Friday afternoon forecast 14/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Friday afternoon forecast 14/02/20
Friday afternoon forecast 14/02/20
Hello, welcome to your latest updates from the vet’s office on stool Dennis arriving this weekend. The winds last weekend, but nevertheless it could be disruptive and we have Amber weather warnings in. For the rain for real threat of further flooding. This weekend a stone tennis arise. I just like Ciara and storm system developing of these insides of Canada, 6 to 12 hours, ahead of it as another low pressure system heading toward Iceland and it’s weather from bringing some running around during Friday afternoon from west to east, increasingly cloudy in the Northwest.

It’S the winds continue to strengthen so the pots of Wales in Southwest England. That rain will spread in the southeast of England’s through the night Scotland, in the clear skies, and then we stopped see the wind’s picking up in the west, and this is the first real sign of storm at dentist said between now and Saturday morning. That storm system will travel across the Atlantic and really intensified moving across the country throughout the weekend, the isobars always remained pretty close together and even on Monday, Dennis is still around or two or three days, a potentially severe weather from this storm system.

Shelby right across much of England and wealth here comes the first round of rain from Dennis heavy rain moving in most parts of the UK by Saturday lunchtime, looking wet and windy. The winds across the country, like it’s reach, 40 or 50 MI in lamp, know quite a strong is kyrat last weekend, but because of damage because things been weakened, that for a lively week of weather, does kind of guests could still cause some disruption and around Coast Ghost of 60 to 70 miles an hour against a large ways, flooding in Southwest Scotland from the rain as well, because you can see here bright, colors for Weston Hills, heavy rain persisting for much of Saturday capitalized already, but not feeling well.

Mild with it wet in The windy weather, which will it persist in England and Northern Ireland who else is like this because I masturbate the flooding get situation, has always remained pretty Lively. New set of weather warnings, in. Steel, with Saturday’s. First of all, the number of amber rain warnings with particular concerns about rain, falling onto saturated ground, causing more flooding and disruption with Raul, cell Wind and Rain warnings. A large chunk of the country on Saturday by Sunday, both particular amber rain warnings.

The winds may even talk of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but then they like to pick up again on Sunday afternoon, so we have another wind warning in force here. At the same time, cuz England wins should Best Buy Sunday afternoon, but a little while. Right, still folding step again and the rain warnings are still in force he’s at least four times a whole host of shaft packing in to the Northwest fitting a bit cooler here. On Sunday, as well into the team, for the winds then start to strengthen once more, the northwest side has a lot going on with storm Dallas make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest warnings.

The storm affect different parts of the country at different times, but made headlines heavy right. Flooding is likely on his Gusty. Winds are likely to cause further disruption to you can see them on a website like downloading at the very latest, by following us on social media.
14 February – National weather forecast presented by Alex Deakin

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