French MPs begin debating hotly contested pension reform bill

By | February 17, 2020

French MPs begin debating hotly contested pension reform bill
French MPs begin debating hotly contested pension reform bill
Frances prime minister Atwell Philippe is set to kick off one of his most difficult battles so far getting the pensions reform through Parliament, president to my clothes party, has an absolute majority in the law house of parliament. But the reform is highly unpopular. It will lower pensions and could raise the retirement age. Opposition leaders say they’ll do everything they can to block it. This plan has not been thawed out. Properly, does not Safeguard the future of our retirement system. On top of that, reform is unfair, have registered more than 40,000 amendments to the bill.

Examining and voting all of them will be impossible in just two weeks time, which is what the government had hoped for. The ruling party says the Point Bistro games to make the system fear for all citizens. It will harmonize over 40 special retirement schemes, scrapping special benefits in various sectors and Public Services. Workers who get those benefits say they were putting please to compensate low salaries and difficult working conditions.
The battle over the French government’s pension reforms moved from the street to parliament on Monday, with the opposition vowing to torpedo an overhaul that sparked weeks of strikes and protests.

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