French businesses count the cost of ongoing strikes

By | December 10, 2019

French businesses count the cost of ongoing strikes
French businesses count the cost of ongoing strikes
But it’s hard not to get the latest business news and going to stay on. The ongoing strikes here in France intake, of course, a closer look at the economic cost of it all to tell us a bit about how companies have been coping with this disruption. Even still early put an exact figure on how much disruption have cost companies in France that certainly being felt on many sectors of the economy. What is the major retail association says? The sales were dying to play around a third on the 1st of May demonstration day. Last Thursday, this is coming at a crucial time for retailers in the rough Christmas numbers are dying to for hotels on for restaurants, a freight train sitting idle on the tracks, just three kilometres short of its destination. It’S stuck unable to make its delivery, as district has shut down the signaling station Euro cargo. Rail at it’s about four hundred of its trains are stranded like this one and it’s hitting the company’s bottom line. Isn’T the only company feeling the economic strain? This tool? Manufacturers? Beginning to have Supply delays and while its employees may be able to make it to work at this Parisian Restaurant, it’s the customer to Arch. Let me treat sick on both floors of this place, a full, but now, as you can see after I turn on the light, the room is empty. It’S business and the impact is even worse than during last year’s yellow vests protests. The strike is also affecting agencies that provide home care services without public transport workers are finding it almost impossible to make it to clients homes on this spreadsheets dozens and dozens of cancellations in Paris, tourism is taking a hit to as Travelers stay away worry over the Ongoing Transit woes and where else that’s around 2 % of its Global Workforce, the financial times quoting sources at the bank is saying that the move reflects boss is coming. Despite Morgan Stanley reporting its highest ever revenues in the third quarter of this year. You ask negotiators: Will Travel to Mexico today to secure changes to their new trade deal in a bid to win support from democratic lawmaker in Washington, USA, Mexico, Canada agreement was the last year to replace the previous trade deal. Nafta Trump needs the support of the Democrats. Controlled House of Representatives Democrats have been looking for tweaks to the agreement battery protection for workers in Mexico. Speaking on Monday, High speaker, Nancy Pelosi appeared optimistic. Take an ambitious approach to that. We would not even have a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, but it would be a prototype by template for future trade agreements. Recognizing that globalization is a fact life, it is inevitable. Now how do we participate in a way of that job again? Is productive and predictable, which right issues are wearing on today, as well? Ariston 160 billion dollars worth of Chinese Goods this Sunday, part of their ongoing, tried to diffuse the President Trump is expected to delay. Move, but it still hanging over the markets. Today, loans in Paris and Frankfurt old trading in the ride mining companies, how long does seeing full? Of course, they would have greater exposure to China stronger Sterling, also Weighing on the exporting frame glasses on a 3100 ahead of the election on Thursday on the markets in Asia and mixed picture Falls and Tokyo and Hong Kong book Zion’s insult. The Amazon says it was denied a 10 billion dollar contract with the Pentagon because of pressure from President Trump. It’S not suing the Department of Defense and wanted to review its decision and legal. father part of the kconline giant claim that Donald Trump improperly leaned on defense officials in order to avoid the lucrative deal to its rival Microsoft. Finally, for me, a knee scooter manufacturer in the United States is shutting down. After blowing all of it, cash on Google and Facebook, ads unicorn email to customer, saying that it won’t be able to deliver any of the customer’s orders refund Nick Evans. He said the company has totally failed as a business said that they’ve decided to stop a continuing on, despite it being what he called a very, very difficult decision to shut down. He ordered State these scooters housing for rent $ 700. So quite a lot of people out of pocket bike.
As the national strike in France enters its sixth day, business owners are counting the cost of the disruption. The shutdown of the rail network has delayed deliveries, and retailers and restaurants have seen sales suffer. Also today, we look at the latest moves in Washington to ratify the US-Canada-Mexico trade deal.

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