France paralysed by biggest strike in years – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

France paralysed by biggest strike in years – BBC News
France paralysed by biggest strike in years – BBC News
Let’S move straight to France, because his paralysis across large parts of that country today, with the biggest public sector strikes in decades. Let me just show you: a picture is coming into his from Paris, because real disturbances and more countries there in the last half an hour 40 minutes between tear gas being fired by the police said. Today’S protest is huge crowds that in Paris just like in other cities across the country, because of course, millions of paper taking to the streets in today you see another volley of Kick-Ass being fired and the various journalists there, and so many people out that on the Streets and that they are protesting because of plan proposed changes to pension laws and Emmanuel macron is government want to bring in, and we seen in so many different places in France. They seem through the course of the day. It’S paralyzed phones, they’re, saying that in the instruction with Sky pools with hospitals with transport, rail are flights being affected. Today, with so many public-sector workers walking out and joining the scenes with ease some of the worst crashes we’ve seen in Paris itself and they’re in Paris, Forest is huge Schofield, whoever to you, blockage in clashes between police and the ones they look like rocks and a Kiss to set for I found a cage, and so clearly it’s cool up here, it’s a very heavy to be affected by these changes they have fought. Can you call a proven age pension system which is under threat in this reform plan, but joining these heavy battalions of the reunions on many many people from the broad left in front of other teachers? Today’S up the Paris left the scene. This is a movement to come out and say what they feel deep down, but haven’t been able to express very much, which is that deep and losing okay? We know the Bowser very determined how determined is Emmanuel macron and his government to force these changes through purple. Algebra stand in the best chance at the next election election is his determination to see through reforms, which others fail to see through famously Jacques Chirac price of an introduced personal for 34 years ago and was forced back by the street macarons. The Ray Sundancer is to define the street and see through he’s up he’s. Very Russian L has gone at stake for him play somebody’s going to be what’s happening today. This clear Street adjust what he’s going to announce in the next week or two and hope that that does something to diffuse the tension. Quick final field, because the protesters are not just taking those pension, while he could also to other issues. The worries. Government will be that this goes on now for 4 days on end. He will probably use it to the line. That was difficult. For that say, with these pictures that I was just joking and trying to ask you, because it’s at one of the water is full of the government, is that this doesn’t just end up being a protest today. Hey it took continues over the next few days even into next week. That is one of the potential and I was watching you a little later in the day and he was making the point that all manner of that protest is environmental issues, wrap top in the protest in these demonstrations that received their vehicles that pensions, but now taking In all sorts of other things, role in Paris, France, today in Allentown from McKenzie, has been looking at that towards the French President and its plans to the foreign pensions with a heavy police presence. They responded with tear gas. This is France’s largest national public Sector Strike. In years 200, demonstrations expected across the country, others have been more peaceful transport workers, Hospital staff, teachers and police officers that, among those demanding that President macron abandoned plans to overhaul from suspension system, he wants to introduce a simplified Universal points-based system. But unions are strongly opposed, except for those who have problems in their careers and thanks a lot of a certainty. Unemployment for part-time transport networks in Paris and other French cities grinds to a near halt this morning. Real way and Metro stations were largely deserted during rush hour and hundreds of flights were cancelled. London, St Pancras, is also affected. Beatles. Is working on a reduced service until the 10th of December passengers are advised to check the timetable before travel in France. This is the protest that threatens to paralyze the country report days. The Prime Minister will give very concrete guidelines on the new pension system by the middle of next week. We can make very concrete progress with the unions will be over as soon as possible. Unions for public support will be pivotal to the strike success. Previous governments have tried to bring a pension reform and failed Alexander Mackenzie. Bbc News
France’s largest nationwide strike in years has severely disrupted schools and transport.

Workers are angry about planned pension reforms that would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts.

Teachers and transport workers have been joined by police, lawyers, hospital and airport staff, and other professions for a general walkout.

President Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a universal points-based pension system.

That would replace France’s current system, which has 42 different pension schemes across its private and public sectors, with variations in retirement age and benefits.

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