Feds accept Alberta’s plan to tax large greenhouse gas emitters | Power & Politics

By | December 10, 2019

Feds accept Alberta’s plan to tax large greenhouse gas emitters | Power & Politics
Feds accept Alberta’s plan to tax large greenhouse gas emitters | Power & Politics
We are very pleased that Alberta has now agreed to commit to to putting in place the price on pollution, at least with respect to a heavy emitters. This does not affect the consumer base price on pollution that will go into a in Alberta, but it is, I think, the step forward and terms of ensuring that provinces across this country are taking action on climate change. If they continue the tox, it will make our economy less competitive and here’s the problem. It just some point of continues to lead to the flight of capital and carbon leakage, basically from our energy sector to the energy sector in the US. That does not have a carbon price accepted Alberta’s latest plan to tax the largest greenhouse gas emitters at 330 22. It also does not apply to Consumers, so the feds will still in float, impose a tax on Alberta fuels like gas and propane. As of January 1st, I’m here at the power panel to discuss Marty, Murray, Paul and Kathleen Kathleen I’m going to start with YouTube. The basic is they’ve got a plan for the next year that the feds have approved, but unless it goes up by $ 10 a year, if not going to meet Federal standards opposed Court in the court of appeal in inserted the shorter-term in the new year. At the Supreme Court of Canada, but if we lose, he said, he’s quote closing the door to $ 40 and so – and that’s just mean he’s also not closing at 2:50. He doesn’t like it, but he would prefer to impose at himself and other words he prefer for Alberta to impose regulatory system imposing it and use it. I think the word he used is Bigfoot in Alberta, so said. If he loses he loses, and it’s going to have to go up. How do you read that very it’s odd, because every time I think that Jason kenney’s kind of calming his tone he gets aggressive towards find sometimes like today, agree with Kathleen. I also noticed that he said that he said was the end of the day we have for us, which is also jurisdiction today, starting to wonder if Jason Kenny might feel a little bit isolated it in the Federation, there is a consensus to oppose a bill of 69 in terms of jurisdiction consensus this week about you, no opposing a carbon tax straight through and how it was interpreted and Jason came out today too, and for him it was a big, nothing Burger. We know what provinces they were talking about. We know what natural resources include. We know what this means and the end of the day planet and that you can. You know you can argue that something’s in it or not in it all day long at the end of the day is when the rubber hits the road and we see actual concrete proposals. The leader of the federal conservatives reacted witch there’s nothing. We should have a carbon tax surprising coming from Worcestershire because it’s almost as if he didn’t really take into account the results of the election and the follow up with in his pockets and his movement, because a lot of in Parts, if I thought the judge that He didn’t have a sufficient climate plants and he doesn’t under and the need for a climate plants even for a conservative Federal party I-16 Doug Ford, also kind of tone down the rhetoric against Ottawa. We still pursuing his. What do you think so? Many actors in the federal Prudential field are putting into play nice at least compared to the worst, could would not have been the First Federal environment minister or the highway. He buys a Year’s worth of Peace on a part of the file Kennywood listen to when he came to Ottawa on the throne speech, it’s clear that the block leader had specific tasks of the federal government and it was essentially caused free to provide those. The word oil apparently have some kind of thing about that specific Liberty and equality. I want to hear anything more about the pipeline’s. I don’t want to hear more about oil, a meeting with send and the transition, and you know so that that calms, everyone down, including Jason Kenney and the stupid, maybe won’t last forever Throne speech as well as this carbon dioxide, even at the premiers, when he, when He emerged from that meeting. A few days I think Monday was with the premier. Is Mr Kenny other Premier came out and was thanking the premier of Ontario and Quebec, specifically for having his back like it was a very different sounds absolutely a little bit how you remove business-oriented reports doing well, maritimes, whatever Albert is not doing well at all. The Alberta had a growth of two points: m2020 Grove to 3.1 % 2021. What is that say to me that says? It’S speaks to the effect that the whole idea of Alberta, you know being mad. I think that phenomenon rises in and then Falls with the economy. So I have this feeling that everybody’s really angry in the next couple of years, and I wonder if you hearing what you’re hearing from Jason Kenney talking right now is whether he served transitioning towards that type of mentality, because not a lot. Haitian rebate calculation. Under the fiscal stabilization fund – and it’s worth noting another 251 everyone get up, there calculators, he seemed to suggest he didn’t say was done deal, but he seemed to suggest that the government – some very open to it two weeks – became the alternative to reopening and debating The Equalizer, it appears something that the government can do without the consent of all the provinces. Government can’t help just one of the ways in which now it seems there seems to be some consensus around federal government over these kinds of issues that today, when he was getting sort of it. He probably some sort of indication for ministers, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland. It was a room, but they seem to know what there’s some wiggle room and in this case that’s for the fiscal stabilization fun. It doesn’t sound like there’s a big East Side to Ottawa funniest part of the electrics. Now it’s on everyone’s lips positive note in this Friday evening are the problems characterizing. The deal with Ottawa, Jason Nixon is Alberta’s, minister of environment and Percy joins us from Edmonton to see you. Thank you so much for coming out. Sometime for the show I had accepted your provinces plan to tax a heavy emitters, but are you going to increase the amount in a year can have a conversation over the next few months with our larger meters and our partners across the province about just that. But what I can tell you is that it are our plans need to do what we need to do to make sure that we regulate our industry here in the province of Alberta. As I was building t r, i consulted all across the province with our with our partners in in in the industry, and they were very, very clear and one message to me, which is that they wanted to be regulated. The province of Alberta in not by the federal government, I’m so obviously within reason, we will do everything possible to be able to keep our industry here at home $ 10 bigger conversation, but we’re headed at the end of the day. Our argument continues to be when it comes to climate change. The province’s can regulate these issues within their own province. Is Alberta led the way on this issue. We were the first Province to do anything on emissions management and we’re proud of that. We think that we are in the best position to be able to make sure that our industry succeed while protecting the environment Analyze. This develops over the next couple months. We there are the components over the overall admission portfolio in the province that has to be considered high, and then we will have a conversation with the federal government at once. We finish that consultation on which direction Alberta in the coming years. Before you decide if you’re going to comply with with increasing the reality, is that the court case fits in with you know how evil are argument about the ability of a province build to handle these issues within our own jurisdiction it so that we’ll have a factor In our final decision, but the overall parameters will continue always to be to make sure that our industry’s regulated here at home, why not just said at what they can expect over the next 5 years when you have the chance now, if industry is the primary concern, Organizations with the vet volunteers, 127 facilities in our Province.. That’S just one issue in the context of this and I’ve heard loud and clear the need for certainty, and I will continue to to make it clear that we will do everything possible to make sure that we continue that certain regulate our large emitters here in the Province of Alberta, but there’s also conventional oil and gas facilities and other facilities all across the profit on the conventional oil and gas side, 35,000 facilities in this province alone, and they have different needs. And so we don’t want to make a blanket statement for the entire industry right now, while we’re having the overall conversation, including legal conversations with in the courts and when it comes to carbon taxes. And so we want to get all those facts together. Have a broad conversation across the province and we’ll make it is it together, certainly a partnership with industry, but we’re not going to to to be rash and move forward at a rapid Pace until we understand all the chess pieces that are on the board, all you’ve Done is create certainty for a year.. The only thing I can do to add to that those two again make clear the industry that we will take whatever steps necessary to make sure that we regulate here in the province of Alberta in a situation around uncertainty. Because of the way, the federal government has continued to approach the carbon tax issue and wear it in court and that alone puts us in a in a situation of uncertainty. That’S outside of our control. But what we can do is make clear, but we will do everything in our power to make sure that we regulate our industry here in the province of Alberta. Yeah. I think Alberta is a little bit unique towel and it’s going to be interesting to see how that progresses, and what I mean by that is Alberta has a long history of already tackling admission management inside this country, I’m more so than any other problem inside the Inside the country, and not really at the end of the day, if you look at the Saskatchewan a case that went through their eye, which was split, it wasn’t unanimous other what it was made clear with in that case, that really that’s in some ways. That case could not Bully, Show exactly how Province could deal with it. Alberta is coming forward with a long history of tackling emission management and, frankly, we’re probably the only jurisdiction that could manage Alberta’s emission sweeter. The reality is because of our largest Industries, oil and gas. Are we deal with way more volume when it comes to this issue, weigh more facilities and more industrial partners that we have to partner with on this, and I think we’ll be able to present to the court that we actually have a clear path for a managing Climate change is at the core by argument of why the federal government should not be entering original jurisdiction on this issue. The judge has decided differently over all the court decided in favor of the federal government is putting forth really illegal one. Considering it’s a jurisdictional issue. The federal government is claiming that it has the jurisdiction to be able to manage. How is your argument any different, there’s also an argument on whether or not you have to use if the where the federal government can enforce carbon taxes on provinces. Add provinces have other solutions to be able to tackle the missions, not to my point of power in politics, see more of our tell by subscribing to the CBC news channels or click the link for another video
The federal government will accept Alberta’s latest plan to tax the greenhouse gas emissions of large industrial facilities at $30 per tonne in 2020.
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