draft, you know where you feel like you got some depth in one position.

Maybe they’ll go in position early, knowing they can swing back and get out of the position late, so it wasn’t so much offense offense, driven it’s just really really honing in on value of Miami Dolphin. One I think you have to like with Brian Flores, has started to put in play something to coccetti’s created. They play hard for him. They may not be the most down the team, but I think they will give you everything they have for 60 minutes. When I look at this office and that the account. They they start to get some production room, DeVante Parker dad just a key inside of tide in everybody back there was a bit of a hole in it, so they need some explosions.

I think Swift would give them that they still need to fix the office a lot but you’re right. We have talked about in team building. Is it better to build up aside and let that side of the bar care of you? While you go to the other side, obviously, if you want to usher in a new quarterback Willis way to get into pieces, so they all can grow together. On that side, it made me a free agency. You have some older players on the other side of the ball that can sure that defense will see how they like to go.

But you think it’s something got the Miami Dolphins are seriously considering a let’s just build a one-sided just tried to help him or thoughts or Jalen reagor can really fly their PCU. He goes to the Green Bay Packers. I think the Packers they’re lost in the postseason. We discussed it buck Firepower. They’Ve got to get some more weapons around Aaron Rodgers, a regular will give them that AJ Terrell Clemson fall long athletic corner. You mentioned eventual successor there, a potentially to a guy like Richard Sherman in and Curtis Weaver to the Chiefs case.

Bad body good player right just a little bit but a little bit but he’s a very, very good play. Dj Vinny watch him and he said the Mountain West record for sacks. He broke. Jerry Hughes is old, Mark Finnegan, 34 and 1/2. Sacks when it’s time at Boise State and what I like about a man, I love the motor out of the first step. Quickness deep house is off the wall like a cat and you’re right. It is not the best body. I mean he’s a little cookie Joey, where you can watch him in the middle.
FULL 2020 First Round NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl

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