Friday evening forecast 14/02/20

By | February 16, 2020

Friday evening forecast 14/02/20
Friday evening forecast 14/02/20
Hello welcome your latest updates from the metal Fest Stone Dennis is on the way will be quite as powerful in terms of its wind strength of stone carrot last weekend, so the winds could still pull some disruption. Heavy rain is going to be a problem. This weekend’s, with Amber warnings in force real likelihood of for the flooding storm system, is intensifying right. Now it’s in the open Waters of the Atlantic being powered along and intensified by a very strong, just look: how Dennis really intensify Ray Nichols parts of the South when to pick up in the west again later in the night and stone tennis starts to approach temperature Frost Rotom, Michael schoeffling, but temp agency, starting to rise at once more as the winds pick up in double-digits across the South.

Norfolk, Cold & I’d hit first thing and then his back most parts of the UK between pretty soggy by Saturday lunchtime, not just wet, but also when they now the winds are likely to reach 40 50 miles an hour in places in line around Coast. We could see goes to 60 to 70 miles an hour. Look at all the heavy rapid ticket Accord, parts of the West. That is what we’re particularly concerned about through Saturday and into Sunday, will be quiet either. Way. He’s a little bit later. Annika Scotland and Northern Ireland might brighten up for time here, but they found a training sticks around of a northern England spots of Wales into Saturday night and still heavy and persistent right as we go into Sunday still very Gusty conditions.

All set: let’s take a look at the Wind and Rain warnings covering it with all parts of the UK, some places with the same area, and we have these warnings. In. building up my said, giving the potential for flooding other one’s noticed on mascara, because Kira came through last weekend. Thing could be weakened and it’s been a very Lively. We could weather so they could beat for the disruption, trees, down power outages as well, but sound Sunday weather on Sunday morning. The winds from seizing a little bit through the course of the day is still staying very West Coast, the South and then later that I the wind, start to pick up again.

So we have another yellow warning in Foursquare Northern Britain into a Monday, because Dennis is lingering his somebody’s child about rain, pushing across the South slowly petering out something about dry, rub right to developing of a northern England and Wales Nichols the fox out the afternoon. It’S dry up at that right again, just building up over the 48 hours Stockton, Northern Artemis, the snow showers over the hills. With this strong winds, making blizzards temperature but feeling very much weather fronts, building right across the South into Sunday.

The storm dentist and moves his wife, Snowden sculpture, the isobars pinch together again, so it’s still very windy on Sunday night into Monday, like response of the north. So what’s going on Heavy Rain flooding, storm Dennis and still some Gusty winds. There are a number of weather warnings in force, ants that constantly being monitored, make sure you stay up-to-date. This storm will affect different parts of the country at different times and in different ways to make sure your weather aware of what we’re going through.

Best way to do that. Do the warnings on our websites, you can download the app where you can follow us on social media.
14 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin

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