Federal government pressured to force end of blockade

By | February 16, 2020

Federal government pressured to force end of blockade
Federal government pressured to force end of blockade
This rain isn’t going anywhere, and neither is this Mohawk Camp. The demonstrators say it will stay up until RCMP leave. What’S so it’s in territory and DC, the Prime Minister still oversees faces intense pressure to resolve the dispute. We have been fully engage felicis with this is a government. These demonstrations continue, the economy suffers for the Prime Minister says he’s determined to move forward peacefully. We are a country to recognize, has the right to protest, but we are a country of the rule of law and we will ensure that everything is done to resolve this.

Through dialogue and constructive outcomes, coach has yielded some results, barricades have come down and parts of the country, but this key rail blockade in your Belleville Ontario remains a hefty obstacle. What are the RCMP to intervene? May have the luxury of spending days at a time. At a blockade, but they need to check their privilege need to check their privilege and let people whose job depends on the railway system. Small farmers do their jobs.

I think those are not helpful comments. Transport Minister, Marc garneau, says his government has struck the right balance.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is determined to move forward peacefully as the opposition pushes for RCMP intervention to end a key rail blockade near Belleville, Ont. While some barricades across the country have come down, the Mohawks of Tyendinaga say they will remain until the RCMP leave Wet’suwet’en territory.

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