Flooding | AFP Animé

By | February 17, 2020

Flooding | AFP Animé
Flooding | AFP Animé
What’S conform after heavy rain over a long. Or when a large snowfall amounts, there are many different types of flooding which pool under three main categories: the first results from overflow after Heavy Rain, a river can bust its banks, the War II end golf in Tai of Valleys far from the precipitation zone of the tributaries, add to the flow of water was sending the Deluge further down stream. The second type of flooding involves the accumulation of water and lowlands obeisance it normal weather conditions.

Water is absorbed into the ground and merges with the water table. When the ground is saturated, the buildup in low-lying areas run off then quickly fills the valley and its waterways. Does that type is caused by urbanization in flood-prone areas, excess water passing through drainage systems can accumulate in low-lying zones. This effect has worsened by the coverage of land with buildings and impermeable surfaces such as concrete, less water can be absorbed into the ground, overloading sewage.
Videographic illustrating flooding. Britain on Monday began to clear up after Storm Dennis battered the country over the weekend, leading the government’s weather agency to issue a rare “danger to life” warning amid widespread flooding and high winds.VIDEOGRAPHICS

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