French women may be the biggest losers under Macron’s pension reform plan

By | December 11, 2019

French women may be the biggest losers under Macron’s pension reform plan
French women may be the biggest losers under Macron’s pension reform plan
President macron’s pension sauce Jean Pool., Why the High Commissioner full pension reform has repeatedly come and say that women will be the big winners from this plant. Everyone is so convinced person for the new hotel at or in English. Our pensions collected fewer just wants to be referred to, as I got. Thank you very much for coming into it this pension reform, because the government has decided to fries at 14 % of our GDP, the amount of money we give to our pension system, and this will lead to a decrease of the pension level of everyone. Women & Men included, and we are a bit afraid of the impact that this reform could have on women, especially in terms of their financial autonomy when they are retired. If you certain women, who will certain sections of women that will suffer more than others under these changes that have been put forward by the American government, it is with this reform. The government really attacks the financial autonomy women when they are retired, for example, they tell us that they will give a 5 % increase of pension for every kid that you have in your family, that this increase of pension is 5 %. You 2 divided in the couple inside the couple, so you have to decide who will get this money out and in my couple, for example, my companion gets more money that I get so obviously we’re going to choose him to get this increased so really attacks the Financial autonomy of women, but we also know that widows will be attacked in our current system. Widow’S can benefit from a part of their deceased husband’s pension they die and in the new system that is proposed to us by Michelangelo. This part of pension will only be accessible at the age of 62, so women will have to wait until they are 62 who retired to get this money, so they are going to suffer a big difference in terms of standard of living. Agree on any level. I agree that it’s maybe complicated, even though it’s quite as simple to understand that our current system really guarantees a level of pension, because it says it is a defined benefits system. The contrarily, the system that is proposed West by Michael, which is a contribution to find system. But I agree that women suffer a lot and in the system because of the page can pay Gap because of career guest career inequalities. We have in France, and that is an issue that should be addressed by the government parts of his presidency, this pension reform, what is pension reform plant? In your view, a shared thoughts or just hot air intake the rubbish. How could I say that to repair to take care of the issues that are created in the professional life? If that’s simple Vents and that’s an issue, I think the pay Gap is a problem holidays and that – and I don’t think that is – it is today addressed by the government as well.
France’s high commissioner for pension reform has repeatedly maintained that women will be the “big winners” of the government’s new pension reform proposals. But advocates of economic gender parity are not so sure.

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