First Nation hereditary leader supports GasLink pipeline

By | February 17, 2020

First Nation hereditary leader supports GasLink pipeline
First Nation hereditary leader supports GasLink pipeline
Okay back to one of our top story: Ziploc baggies and protests that has stalled rail service across the country. Many people taking part of those protest and block a thirst Jordan has now from our Vancouver Studio, was Clifford wife, he’s one of the heated Cutler Nations 23 hereditary Chiefs and a board member for the First Nations LNG Alliance. No, you are on the other side of things you actually support. This gas line. Tell me why we met with them are hereditary leaders. Send them to came to a consensus.

Left on this would be good for our community history said we had agreed to. There are some who will see this as forward-thinking. What in your community is missing that? Perhaps you see this pipeline or opportunity from this pipeline providing for the indigenous communities across the country? We have a new platform by which time are you are Governors or self-determination can take place through this reconciliation, the object that has been passed down here in BC, and hopefully across Canada as well, there’s a number of opportunities that we are taking as well as I’m The the definition of r r defining what are governance structure actually looks like benefited from a Christmas like this.

Have you had a chance personally to see any of that the pipeline Corridor? There are 20 First Nations that have signed agreements with the cgl, but I think the issue that’s going on right now is much larger than it’s on it’s a historical issue that has just carried on them up until today, communities have been so patient. With regards to you know what the relationship that we have with Canada with them British Columbia, those issues need to be resolved. We need to get to the table so there’s enough community at the negotiation tables for our people to bring some resolution to these with the provincial Federal governments.

I think your fascination with our hereditary with our elders, a community members, that we got them pretty much. Some full consensus, but then there are some people that have you know where object into it. Do you say what were the arguments you gave them in favor for this or to allay their concerns? It’S not the it’s, not crude oil that we’re looking at. We are looking at them what natural gas, with some two totally different down forms of gas pipelines that are going through, and we’ve been assured that sound the pipeline was not going to be used for a oil, and so the environment is.

Is the number one concern that we have and we want to make sure that some environment is kept clean? We have wherever word for that, which is influitive simlock you, which is our sacred spiritual grounds or sacred spiritual territory. I take that seriously when we’re looking at them how any economic development is going to be happening within our territory. What is that is taken in consideration in negotiating with them? See us and Them is the BCM environmental assessment office and taking those issues into consideration, bringing the two Reddit hereditary table and or elected Chief and Council, which worked hand-in-hand with each other’s on these issues.

Its gathers there’s a process process for that Costco gasoline about rejecting that pipeline route to the concerns of some of the other hereditary Chiefs, who don’t agree with it going through their territory, I’m really up to the Coastal Gas link along with them the first Masons. I really can’t comment on that other than that. We know we would provide whatever support that we could do the First Nations LNG Alliance to try to communities on Coastal Gas linked together. Let me ask you about the prime minister’s decision to not stick a trip to the Caribbean, but instead to stay meet with his own ministers and trying and work away forward on this issue.

What is your take on that? I think that’s a really good decision that he’s made to enter into the debates with them are First Nations sub-community. If anything, this is someone positive step forward down for all of our people and that’s something that them the indigenous people have been asking for. For a long time, historically, I’m to get the province in the federal government time together at the tables to Define First Nations rights and title Clifford white are appreciate your time.

Thank you so much for joining us on the program. Thank you very much.
Gitxaala First Nation Leader Clifford White explains why he supports the controversial GasLink pipeline in British Columbia.

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