French strikes, planting trees, and lost loves reunited

By | December 10, 2019

French strikes, planting trees, and lost loves reunited
French strikes, planting trees, and lost loves reunited
It’S more major protests planned on Wednesday about the retirement reforms says the coming days will be a Moment of Truth for the French President and they’re only there. Actually, behind the reforms daily says, the government must stand firm against quote an army of protesters and push through what the paper says is an ambitious plan, but not all of the French papers are a Behind. These reforms also says this upcoming week will be a vital on for the French President. To put the paper reminds its readers of the widespread support all across France against the pension reforms for the stakes are high, but also for Mac hold Legacy as well at Oriole. The paper says that the presidency, or his vow of changing it’s double or nothing time for Michael the protests and the strikes are a big story here in Fresno. The only story, though, between Angela Merkel, Emmanuel macron and the presidents of Russia and Ukraine is being praised today in Russian dissipated event of the year. It expresses much optimism reminding us of the terms of Peace were already agreed to in Minsk, and then it’s just the order of how to roll out these terms that’s being debated, not the Ukrainian press, there’s also Newberry of optimism. The paper golos puts an emphasis on its coverage of the behind-the-scenes coordination, that’s going on between soul and skin, of local elections in the donbas prison Exchange, these fires and Troop deployment, but getting piece getting two piece may not be that easy. The paper says in their cartoon today: goals has a king evolving around the war in Ukraine. How is this, how are the peace talks being covered by the international press are way off for foreign policy? The American Magazine, what’s his play here, is for what is platelet play for Russia influence legal autonomy for the dumb best of the region would vote along Russian lines and provide a veto power in Kiev, one that could be used to stop with Russia. We’Re front page news in mainland China, but instead of focusing on the some 800,000 people that came out to protest and the peacefulness of the Mimosa and arson attacks outside Hong Kong courthouses, the 6-month anniversary protest. The message there is clear that the people are resilient, but they will not back down. So I’m there’s an analysis, be today in the Washington post about just how the Hong Kong protest movement might end 2011 and 1980 results of the Arab Spring or the Downing of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. According to Jackson deal, he says the fact that leaders of authoritarian regimes don’t want to be blamed for bloody crackdowns, like that of Tim and square. For example, Xi Jinping for Lux and reluctance to crush the movement through troops means that, according to the post, make more concessions in the coming future. If the move the participant keeps going. So I something completely different. The Guardian newspaper has an article about how to plant trees in apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong come out to tree in the ground. You should not dig around round holes in the ground, and so they could be ground hold Bound for those angles and spread out, and your tree will thrive. Horrific circumstances of an article of fascinating article in the New York Times this weekend and I had to talk about it today – touch my heart, actually help them survive, but they did meet 72 years later, and the young man asked his former opposition on the camp and Could doctor documents – and she actually told him that she did save him five times by changing of paperwork, love story about resilience and in surviving through hard times a mic that thinks I’m at so long term use on there with that? Today’S press review don’t forget if you want a closer look for to find out more, you can always check out our website. The address
IN THE PAPERS: Monday, 09.12.2019: We take a look at how the French press is covering the ongoing strikes over retirement reforms. We also find out about the geopolitical chess game behind the Ukraine peace talks, how to correctly plant a tree (we’ve all been doing it wrong!), and a story of lost loves who were reunited after 72 years apart. 

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