French pension reform: ‘Need for a more flexible system adapted to modern economy’

By | December 11, 2019

French pension reform: ‘Need for a more flexible system adapted to modern economy’
French pension reform: ‘Need for a more flexible system adapted to modern economy’
Who I’m worried about it, or actually all the others, and especially the independent people, who don’t have any wages, work with their own? What would their own profession? Because this work, this work is changing the way people interact with Society. Economies is changing and you will have more more people in employee, independently or working for platform. Science and platforms and Blues pension system was founded in after the war of it before the war advance. But but let’s say it’s about 70 years old and it was built around a concept of wages of people entering a professional 20 and leaving at 60-65 whatever, but staying send computer insane trait ewingdale roll like this is completely gone, and this will be even more gone In the future, and what I read in the fridge that we we we have is that it doesn’t take this into account, doesn’t take it to the reformed. What we do something more ambitious trying to to to take into account the fact that careers on Batman, Nolan, your people are going to do different jobs, change jobs, / at which is doing to jail. The point system doesn’t answer and, and that that would be here time. What is it like to see it? It would be promoted by Janelle selling. These is a system where you could actually that you were taken to a Conover needs of the Young Generation and say, for example, I can you know a safe for my my pension drink for 5 years and then take those points and spend them sabbatical. For example, and then go back go back to to work and maybe leave my mic stopped working at 65 or 70 or 60, whatever I need, but you know make my own Albatross between. Should I work longer and more at my vagina earlier tomorrow.
Author François-Xavier Oliveau claims there is a need for a more flexible system that would encompass the needs of young people in France as the current pension system that was build after the Libération is no longer adapted to the ‘way people interact with society and economy’ because ‘work is changing’.

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