Fans, players celebrate Raptors record winning streak

By | February 14, 2020

Fans, players celebrate Raptors record winning streak
Fans, players celebrate Raptors record winning streak
This year’s Toronto Raptors: it’s no Kawaii, no problem play after play, punctuated by gravity to find dunks and shots from Beyond Way Beyond The Arc for Toronto. Canadian Pro Sports history eclipsing the previous records set by the Calgary Stampeders Sidelines and yet second in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors boost to All Star players, Pascal siakam and Kyle Lowry and Nick nurse will Coach in the All-Star Game this weekend. All that success, despite ecchi departure, are we kind of at a Kawhi Leonard who moment now. I think we are even in the winter he met us on the court.

How good does it feel to be a Raptors fan right now? This team is a lot more fun to watch than last year’s team. Last year there was the where is Kawhi going to sign after this year is just one it is. It is constant reminders of we have the heart of a champion and for Toronto, kids with hoop dreams. It’S all the inspiration they need. I want to be one of the Raptors to win the second time, because the first I’m done with their first-ever Championship, but maybe just maybe that back-to-back Championship Isn’t So elusive.
Fans and players are celebrating the Toronto Raptors record-setting winning streak that’s made vying for a second NBA championship seem like less of a pipe dream.

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