Former DOJ Insider Blasts Bill Barr: He’s ‘Weaponizing’ Justice Dept. To Shield Trump | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Former DOJ Insider Blasts Bill Barr: He’s ‘Weaponizing’ Justice Dept. To Shield Trump | MSNBC
Former DOJ Insider Blasts Bill Barr: He’s ‘Weaponizing’ Justice Dept. To Shield Trump | MSNBC
We want to begin with some breaking news inside the justice department and another explosive and unusual development. Nbc news reporting Attorney General, William Barr, outside prosecutor to review Trump paid. Michael Flynn’s, case. Sources are saying the investigation could be aimed at several former officials. Trump has repeatedly criticize publicly and this highly unusual move from bar coming after he publicly set convicted Trump aide. Rogers should have his sentence reduced. We are seeing a pattern from bar that is beginning to emerge here.

It’S actually questioning anyone who try to investigate Trump or his political allies. The New York Times reporting bars installing outside prosecutors to review anything quote politically sensitive and they started grilling line prosecutors in the Washington office at various cases, and now Trump’s allies in Congress are doing exactly the same thing: their friends and hurt their political enemies investigate the Investigator and then Senator Lindsey, Graham, he is now demanding doj employees interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Russia investigation today Trump bluntly saying he could interfere in whatever criminal probe.

He want and Trump’s attack on the rule of law. Well, as you can imagine, that has been a constant, the entire thing has been a Witch Hunt. They should be looking at all these FBI guys who got fired and demoted. Everybody sees what’s going on in the Justice Department. It was but just as now with quotes, we have divorce laws of any country anywhere in the world. James Comey was unfair. The people of this country. What he did was a disgraceful. These investigators be honest with you. I have to get rid of Judges quit bucking.

A court system that never ever rules for us, you said you should fire him on the Department of Justice. I would stay uninvolved now, I’m a get involved in point of it gets worse. The NBC news reporter who broke the flints doryphoros Carol Lee Carroll a good to have you with us. Let’S start with c basic. I know this may sound like a hard question, but do we have any insight whatsoever as to? Why he’s doing this and doing this? Now USB us attorney in the eastern district of Missouri to look into the flame case, specifically at Flynn’s FBI interview, which is at the center of his case with his FBI interview.

That’S where he plead guilty to lying to investigators in a cooperation deal with Robert Mueller and his son said he wants to withdraw that plea and he didn’t lie during that interview. But it comes at a time when Michael Flynn challenging this. The prosecutors in this case saying that he didn’t do this, that there was something untoward that happens with his case. I’M at the same time that the president is saying that Michael Flynn is getting. It has gotten a raw deal and also you don’t eat.

A lot of Chris has been won. The Rodger Stone sentence, saying that happened this issue that happened this week, but a very similar thing happened in the Flynn case last month, where prosecutors to put forward. As sentencing recommendation, that included perhaps some jail time for, and the Justice Department officials at the justice department in high-pressure that to the prosecutors and ultimately that sentencing was was reversed in that they said, you know actually Noah probation refine.

So the issue with this investigation into Flint is that two observers that looks like it’s an attempt by the Attorney General to get another bite at the Apple in terms of the various individuals who are involved in in the Flynn case. And they go back to James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter strzok. People that President Trump has really targeted and said should face their own criminal penalties and Have Nots, and so there’s a number of questions about surrounding this inquiry. What what the goals are when it would finish, we just don’t know exactly what the answers are just get.

The prosecutor looking into this is from the eastern district of Missouri is self dwai from the trappings of Washington. The inner workings of this particular investigation from the beginning to have a look at it. People have henna about this. It’S it’s very similar to what attorney general Barr did in terms of tapping the US attorney in Connecticut to Inner to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. This is not something that people I’ve talked to said. It’S call that, typically, if there’s an issue say something may not have happened correctly in the flame case or in the handling of his interview by these two FBI agents, then you would first go to the FBI, their systems in place within the justice department.

There’S an a General within the FBI, their offices that are tasked with looking into what may or may not have gone wrong so to reach outside into the field is unusual in and of itself New York Times political reporter Nick confessore. I want to give me there take with you give me your take on William Barnes decision here to open investigation, essentially into the FBI you’re. So this is part of a pattern, their investigations of people who are perceived as the president’s enemies like Andrew McCabe, Hillary Clinton and James call me when those investigations are done in good faith and they clear the names of those people Barr and Trump order.

Do-Overs. Until today we learn that Trump has said that bar has appointed some random prosecutor from St Louis to look at the Michael Flynn guilty plea to look at the Michael field. What Michael Flynn plead guilty, he put his hand up and swore under oath that he committed. There’S no legal reason to re-examine this case. It’S purely another example: more weaponizing the awesome power of the justice department to carry out trumps, partisan politics and raised his hand and said guilty of what you’re accusing me of doing.

It seems that I don’t know, and I don’t you know the legal system better than I do, but how rare is it that the government comes to somebody who says hey, I committed a crime and they’ll say I actually know what we’re going to reinvestigate this. Something doesn’t look right why you committed describing why you agreed or pled guilty to committing this crime. That’S a softball question. Let me tell you what a guilty plea hearing is, and Professor Paul Butler can tell you the same thing when defendant goes into a guilty plea.

Hearing they raise their hand and Underoath, they say I’m guilty and here’s a crucial part. Michael Flynn had one of the best law firms in the country, Covington & Burling, representing him and more important. There was a statement of facts that Michael Flynn sign and when I did hundreds thousands of guilty pleas, either myself or supervise in my 30 years with doj that person at the signs that, in that statement of facts, becomes a confession that can be used in a Trial if mr. Flynn withdraws from The Plea, so if his plea is vacated, remove it’s a pyrrhic victory, because if he goes to trial and it be a moron, if he did, the statement of facts that he agreed to at his guilty plea will be exhibit.

One of the government: that’s how a guilty plea hearing, it’s rare that a defendant withdraws from a guilty plea, and it’s doubly rare that a judge will allow it so Nick. Let me bring you into this conversation. I want to play the sound bite from William Barr. What I think it is my opinion seems to contradict himself at First Watch. He says he’s not influenced by President Trump. I came in to serve as attorney general to thing. I’Ve most responsibility for are the issues that are brought to me 4 decision, and I will make those decisions based on what I think is the right thing to do and I’m not going to be bullied or influence by anybody waiting is making his job impossible.

So if you can’t read those two statements in the same interview, I want a new like a you can eat whatever you want, you can say whatever you want. If that’s the case, then, why is he also by his own words, saying that he’s not under any kind of it’s hard to square a man right and it’s obvious that he is taking decisions that seem to be in response to the Presidents tweets and outrages overtime? What he has done here now effectively install layer of political oversight on the same day. He actually lead he’s the boss.

There are procedures in place there. There there there a way to investigate by prosecutors. He is putting these extra people out there who report back to him. It gives them some control, there’s two audiences for it. The first audience is President Trump and the second audience is line prosecutors who are involved in ongoing cases against other friends of the president or ongoing sentencing decision MSNBC. You can see more videos right here or better yet subscribe to a YouTube channel below.

You could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us, and we appreciate that.
After facing scrutiny for interfering with longtime Trump aide Roger Stone’s criminal case, Attorney General Barr is now tapping an outside prosecutor to review ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn’s guilty plea. NBC News Reporter Carol Lee and former federal prosecutors Paul Butler and Gene Rossi join The Beat. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Former DOJ Insider Blasts Bill Barr: He’s ‘Weaponizing’ Justice Dept. To Shield Trump | MSNBC

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