Freeland blocked by anti-pipeline protesters in Halifax

By | February 14, 2020

Freeland blocked by anti-pipeline protesters in Halifax
Freeland blocked by anti-pipeline protesters in Halifax
Good evening, everyone developing news this afternoon is Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister runs headlong into pipeline protesters. During a visit to Halifax, Christian Freeland was trying to get into Halifax City Hall for a meeting with the mayor, but supporters of indigenous people who will pose a pipe NBC. Wouldn’T let her read similar protests have been shutting down rail transport in the country, creating problems that could back up all the way to the east coast, see the bees Bruce look at the protest and the issues. If Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister was hoping to get a break from the ongoing protests in support of the web to wet and First Nation during a visit to Nova Scotia, she didn’t get it enroute to meet the mayor.

Christian Freeland was physically blocked from getting inside City Hall high-profile Minister, second, only to the p. m. doesn’t travel with security, whether we are peacefully protesting or whatever we are doing to respect the rights of all of our fellow Canadians. We grown in recent days quite literally from coast to coast yesterday, demonstrators prevented trucks from entering or leaving the Fairview Cove Container Terminal in Halifax Kinder round here so far, the principal even bigger than the pipe gas resistant and we’re still going to court.

For that to me has nothing to do with the port. You know because they don’t carry oil and woodsy and threatening to shut down significant portions of its Network in Southern Ontario. The port of Halifax is watching the situation closely deeply concerned about what could happen if a short disruption turns into a on what, if the cargo stops moving by rail, what you have to keep in mind here in Halifax is that we’re rail-based Port over sixty percent Of the cargo that’s moving through those terminals, never ever sees a Nova Scotia highway.

It’S loaded directly onto Rail and ship to Inland Market, and the car goes not moving. The ships could stop coming and getting them back would be difficult, if not impossible, and there are others watching. The situation is well in a letter to transport Minister, a large chlorine maker turn if products wouldn’t make it to Municipal Water Systems across the country. Halifax Water says it’s not a direct customer and it’s got a good Supply at the moment, but it’s monitoring should have the deputy mr. made it clear. She fully supports the right to protest, but she pretty clearly wasn’t happy about being blocked from entering City Hall today.

Earlier she also met with bring your Steve McNeill hold a discussion was housing, but there were pipeline protest as well. Steve X, Peter B’s, Bruce Driscoll eating ass off in the new center tonight.
Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland was met by supporters of the B.C. pipeline protest in Halifax. Bruce Frisko reports.

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