Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC
Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC
Gunnar you and I spoke on the morning after the New Hampshire primary. This had not this other story had not ripened at that point. This whole story about Bill Barr and Donald Trump and the Rodger Stone story. It is kind of remarkable I was just talking to Neil cocktail about this is Bill. Barr has spun this tale about what the Department of Justice is and how it works. That is not in keeping with our Traditions or or a prep, with your understanding of what it supposed to be doing. I’M just sick about the whole thing with the justice department.

I was inspired to go into law enforcement by my work on the Nixon impeachment and I got there and I served 7 years and it Department under Ronald Reagan. 5 is a US attorney 2, as in a pretty good job, as Assistant Attorney General of the United States in charge of the Criminal Division first among equals in Washington, and my entire time they’re. I was dedicated to trying to keep politics out of law enforcement and I’ve never seen anything so Brazen as what the president and attorney general Barr are trying to do and doing on a daily basis.

We win when AG Barr said the presents making it impossible. For me, you do my job. What he meant was. Mr. president, you’re blowing my cover don’t call attention to what I’m doing, and you know when I was at criminal and Steve Trot and Lowell Jensen, where my superiors in the department all career longtime prosecutors. There was sort of an informal death penalty for anyone who interfered with the US attorney’s office in the field, doing what they thought had to be done, and that was that was a golden era of law enforcement and the president and his attorney general, who auditioned for The job are trashing that entire traditional way, there goes the rule of law and the idea of a government of laws and not of men and women, and I want to remind everybody – you are Republican and everybody we’ve had on here, who were the former Department of Justice, employee has the same thing to say that there have always been pressure.

There always been. Political pressures is always in White House’s which wanted the Attorney General justice department to do certain things, but level of interference is unforeseen. It’S it’s not something that we’ve ever seen before and it’s not something anybody would have expected. It’S it’s unprecedented. Then, when I received hints from ranking of people in the government that maybe I should go slow or fast on a case, because someone was a friend of the president, I was gone. I resigned, and that was a good job, and so did the deputy Attorney General of the United States Army Burns and so did his top to AIDS, and so did my top two eights.

We weren’t fussing around because the principle of the rule of law and keeping politics out of law-enforcement was at the core of our professional commitment, till you’re doing more than what most people would made a national Pastime out of lamenting this Administration doing actually running for president. Before the rest of us, what are the options here? March 31st buildbar goes before the house Judiciary Committee for what you were counseled. What can possibly happen? What can come out of that? But I think the Attorney General for the line, I think the memo he sent into Rod Rosenstein in June of eighteen, was an audition for the job of AG.

He has persuaded the president that, in the president’s words I have this thing called Article 2 of The Constitution. It says I can do whatever I want. I believe that came straight from build bar-bill bar used to be a good strong guy. By the way. This is a new person to me, and you know he is said that the present basically has absolute. When he’s exercising any numerated power under the Constitution, he can’t be questioned. It doesn’t matter if you took a hundred million dollar bribe to do it. If it’s something he has a right to, do, he can’t be questioned.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, tells Ali Velshi that during his 7 years at the Department of Justice, keeping politics out of law enforcement was “at the core of our professional commitment.” Aired on 02/14/20.
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Former GOP Governor Bill Weld: Trump And Barr Are Trashing The Rule Of Law | The Last Word | MSNBC

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