Florida governor holds news conference on Pensacola shooting

By | December 10, 2019

Florida governor holds news conference on Pensacola shooting
Florida governor holds news conference on Pensacola shooting
About why are guns even prohibited on a military base which denied people the right to defend themselves? Have you talked to the present? Are you given any thought yourself about changing that policies? Talking with the president, the biggest Prime primary focus is the safety of the base, and we have room to maintain that safety. Handguns are prohibited on the installation without prior approval here in the community, and this is a community that elected you as their governor. What is your message for those that have a lot of fears right now going into this next Work Week, even in the midst of that, I saw were people running to the danger to be able to save others, and that’s really, I think what this community is Made of – and I think that that’s really emblematic of the type of the type of great courage and determination that you see here, you know – obviously I mention Ensign Watson and he deserves a lot of credit and he, you know, unfortunately passed away, but he passed away A hero you look at the deck at the sheriff’s deputies, how quickly they were able to get in there are they save lives as well? So I think that the community responded very very well to this to this to this event, and I think the issues with it probably lie more in things that are outside the community community control, some of the things that I’ve mentioned well, I think the sheriff could Could probably fill in some more, but I we were either coming in here we met with the dispatcher, so mean I think the response time was just a few few minutes right, and so you have an active shooter and obviously you had Ensign Watson. You had the the I know at least one of the other enlisted who who ended up dying. You know they were actively helping to to direct word where the response should go and then you have the deputies are returning fire and really preventing a lot more people from getting shot. And so can you get trained for that in the sheriff trains? And for that, but do you know until it’s go time? You never know kind of what’s going to happen and I would say that the sheriff and his deputies are. They performed exemplary, and I think that the folks here in Escambia County should be very proud of what they did. Learning experience with a lot of people right I mean, I think, that anytime, you have your folks do right. We obviously you know we’ll focus a lot of times when things go bad, but you can also learn things from you know. Why were they able to stop? You know a good lesson, this area for quite some what at least a year and a half or two years on and when they do the training they they’re here, because it’s a long training pipeline they’ll actually be given time. So I do believe he went back to see Arabia. I know they’re investigating that now he recently been in New York and some other places so but yeah. I know he was stationed here. So this is where he was. I think it’s who else was. I would have had knowledge who else was involved, but then also what wedding takes place just on our end, which I think is important. But what is what type of wedding is done by the Saudi military in the Saudi government to try to figure it out? People who who may end up you’re having this type of worldview, so I know a where is doing stuff with Tod, and I think they need to do that very quickly. Saudi Arabia has his, you know, pledge cooperation and you can ask some of the other folks with the agencies whether they’ve actually received any. Yet I don’t know, let me remind you would be you no trust but verify if they say they’re going to cooperate, make sure they do cooperate and in don’t just take lip service and think that that that that’s enough, because this is this is this – is a Really big deal and yeah, we can’t control every little thing that happens when you have somebody that comes from a foreign military that work training on one of our base. Is this iconic base right here at all these aviators who get their wings have come through here? One time or another, the blue ain’t we’re here and you do something like this. You know we’re going to get the answers and there’s going to be accountability and, and I’m going to do whatever I can is Governor to make sure that that happens. Thanks everybody explanation.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to speak at a news conference to give an update on the shooting attack at a U.S. Navy base in Penascola, Fla. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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